the next day.

Fang Yuan put the two cats in the pet cage and took them to the mutant biology research designated by the Supervisory Authority for inspection.

Due to the increase in mutant organisms in Donghai City during this period, many people in the Institute of Mutant Biology have lined up to register.

After waiting for half an hour, it was Fang Yuan’s turn to take the cat in for inspection.

Meow! Meow!

The two cats were a little scared, and started to blow their hair in the cage, baring their teeth at the researcher.

The researcher seemed to have been used to this situation a long time ago, holding the orange cat with gloves first, and starting the examination.

« Isn’t this cat domestically raised? »

« Is this important? » Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

« It doesn’t matter. People in the institute often bring wild animals to register. As long as you can tame them, it doesn’t matter. »

The researcher pushed his glasses, began to irradiate the orange cat with star-source rays, and asked casually: « Do you know what power it is? »

« Yan Claw. » Fang Yuan replied.

The researcher was a little surprised and looked up at Fang Yuan.

Most people who bring pets to the institute to register will only say what kind of strange abilities the pet has, and seldom directly say the official name of the ability.

After the researcher scanned the star source rays, he collected the star power characteristics of the orange cat.

The computer searched through the database and quickly revealed the name of the ability, which was indeed « Yanclaw ».

After the orange cat was detected, the gray cat was checked immediately.

« Advanced agility enhancement, this ability is quite rare. Generally, it is good to be able to reach the intermediate level. »

The researcher continued to check, suddenly frowned, looked up at Fang Yuan, and asked strangely: « Are you a mutant creature dealer? »

« Mutated creature dealer? Me? » Fang Yuan pointed to himself, somewhat dazed.

« Look at you like a high school student, not like a mutant biomonger, but these two cats should be induced mutation. » The researcher explained.

« What is induced mutation? »

« Awakening inducer, haven’t you used them? » The researcher was suspicious.

« No, I haven’t seen any awakening inducer. » Fang Yuan frowned.

« Forget it, it’s not the first time that the use of an awakening inducer for animals has happened. As long as you take care of these two cats, don’t let them out to hurt people, the Supervisory Authority can’t take you anymore.

« What is an awakening inducer? Can you be more specific? » Fang Yuan frowned and asked.

The researcher felt that Fang Yuan really didnt know, so he explained: « A kind of forbidden drug can induce human awakening abilities, but it has a high probability of causing brain death. According to current data, the awakening probability of awakening inducers is only 3%, the mortality rate is as high as 90%, which has been banned by the state. »

« The mortality rate is so high, do anyone really dare to use it? » Fang Yuan was a little confused.

« There are always people who are not afraid of death. Of course, most people are still afraid of death, so it happened that awakening inducers were used on animals. » The research institute replied.

Fang Yuan understood immediately.

The death rate of awakening inducers is too high, and most people would definitely not dare to use them, but they are completely unburdened when used on animals.

Therefore, mutant creature dealers will catch stray cats and stray dogs in batches and lock them up, feed them with awakening inducers, and throw them away when they die. As long as one hundred can only survive one, that is a super pet.

« Super pets have become a business now, so awakening inducers have been repeatedly banned. » The researcher sighed.

« I really haven’t used any wakefulness inducer. Are you sure these two cats mutated because of the wakefulness inducer? » Fang Yuan asked.

« People often come to register with animals that induce mutations. I can’t say that they are 100% sure, but I am 90% sure that these two cats are mutation induced. » The researcher replied.

« I really haven’t used any awakening inducers. Is it possible that someone else has fed them awakening inducers? » Fang Yuan continued to ask.

« It’s basically impossible. Do you know how much an awakening inducer is on the black market? »

« How many? »

« Two hundred thousand, do you think people who use awakening inducers will let them run around? »

Fang Yuan’s face showed a stunned expression.

The awakening inducer, which has a mortality rate of 90%, costs 200,000 units, which is too exaggerated.

After examining the two cats, the researcher put a mutant biological collar around their necks, then put them back in their cages and returned them to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan carried two cats and took the subway home.

I have been thinking about what the researcher said just now, and I always feel that something is wrong.


In a bar in Qingtang Street in the Old Town.


The green wolf was grasped by the two black suits and pressed against the glass table.

A young man wearing a high-definition coat with brightly combed hair sat on the sofa, turned the ring on his index finger, and said in a cold voice, « Is my money good? »

« Give me another chance, Shao Li, give me another chance. » Qing Lang quickly begged for mercy.

William Li stretched out his hand to break his head, looked at the scar on his forehead, and said, « Tsk tsk… I also said to clean up the obstructive people for me. I was beaten up like this. The money has not been taken less. I really think I am doing charity. ?! »

At this point, William Li hit the glass table with a punch.


The glass table shattered and the glass was broken all over the floor.

Two black suits pressed the green wolf to the ground, and the glass on the floor cut blood holes in his face.

« Shao Li, I will pay you back, I will pay you back… » Qing Lang said quickly.

« Do you think I am short of that money? » A dangerous arc was drawn from the corner of William Lee’s mouth.

« Shao Li, give me another chance, this time I will definitely satisfy you. » Qing Lang promised quickly.

« Three days, if you can’t do what you promised within three days, I will collect your dewclaws as a specimen and buy it for 200,000 yuan. » William Li finished speaking and got up and walked out of the bar.


After school in the afternoon, Fang Yuan went to the hospital to dine with his sister.

At six o’clock, go to the martial arts hall as a substitute.

After the neurotic appointment frenzy disappeared, Fang Yuan’s class price returned to normal.

Fang Yuan can only accompany Fang Xiaozhu until six o’clock because of the replacement.

Mother Li Shuhua will go to the hospital to accompany the bed after 8 o’clock.

At 8:30 that day, Fang Yuan was practicing boxing in the martial arts gym and suddenly received a call from his mother.

« Xiaoyuan, did you take Xiaozhu out to play? » Li Shuhua’s voice came out on the phone.

Fang Yuan’s eyes widened suddenly, and he replied, « No. I’m in the martial arts gym. »

« But Xiaozhu is not in the hospital. »

« Did the doctor take it for an examination? »

« No. I asked the attending doctor, but didn’t do the examination. »

« Mom, don’t worry, I’ll go over immediately. »

Fang Yuan hung up the phone, talked to Manager Liu, ran out of the martial arts gym, stopped a car, and rushed to the hospital.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I saw Li Shuhua frantically looking for her daughter.

As soon as Li Shuhua saw her son, she grabbed his son’s hand anxiously and said, « Xiao Zhu doesn’t know where he is going, what should I do? »

« Have the doctor asked about it? » Fang Yuan asked quickly.

« I have asked, I have asked, and the nurse has asked, but they all said they don’t know. » Li Shuhua was anxious and at a loss.

« Where is the old party? »

« Your dad went to the surveillance room to watch surveillance video. »

Fang Yuan also hurried to the monitoring room.

Three people watch the surveillance replay together, and the four screens play back at the same time, the speed is increased to eight times the speed.

The situation was quickly discovered in the surveillance video.

At seven ten in the evening, there was a nurse who looked like a nurse and left the inpatient department with a **** his back.

The girl seemed to be asleep, her head hanging down, her face could not be seen.

However, Fang Yuan and Li Shuhua recognized it immediately: « Xiao Zhu, it is Xiao Zhu. »

Fang Yuan thought quickly in his heart

Who took my sister away?

If it’s kidnapping, it’s not too bad.

If it was done by someone with the Spear of God, then things would be troublesome.