The Star Force test continues.

Guo Songtao handed over the next test recording work to the monitor, then waved to Fang Yuan and said, « Fang Yuan, come with me, your unknown characteristic needs more detailed testing. »

According to the regulations of the China Awakener Data Management Department, when the school discovers unknown characteristics among students, it needs to perform preliminary abilities tests on the students and submit the test results for analysis and research.

Fang Yuan followed the head teacher to the school’s Xingli Laboratory.

Guo Songtao hired two laboratory teachers, a man and a woman, to conduct tests with Yuanyuan.

« Fang Yuan, try to guide the star power to flow to every part of the body, try to stimulate the super power characteristics, and see if the super power characteristics cannot be expressed. » Guo Songtao began to guide Fang Yuan to perform super power characteristics test.

Super-characteristic expression, this is a written term that extends from gene expression.

Simply put, it is to use the ability.

However, not all super power characteristics can be expressed.

For example, « Platinum Digester », as long as you don’t eat platinum, this super power will never work, that is, the super power cannot be expressed.

Fang Yuan tried to guide the star power to flow through every part of the body, trying to stimulate his own super power characteristics.

Fang Yuan took this process very seriously, trying not to miss any part of his body.

Because the super power characteristics are so strange, they may be expressed in any part of the body.

For example, the strengthening system has a super power feature that can make the nails sharp as a knife, and it can be expressed by concentrating the star power at the base of the nail.

Ten minutes later, Fang Yuan allowed the star power to flow through every part of his body, but after it was over, there was no change in his body.

The two laboratory teachers in charge of researching super-power characteristics were very calm, and they didn’t seem to be surprised at this result.

After all, humans have been researching the awakened for nearly fifty years, and the super-power characteristics that can be simply tested have long been included in the database.

The remaining unknown features cannot be discovered under normal circumstances.

The laboratory teacher walked to the side and started to activate the ray machine. At the same time, he explained: « Next, we will irradiate your body with star-source rays to stimulate the expression of super-energy characteristics. Dont be nervous, star-source rays are made from star-source mine The ray will not cause harm to the body. Stand in front of the ray head. »

Fang Yuan was a little nervous, took a deep breath, walked to the star source ray and stood still.

After the machine is started, the star source rays start from the soles of the feet and slowly sweep upward.

The three teachers came closer and stared at them, wanting to see where the super characteristics would be expressed.

However, Fang Yuan’s body remained unchanged until the rays swept across his neck.

The laboratory teacher picked up the record sheet and was about to fill it out, and said casually: « Looking at this situation, it may be the characteristics of a stimulus source. »

Just then.

The star source ray scanned Fang Yuan’s eyes.

Some strange lights and shadows suddenly appeared in Fang Yuan’s eyes, reflecting on the iris of his pupil.

The eyes suddenly failed to adapt to the light and shadow, and Fang Yuan subconsciously covered his eyes with his hands.

The three teachers were keenly aware of the abnormality, and the laboratory teacher took the lead to ask: « Did there be any abnormalities? »

Fang Yuan frowned and looked at the light and shadow in front of him, and replied, « I seem to see something in my eyes… »

After seeing it clearly, I suddenly found that these lights and shadows are a character attribute panel.

The person I saw in front of me was the head teacher Guo Songtao.

Name: Guo Songtao

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 14, Agility 12, Physical 16, Spirit 16

Super features: none

Skills: Basic Bodybuilding Fist Lv.2

Guo Songtao teaches Chinese. Although he is an awakened person, he has only awakened the star power and has no awakening superpowers.

« What did you see? » the laboratory teacher continued to ask.

Fang Yuan was not sure whether the character attribute panel he saw belonged to the category of super characteristics, so he was cautious and answered a little vaguely.

« It seems to have seen some data, but it is not very clear. »

« Did you see the data? That should be the characteristics of the iris data type. » The laboratory teacher began to make notes.

« Are there similar super powers in the Awakened Database? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Yes, I heard that there is a special staff officer in the Excalibur Bureau, who is the awakener of the iris data type, who can see through the identity of the enemy spy at a glance. » The laboratory teacher replied.

