Fang Yuan seriously thought about what Wang Hongjun said, and replied: « Uncle Wang, I may not stay in the martial arts hall all the time. Now that my ambition may be regarded as a lofty goal, but I do want to make a breakthrough in the outside world. »

« It’s a good thing for young people to have ambitions, you, I didn’t understand what Uncle Wang meant. »

Wang Hongjun smiled heartily, and continued: « I didn’t let you be a coach in the martial arts gym and clock in and go to work all day. To put it bluntly, I want your town venue. As long as the name is there, no one dares to play in the gym, that’s enough. Up. »

« But, my star power level is only Lv.1, isn’t it enough? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Its not enough now, it doesnt mean that its not enough in the future. I think your kid has great potential. Besides, your uncle Wang cant carry a knife now. Man man, Ill ask you, teach you thunder boxing, and learn not to learn. « Wang Hongjun’s voice became high-pitched and heroic.

« Learn! » Fang Yuan immediately agreed.

« Come up with me. »

Wang Hongjun walked up the stairs and went up to the third floor.

Go into a room and turn on the computer and wall monitor in the room.

Wang Hongjun entered the password on the computer to open the « Leiquan » demo program.

On the screen on the wall, a full set of running videos of « Thunder Fist » began to be played.

In the video, it is a perspective view of an arm.

In the figure, the blue lines demonstrate the flow of the star force.

Hundreds of star power flows from every position of the arm to the fist.

Then converge on the fists, spin at high speed like a whirlpool, hit the final punch, and the power oscillates.

« This is the star force movement diagram of the’Thunder Fist’. The entire movement process of the star force is 0.8 seconds, half of which rotates on the fist to form a star force vortex, and the last punch is punched out. You first record the star force movement graph Come down, I will tell you the details and experience of cultivation later. » Wang Hongjun explained.

« it is good. »

Fang Yuan nodded, staring at the screen all the time, and began to memorize the star power movement diagram.

While Fang Yuan remembered, Wang Hongjun explained.

« Lei Quan’s moves are easier to learn. The star power operation diagram is the key, which is equivalent to the internal strength of martial arts. There are a total of 108 star power routes in Lei Quan, and the order of each route is fixed. If its a castrated version, there are only 18 for beginners, 36 for intermediate, and 72 for advanced. One hundred and eight star power thunder fists are not taught in martial arts. »

« When you first start practicing, you can separate the star power routes and practice one by one. After you are proficient in the 108 routes, you can combine with others to converge into a star power vortex on your fist. »

When Wang Hongjun explained, he condensed his star power and punched him.

The star power burst, and a punch of « bang » came out, extremely fierce.

Fang Yuan first memorized the operation process of Thunder Fist’s star power.

When the screen played the second time, Fang Yuan began to try, pushing the star power of his arm to follow the route.

The running route of the star power demonstrated on the display screen is several dozen times slower, and it progresses from easy to difficult.

Fang Yuan followed the demonstration to promote Xingli, and it went smoothly at the beginning.

Especially for the first eighteen star power routes, one attempt was successful.

When it came to the next thirty-six star power running routes, the difficulty rose by one level, and sometimes it took one or two more attempts to succeed.

By the time of Article 72, it is more difficult and requires repeated attempts.

You even have to rewind the video for a few seconds and repeat the attempt several times to succeed.

By the time of the 108 star power running routes, the difficulty was the most difficult. I tried a dozen times without success.

Wang Hongjun was very surprised when he saw Fang Yuan rewind the video continuously with the remote control.

Because he found that the place where Fang Yuan retreated was the 72 to 108 behind.

« Fang Yuan, you can put the ones behind, and learn the ones in front first. » Wang Hongjun reminded.

« The first part will be all, the latter part is more difficult, I don’t know if I can learn all of them today. » Fang Yuan kept his eyes on the display.

« Have you learned all of the previous ones? » Wang Hongjun asked suspiciously.

« Correct. »

« What I said about learning is not just writing it down, it has to be able to really promote the operation of the star power. »

« Yes, it’s all successful, but only once, I will start the next one. Once successful, should it be considered a success? » Fang Yuan replied.

Wang Hongjun was even more surprised. He originally planned to let Fang Yuan write down the route of the star power first, and then slowly practice later.

According to his estimated progress, it would be pretty good to memorize all the star power routes today.

As for the successful cultivation of the Star Force’s route, it cannot be completed in a few days.

According to the training progress of the awakened students in the martial arts hall, the first eighteen star power routes can be completed in one month.

Article 36 takes three to five months.

With 72 Articles, it would take one year.

As for the 108 items, the martial arts hall does not teach them.

However, Wang Hongjun estimated that it would take at least three years to fully learn the 108 star power routes.

However, Fang Yuan said that he had already started to learn the seventy-two to one hundred and eighth part.

Wang Hongjun didn’t believe it, so he stretched out his hand to hold Fang Yuan’s shoulders, turned his body around, and said, « You said you learned, then you first hit a thunder punch with eighteen stars. »

According to what he said, Fang Yuan slowly raised his hand, and at the same time began to push the star power.

The standard running time of Thunder Fist is 0.8 seconds.

However, Fang Yuan was trying for the first time. Naturally, he would not follow this time standard. Instead, the star power would move slowly.

Only one star force runs at a time, flows along the arm, and gathers on the fist.

Then comes the second and third…

Until the eighteen star powers all converged on the fist, and then began to control the star power to rotate, forming a vortex.

Hit the last punch.


The fist shook out, and there was a slight crackling sound.

Since this is a thunder fist with eighteen stars and it is the first time it has been used, the power of the fist is relatively weak.

However, Wang Hongjun was still very surprised: « Success once? »

« Does this count as a success? I run the stars separately. » Fang Yuan was not sure.

« Listening to the sound is a success. When I first started practicing, the star powers were run separately, and then they would run at the same time after being proficient. » Wang Hongjun explained.

« That’s not bad, it succeeded the first time. » Fang Yuan grinned.

Wang Hongjun’s whole person is not good.

Because Fang Yuan learned too fast.

If he hadn’t seen Fang Yuan groping and moving with his own eyes, he would suspect that Fang Yuan had secretly learned thunder fist before.

At the same time, he felt more and more that the decision this time was right.

At the beginning, when he wanted to teach Thunder Boxing to Fang Yuan, he wanted to do his old comrades a favor.

Not sure how far Fang Yuan can grow in the future.

However, now he thinks that the young man in front of him is very promising. If he has another daughter and recruits to be his son-in-law and passes on the martial arts hall, it will be perfect.