When leaving the martial arts gym, it was 7:30 in the afternoon.

Today Li Shuhua stewed the soup and took it to the hospital, so I dont care about Fang Xiaozhus dinner today.

Its a little late for dinner at this point, and the night market is already busy.

Fang Yuan found a night market snack on the side of the street, ordered the stewed meat and read the news on the phone while eating.

When they were eating, two people who looked like gangsters suddenly came out, one on the left and the other around Fang Yuan’s shoulders.

Fang Yuan glanced at the two of them and asked, « What are you doing? »

« Our boss wants to see you and come with us. » The two gangsters were about to drag Fang Yuan away.

Fang Yuan used the iris data to scan the two gangsters.

Seeing that these two gangsters are just ordinary people, they don’t even have star power, and they belong to the type that can be beaten with one punch.

Fang Yuan waved his hand and threw the two gangsters to the ground.

« Ouch! »

The two gangsters fell to the ground and snorted: « You **** dare to do it, you want to die, right? »

« Don’t you want to take me to see your boss? Lead the way. » Fang Yuan said.

Knowing how good they were, the two gangsters quickly got up and led the way towards the old town.

After entering the old city, the street lights became darker and darker, and in the end there were no street lights.

Passing through a dark alley, came to the street basketball court.

The basketball court was dimly lit.

At this time, there is a group of gangsters playing basketball on the basketball court.

Seeing Fang Yuan walking over, they stopped playing basketball and gathered around a young man with a wolf head tattoo on his arm. A dozen eyes were all locked on Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan glanced at the group of people. Among them, he saw three street hooligans who had cleaned up that day.

Seeing these three people, I probably guessed what was going on.

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze, looked at the wolf-headed youth in front of him, and said, « Are you looking for me? »

The Green Wolf said without rush: « Do you know who I am? »

« do not know. »

« Our boss is the boss of Qingtang Street, the green wolf, we kneel down and admit our mistakes if we don’t want to die! » The donkey threatened.

« The knee is too hard to bend. »

Fang Yuan and Qing Lang looked at each other, and the four gazes fought in mid-air, as if sparks were splashing.

The corner of Qing Lang’s mouth evoked a sneer, and said: « It seems that you have lived and died? »

As he spoke, his opponent winked.

A dozen gangsters dispersed immediately, surrounding Fang Yuan in the center of the basketball court.

« 1, 2, 3, 4… »

Fang Yuan looked at these people and started counting.

« What do you count? »

« Count how many of you there. »

« No need to count, they don’t do anything, I am enough to pinch you to death by myself. If you are soft now, I will only waste your hands and feet, and you can save your life. » The green wolf raised his right hand and began to use the power, exuding The powerful breath of Lv.2 Awakened.

His right hand began to change, and soon became a wolf claw.

The sharp claws reflect the cold light, just looking at it makes people feel hairy.

« Transformation system ability. » Fang Yuan recognized his ability type at a glance.

This kind of supernatural power is usually triggered by certain genes hidden in the human body, combined with the star power, and finally produced body mutation.

The green wolf moved its claws, and said leisurely: « I’m not afraid to tell you that my star power level has reached Lv. 2, and I can tear you in half by moving my claws. So I advise you to continue Be soft, I’ll just talk, I will just waste your hands and feet. »

Fang Yuan guided Xingli into his eyes and looked at his attribute panel.

Name: Green Wolf

Star power rating: Lv.2

Attributes: Strength 22, Agility 24, Physical 20, Spirit 19

Super feature: Claw of the Blue Wolf

This attribute, if it is to deal with ordinary Lv.1 awakened, it is really crushed in all aspects, and a claw can tear Lv.1 awakened to pieces.

However, Fang Yuan smiled faintly after reading it, slowly raised his right fist, aimed at him, and said, « Guess, can you block this punch. »

Green Wolf sneered and said: « Don’t pretend, I checked you. You only have Lv.1, and your grades in the martial arts class are still poor. Like you, a weak scum, I can slap a few baskets with one slap! »

As he said, he shot immediately and rushed forward.

The agility of up to 24 points makes the speed as fast as a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, he rushed to Fang Yuan and grabbed it with his sharp claws.

Fang Yuan had already seen his attribute panel just now and knew that his agility was very high.

So he was prepared. At the moment he started, he immediately activated the « Advanced Agility Reinforcement (Mimicry, stepped on the slippery steps, and dodged backwards, avoiding his wolf claws.

« what »

The Green Wolf didn’t expect an Lv.1 awakened person to be able to dodge his attack, a little unbelief in evil, and continued to swipe it with another paw.

Fang Yuan slid away again, still at ease.

After evading four or five times, Fang Yuan made a fist with his right hand and started to move forward.

Thirty-six stars burst out.


With a punch, he bowed the blue wolf and flew out.

« Ah! » Green Wolf snorted and flew out in a straight line. With a « bang », it smashed the wall and fell to the ground.

Green Wolf felt his bones were broken up, his hands were broken, and he couldn’t use any strength.

He stared at Fang Yuan with wide-eyed eyes, and didn’t understand what was going on: « You…how could you be so fast? »

He couldn’t understand that his agility was as high as 24 points. In this world, there should be no Lv.1 awakened person who can touch him.

« Because I have’advanced agility enhancement’, the basic agility is 19 points, which is an increase of 40%, which is equal to 26.6. Your 24 agility points are not enough to see? » Fang Yuan greatly puzzled him.

Green Wolf looked down at his hands that he couldn’t lift up, and was even more puzzled: « No, this punch is definitely not something the Lv.1 Awakened can strike. You are definitely not Lv.1. »

« No, I am indeed a rookie of Lv.1. »

« Impossible, Lv. 1 rookie can’t be so strong. »

« It’s not that I am strong, but you are too weak. » Fang Yuan chuckled lightly.

Qing Lang was very unconvinced, but the punch just now broke his hand.

His anger was held in his chest, his lungs were about to explode, but there was nothing he could do.

Fang Yuan’s anger point began to skyrocket, and within a short while it rose by 150 points.

A dozen gangsters around saw this scene, and they were all shocked.

In their eyes, their boss Green Wolf is invincible.

However, now he was punched and flew away.

Green Wolf gritted his teeth and roared: « Go, let’s go together! »

A dozen subordinates immediately surrounded Fang Yuan with fists.

One of them turned out to be an Elemental Awakened, with waves of ice spewing out of his palm.

However, the level of this Frost Awakener is too low, and there is no use for eggs.

Fang Yuan banged a few punches and knocked them all over.

More than a dozen gangsters with blue noses and swollen faces were unexpectedly screaming.

More than a dozen people, originally aggressively trying to trouble Fang Yuan, and the Lv.2 Awakener boss take the lead.

As a result, he was violently beaten by a high school student and frustrated.

Fang Yuan watched these **** fall to the ground and groaned painfully, slowly counting the increasing points of anger.

A dozen people contributed 380 points of anger to Fang Yuan.

The total number of anger points has reached 450 points.

Earn this anger point, it’s just too comfortable.