Finally saved the two cats, Fang Xiaozhu wanted to take them back to the ward, but was stopped by the nurse.

The hospital is not allowed to bring pets in. The two cats wander around on the balcony every day, but Fang Xiaozhus mouth is sweet, begging the doctor not to drive them away, but they are not driven away.

« Let them go. To register tomorrow, no one will catch them. » Fang Yuan lifted the two cats off.

Fang Xiaozhu’s clothes were all dirty and muddy.

« Going to the bath, it’s so dirty, the clothes are full of bacteria, what should I do if I get sick? » Fang Yuan pushed her to take a bath.

When I walked into the inpatient department.

It happened to meet Wei Hailong, a martial arts instructor.

Fang Yuan said hello: « Instructor Wei, why are you here? »

Wei Hailong pointed at his arm, and said, « I made a cut, come and treat the wound. »

« Have you taken care of it? » Fang Yuan asked.

« It’s processed. »

Wei Hailong replied, raised his hand to look at his watch, and said, « It’s still school time, why are you here? »

« Oh, my sister was hospitalized, and suddenly she was in a hurry, so she ran over. I will go back to school to make up the leave slip later. » Fang Yuan explained quickly.

The two said a few words, and then left.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Fang Yuan frowned and glanced at Wei Hailong’s back, feeling a little strange.

This is the inpatient department. What are you doing here to treat wounds?

After Fang Xiaozhu took a shower, he sat on the bed and sneezed.

Fang Yuan quickly borrowed a hair dryer to help her blow her hair.

« Brother, have Xiaoju and Xiaohui really mutated? » Fang Xiaozhu couldn’t open his eyes when he was blown by the hair dryer, and he didn’t forget to ask about the two cats.

« It’s indeed mutated, try not to touch the orange cat in the future. » Fang Yuan reminded.

« why? »

« The ability of the orange cat to mutate is to burn its claws. The high temperature of its claws can burn people. »

« No, Xiaoju won’t burn me. »

« I’m talking about in case, and there are so many bacteria, in short, it is not allowed to hold. »

« Can I just bathe them? »

« You can’t even take care of yourself, how can you have the strength to take care of those two goods? »

« I can. »

After drying his hair, Fang Xiaozhu lay on the bed, squinted and fell asleep.


Fang Yuan’s cell phone rang, took it out and found that it was a WeChat sent by Xiaofeilong.

Little Fat Dragon is the flexible fat guy who used the « Chameleon Concealment » ability to track Fang Yuan last time.

Last time, Fang Yuan sacked him a sum of money. After the transfer, WeChat put it there without deleting it.

Fang Yuan clicked to view the information.

Xiaofeilong: « There is a new business. Investigate all the data of your sister Fang Xiaozhu from birth. Will this business be done? »

Fang Yuan frowned when he saw this message.

After all, the foreign awakened organization is still looking at Xiaozhu above.

Fang Yuan quickly returned a message: « How much? »

Xiaofeilong: « Are you really going to sell your sister? »

Fang Yuan: « When I get tough, I sell myself. »

Fang Yuan had already thought clearly when he « selled himself » before.

If you dont sell these materials yourself, someone will investigate them.

If you sell by yourself, you can not only know the target of the black hand behind the scenes in advance, but you can also selectively disclose information.

It is more important to get dangerous warnings than to sell the news.

For example, if you know in advance that the Spear of God is investigating Fang Xiaozhu, you can make some preparations in advance.

Fang Yuan thought about it, and then returned a message: « Talk about the price. »

Little Fat Dragon: « I won’t divide your money this time. »

Fang Yuan: « Then you send a message, are you looking for Shi? »

Xiaofeilong: « I will exchange a message with you. »

Fang Yuan thought for a while and replied: « What news? »

Xiaofeilong: « According to the news I heard from Lao Cao on Bar Street, the behind-the-scenes gold master who investigated your home seems to have arrived in Donghai City. »

Fang Yuan: « It seems? »

Xiaofeilong: « I guessed this news based on what Old Cao said, believe it or not. »

Fang Yuan: « When did the people behind the scenes arrive in Donghai City? »

Xiaofeilong: « I don’t know the exact time, but listening to Lao Cao’s tone, the first time I asked me to follow you, it was the behind-the-scenes gold master who personally met with Lao Cao. »

Fang Yuan frowned when he saw the news.

If the news of Xiaofeilong is true, then the people of God’s Spear arrived in Donghai City a month ago.

At that time, school had just started.

Fang Yuan felt that things were a bit tricky.

After a while, Xiaofeilong sent another message: « How about it? This message is heavy enough? You have to be honest in business. You are kind, and I am kind, so that business can last. »

Fang Yuan edited the message and sent it over: « Yes, I will post the information you want later. »

After sending the message, Fang Yuan posted some information that could be disclosed.

These contents can be found as long as a person sneaks into the hospital, so there is no need to conceal it.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan frowned in thought.

Things are getting more and more difficult, and now the people of God’s Spear are focusing on Xiaozhu.

Moreover, according to the information disclosed by Xiaofeilong, the members of God’s Spear entered the East China Sea a month ago.

In this way, the person who sneaked into the home and turned the safe should be a member of the Spear of God.

Who will this person be?

In Fang Yuan’s mind, a person’s face appeared involuntarily-Wei Hailong.

Wei Hailong was sent by the army to serve as an instructor, and on the surface it seemed okay.

However, the possibility of imposters cannot be ruled out.

Moreover, the time is too coincidental.

The people of God’s Spear entered Donghai City when the school just started, and Wei Hailong happened to be an instructor at that time.

Moreover, Wei Hailong suddenly appeared in the hospital just now, saying that he was treating the wound, but he ran to the inpatient department.

There is obviously a problem.

Last time, Wei Hailong was staring at the cone sculpture in the library, and he didn’t know if he found the three-sided star core inside.

The more Fang Yuan thought about it, the more suspicious this person became. After careful consideration, he took out his cell phone and dialed Fang Zhenguo’s number.

After the call was connected, Fang Zhenguo’s rough laugh came from the phone.

« Your kid would call me? Are you asking for money or shopping? »

« Seriously, listen to me. I just received a news that the people of God’s Spear entered the East China Sea a month ago. I want you to check someone out now. » Fang Yuan’s voice was very serious.

« Who is investigating? » Fang Zhenguo immediately became serious.

« My school has a new instructor named Wei Hailong. He said he came from the naval landing combat unit. You should have comrades in the army, right? Find someone to check this person’s information. »

« Okay, I’ll find someone to check it. However, it may take a while to check the people in the army. » Fang Zhenguo immediately agreed.

« Try to check it carefully, preferably with photos and specific details. » Fang Yuan reminded.

« Do you suspect… »

« Yes, I suspect that this Wei Hailong might be an imposter. »

After hanging up, Fang Yuan walked back to the ward, pulled the quilt, and covered it for his sister.