After Fang Yuan tried eighteen star power thunder fists, he began to try 36 star power thunder fists.

However, this time it was unsuccessful. When he punched, he didn’t have the explosive punch.

« Uncle Wang, the thirty-six stars of the thunder fist didn’t make a punch, what’s the matter? » Fang Yuan failed two attempts, so he turned to ask.

Wang Hongjun explained: « This is a normal situation. Thunder Fist has certain requirements for strength. Under normal circumstances, the strength of Lv.1 Awakened One can only strike 18 star power thunder punches. Want to strike thirty-six. Daoxingli’s thunder fist can only be played after the strength has increased. »

« About how much power? » Fang Yuan asked.

« This hasn’t been accurately calculated. However, most of the martial arts’s star power level reached Lv.2, and most of them can play 36 thunder fists. Powers of 23 and 24 should be almost the same. »

After Wang Hongjun explained, he asked: « Have you remembered all the stars of Thunder Fist? »

« I remember it. »

« Then let’s stop here today. Go back and practice slowly, but you can’t practice too quickly. Thunder Fist mainly relies on explosive force, so it has a great counter-shock force on the body. If it is actual combat, after using a thunder fist, finally Don’t use it again for a short time. Otherwise, you may break your arm. » Wang Hongjun reminded.

« Is it so exaggerated? Isn’t it just a punch? »

« Although it’s not that strict, you must be careful not to use it repeatedly in a short period of time. This thunder punch is best used when you have full confidence to ensure that one blow will kill. »

« Okay, got it. »

« Go back and practice slowly, if you don’t understand, then ask. »

« Okay, thank you Uncle Wang, then I will go downstairs. »

« Go. » Wang Hongjun nodded.

After Fang Yuan went downstairs, Wang Hongjun looked at the door of the next room and said, « Lao Fang, your son is okay. I am so talented that I am a bit greedy. »

The door of the next room opened.

Fang Zhenguo hung a plaster in his left hand and walked out of it, saying, « Old squad leader, thank you. I did have some trouble at home, which made you teach me all the thunderboxes… »

« Needless to say, how many years have we been in a relationship? For half a lifetime, you have never spoken. Since you have spoken, there is nothing you can’t give. »

As Wang Hongjun said, he took a guitar case in the corner and said, « I got the stuff for you, SVD, the **** stock is new, and the accuracy is guaranteed within 800 meters. However, it is better not to use this thing. It will be very troublesome to be found. »

« I know it in my heart. » Fang Zhenguo opened the guitar case and took a look, then closed it.

« I’ll drive you back. »

« No, it’s been a long time since I touched this thing, I have to try it. »

Fang Zhenguo said, he picked up the guitar case with one hand, put it on his shoulder, and left.

After Fang Yuan went downstairs, he did not rush home.

Instead, he found a practice room in the martial arts gym, facing the sandbag, and began to practice eighteen thunder fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thunder punched out with a fierce punch.

The fist hit the sandbag, and the steel beams of the martial arts hall were shaken.

The sound was too loud, and the whole martial arts hall heard it.

The banging sound made people feel frightened, as if the fist was banging on the beam above the head, making the scalp numb.

At the beginning, Fang Yuan was still moving with star power.

As the cultivation progresses, the star power moves faster and faster.

At the end, the eighteen star powers burst out at the same time, forming a star power vortex, and blasted out with one punch.


The faster the Star Force runs, the greater the power of Thunder Fist.

Wait until the eighteen thunder fist practice is proficient.

Fang Yuan began to focus on thirty-six thunder fists.

Want to practice thirty-six thunder fist, the current strength attribute is not enough.

According to Wang Hongjun, the strength needs to reach 23 or 24.

For the average awakened person, before the star power level is upgraded to Lv.2, there is no need to think about this.

Fang Yuan is different.

Fang Yuan first took a look at his current property panel.

Name: Fang Yuan

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 19, Agility 19, Physical 14, Spirit 20

Super features: unknown features A20392

Star trough features: advanced agility enhancement (mimicry)

Rage points: 470

Star Force Martial Arts: Thunder Fist

Skills: Military physical fighting skills Lv.2 (92/100), sliding Lv.2 (19/100), parkour Lv.0 (1/10)

After reading the attribute panel, I found that « Star Force Martial Art » was added.

In addition, there is a « parkour » in the skill.

This should be when the man with the hood was chasing the hooded man with a brick that day, and he did a few parkour moves over the wall, but it was also shown.

However, this parkour skill is only Lv.0, which means there is no entry point.

After reading the skill status.

Fang Yuan turned his attention back to his anger points and strength attributes.

So far, none of his four attributes have broken the upper limit of his level.

I don’t know if I can break through with anger points.

After Fang Yuan seriously considered it, he stretched out his hand and clicked on his strength.

A magical energy poured into the body muscles

Consume 100 rage points and increase the strength to 20.

The plus sign on strength is still there, and it looks like it should be able to break through the upper level limit.

However, I am not sure how many anger points need to be consumed by adding 1 point after breaking the upper limit.

Just take this opportunity to test it.

Fang Yuan clicked on the power attribute again.

The strength attribute shines with golden light, and it improves again, becoming 21 points.

Seeing that the power has broken through the upper limit of the level.

Fang Yuan was ecstatic in his heart, and quickly went to see his anger.

The anger point became 270 points.

A total of 2 points of strength were added and 200 anger points were consumed.

Break through the upper limit of the level, the anger points consumed remain unchanged.

« I’m hanging up too much! »

Fang Yuan couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He did not stop doing it, and he clicked on his strength twice to exhaust his anger.

The strength attribute shined golden light, directly increased to 23 points.

The surroundings become: Strength 23, Agility 19, Body 13, Spirit 20

Before, Wang Hongjun said that in order to strike thirty-six thunder punches, one needs strength to reach 23 or 24 points.

Fang Yuan’s strength has reached the standard now, and he can’t wait to stand up and start moving.

Thirty-six star powers burst out and poured into fists.

Aim at the sandbag and blast out!


There was a bang, and the fist blasted through the sandbag.

The sandbag burst, and the rubber and rags inside burst out like snowflakes.

The iron chain holding the sandbag broke, and the whole sandbag flew out, hitting the wall with a « bang », causing the martial arts hall to shake.

The sound of the sandbag exploding came out, as if something had exploded.

Manager Liu ran over in a panic and asked, « Why…what’s the matter? »

Fang Yuan was a little embarrassed to point to the exploded sandbag, and he smiled: « Excessively, it’s okay, it’s okay. What…the sandbag money will be deducted from Lao Fang’s salary. I still have something to go. Up. »

After speaking, Fang Yuan ran away.

The sandbags used in Thunder Martial Arts Hall are expensive, and the leather on the surface is made of cowhide, at least several thousand yuan each.

If Fang Zhenguo knew that he had been deducted so much salary, he would have to run away.

Fang Yuan ran away quickly.