Fang Yuan once again demonstrated his dunk technique and cleaned up this group of gangsters.

Then, he returned with a bit of anger.

Only a dozen unlucky people with swollen noses and swollen faces were left, squatting in the corner and drawing circles.

On the way home, Fang Yuan shook his right hand, feeling some pain in his phalanx.

I just defeated the Blue Wolf with a thunder fist, but the thunder fist had a great counter-shock force, and now his hands are still a little numb.

« Looking at this situation, Thunder Fist really cannot be used continuously. »

Fang Yuan muttered, and suddenly thought of another possibility: « With the physical attributes, can you withstand the shock force of Thunder Fist? »

Physical attributes mainly affect the physical strength and defense of the awakened.

In theory, increasing the body should be able to withstand greater shock force.

However, no one has experimented with this.

Because practicing Thunder Boxing requires strength and agility.

It would be nice to be able to practice strength and agility. Who has the energy to improve physical attributes?

the next day.

In the afternoon in self-study class.

Fang Yuan’s phone suddenly buzzed and vibrated.

When I picked it up, it showed Fang Xiaozhu’s phone and watch.

As soon as the call was connected, Fang Xiaozhu’s urgent voice was heard.

« Brother, come on, come on… »

Fang Yuan hurriedly ran out of the school, stopped a car, and went straight to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital, I saw Fang Xiaozhu shouting under a plane tree: « Don’t beat it! Don’t beat it! »

Under the tree, there are two young men wearing black windbreakers and black army boots, who are holding nets and catching something.

Fang Yuan recognizes people in this costume and occasionally sees them on the Internet.

The person in this costume is an agent of the Super Awakening Authority, responsible for supervising the Awakened.

All cases related to the Awakened are the responsibility of the Super Awakened Administration.

« Don’t hit it! » Fang Xiaozhu yelled and stretched out his hand to pull the Supervisory Bureau agents.

Fang Yuan hurried up, held his sister and pulled it back: « Don’t go there. »

Fang Xiaozhu pointed his finger at the top of the tree and said, « They want to catch our cat. »

Fang Yuan looked up and saw an orange cat hiding in a tree, screaming downwards.

Meow! Meow!

Two Supervisory Bureau agents, holding nets, wanted to catch the orange cat.

Fang Yuan walked up, grabbed a super-management agent, and asked, « Who are you? What are you doing? »

The Supervisory Bureau agent showed his credentials and said, « The Supervisory Bureau’s mobile management team is on duty, and those who have nothing to do with it back off. »

« What are you doing? » Fang Yuan held on to his shoulder.

The Supervisory Bureau agent found that Fang Yuan had great strength and did not want to conflict, and replied: « We are responsible for catching mutant creatures. »

« Mutated creature? »

« Yes, the cat above has mutated and must be caught to prevent it from hurting people. »

Fang Yuan quickly led Xingli into his eyes and looked up at the tree.

An attribute panel appeared on the orange cat.

Species: Orange Cat

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 15, Physical 5, Spirit 7

Super Features: Yan Claw

Seeing that the orange cat has really mutated, pay attention to its paws.

A scorched paw print will be left wherever the orange cats paw has stepped on it.

Fang Xiaozhu has always fed two cats, but now I only see one.

Where did the other one go?

Fang Yuan scanned the surroundings with iris data, and then found another one in the grass on the hospital wall.

Species: Grey Cat

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 16, Physical 5, Spirit 6

Super features: advanced agile enhancement

Fang Yuan was a little surprised, that gray cat had also mutated.

Moreover, the gray cat’s ability turned out to be advanced agility enhancement, plus 16 agility, the average awakened person really can’t catch up with it.

« Go away! Go away! Don’t catch my little orange! » Fang Xiaozhu ran over and pushed the Super Management Bureau agents.

Fang Yuan was worried that she would faint due to her strenuous exercise, and quickly dragged her back and whispered in her ear: « Xiao Hui is hiding in the corner over there. Take it and hide it. Xiao Ju gave it to me. »

Fang Xiaozhu was worried about the orange cat, but also the gray cat, and hurried to the direction Fang Yuan pointed.

Fang Yuan rolled up his sleeves and began to climb the tree.

Because of the relatively high strength and agility, climbing a tree is very simple, climbing to the top of the tree in a few strokes.

However, one approached the orange cat.

The orange cat screamed and retreated, leaving scorched paw prints wherever its paws stepped on.

« Don’t shout, if you can understand what I mean, just be quiet. I will take you to see Fang Xiaozhu. If you make noise, you will be arrested. »

Fang Yuan said so, but didn’t think the orange cat could understand it. He was about to rely on his super agility, and suddenly shot and grabbed it.

Unexpectedly, the orange cat stopped barking suddenly and squatted quietly on the spot.

Fang Yuan stretched his hand over, grabbed the fur on its neck, and lifted it up.

Then, gently jump off the tree.

Those Super Administrative Bureau agents gathered around and said, « Thank you for your cooperation. Please give us this cat. »

« Why should I give you my cat? » Fang Yuan shrank back, looking at them with a vigilant expression.

« This is a mutant creature. » Super Control Bureau agent said solemnly.

« I only saw the news yesterday. The captain of the Super Management Bureau named Black Hawk raised a big mutant black dog. Why didn’t you catch it? » Fang Yuan happened to read the hot post on the forum yesterday and saw the news.

The two Supervisory Bureau agents explained: « That was originally the captain’s pet. »

Fang Yuan took out his mobile phone and started filming the video: « Oh, you can continue to keep the pets raised by the Supervisory Authority agents mutated. If my pet has mutated, you can catch them. This is a large-scale double-standard scene of the Supervisory Authority?

The two Supervisory Bureau agents suddenly turned black.

Rage point +10.

« How can you prove that this was raised by you? » the Super Management Bureau agent asked, holding back his anger.

Fang Yuan said to the two Supervisory Bureau agents: « My sister and I feed these two cats every day. Doctors in the whole hospital can testify. »

The two Supervisory Bureau agents looked at each other and asked, « Are you the Awakener? »

« Yes, my ability is iris data. »

Fang Yuan directly said the abilities of these two people, making the two of them look astonished.

One of them took out a form and handed it to Fang Yuan, saying: « Pet mutation is to be registered. You should fill in the form first. Before next week, bring two cats to the Institute of Mutant Biology in Donghai City for physical examination. Registration. After the completion, we will send you pet collars. This is a necessary procedure, I hope you can cooperate. »

Mutant animals in cities do need to be registered. After all, mutant animals are sometimes more dangerous than awakened ones.

Fang Yuan filled out the form and left his mobile phone number before handing it back.

After confirming the contents of the form, the two Supervisory Bureau agents warned: « I want to remind you that it is best to take care of the mutant pets. If there is a wounding incident, it will definitely be taken back for processing. »

After the two Supervisory Bureau agents finished speaking, they took pictures of the two cats before leaving.