Immediately afterwards, she handed the pen to Fang Yuan and said, « Can you draw what you see? »

« No…too much, these light and shadow patterns have been shaking and fuzzy. »

In fact, Fang Yuan can see clearly, and the attribute panels of the three teachers present can see clearly.

However, seeing the properties panel is a bit weird.

Before figuring out this ability, Fang Yuan didn’t want to expose too much, it would be bad if he was caught and sliced.

The laboratory teacher said with relief: « Don’t worry, using star-source rays to stimulate the expression of super-energy characteristics will indeed cause unsuitability at first, and it will gradually get better in the future. »

« Thank you teacher. » Fang Yuan thanked sincerely.

After coming out of Xingli Lab.

Fang Yuan went to the library, found a computer, logged into the library system with his student ID account, and searched for information about the super-power characteristics of the pupil and iris data type.

There are not many relevant materials, only a few articles published in provincial scientific journals.

As for the special staff officer of the Excalibur Bureau mentioned by the laboratory teacher, there is no information at all.

Not only is it not available in the library database, but there is also no information on the Internet.

For a moment, Fang Yuan knew what was going on.

The Excalibur Bureau is the highest level of confidentiality among Chinas national defense and security departments, and is mainly responsible for the espionage of the awakened.

If it is like what the laboratory teacher said, the special staff of Excalibur Bureau can see through the identity of the enemy spy at a glance, then his confidentiality level must be very high.

Fang Yuan browsed through all the articles of iris data that can be retrieved, and the harvest is not too much, but at least it is certain that there is such a super characteristic of iris data.

Although this type of super characteristic is very rare, at least it is certain that it is not a special case.


Fang Yuan began to test his own super power characteristics.

As long as the star power flows into the pupil, this ability will work.

First, observe the other students in the library. Whether you are observing ordinary people or awakened ones, you can see the attribute panel.

And it is certain that the data on the property panel is real.

Because a few of them are classmates, I saw their various data during the test in the auditorium just now.

Immediately after.

Fang Yuan looked down at himself, and as expected, his character panel appeared.

Name: Fang Yuan

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 14, Agility 15, Physical 13, Spirit 15

Super features: unknown features A20392

Angry points: 0

Skills: Military physical fighting skills Lv.2, sliding step Lv.1

Fang Yuan carefully observed his character panel, and then found a strange place.

There is an additional « Anger Point » in the character panel.

Fang Yuan looked at the property panel of others again, and found that this item was only owned by him, not others.

Is this the super characteristic of own awakening?

The property panel is presented on the pupil iris, visually, it looks like it is floating in the air.

Fang Yuan stared at his attribute panel and studied slowly.


A beautiful shadow walked in front of him, blocking his vision.

The person here is Han Youwei.

Fang Yuan had been observing his attribute panel just now, Han Youwei suddenly stood in front of her, and the iris data feature continued to play a role, so she saw Han Youwei’s attribute panel.

However, the property panel that I saw this time is a bit strange, with many question marks on it.

Name: Han Youwei

Star power rating:? ? ?

Attributes: Strength 13, agility? ? ? Physical 13. Spirit? ? ?

Super features:? ? ?

Star trough characteristics:? ? ?

Skills: softness, whip kick, throwing and fighting

« what »

This attribute panel is a bit strange, Fang Yuan let out a soft hey, staring at it.

Fang Yuan was sitting, Han Youwei was standing.

So staring at it like this, the position where the line of sight is focused is a bit…

With a little shame on Han Youwei’s face, she lowered the textbook she was holding to block her thigh.

« Don’t move. »

Fang Yuan continued to study her attribute panel, and soon discovered the reason for the question mark.

The key lies in the spiritual attribute.

The three items of force-sensitive body showed numerical values, but the mental attributes were not displayed.

When Han Youwei was taking the test just now, Fang Yuan looked at her various data and clearly remembered that her mental attribute was 17.

And his spiritual attribute is only 15 points.

In other words, because her mental attributes are lower than her, she is exempt from her iris data exploration.

That’s why so many question marks appeared on her property panel.