While the family was thinking about countermeasures, Fang Yuan remembered Xiaozhu’s phone watch.

Quickly took out the phone, located the location of the watch, and found that the location of the watch was in the hospital.

Looking for the location, he found the watch in the flowerbed of the hospital.

Fang Yuan frowned while pinching his watch.

At this moment, meowing sounds came from the hospital wall.

Fang Yuan suddenly opened his eyes when he heard the cat cry. He turned around and said to his parents: « You stay in the hospital and wait for the news. I’ll go out and look for it. »

Then he ran in the direction of the meow.

Under the courtyard wall, I saw the gray cat standing on the wall, meowing, as if waiting for Fang Yuan.

« You know where Xiaozhu is, right? »

Fang Yuan didn’t care how stupid he seemed to talk to a cat.

Now I can only put hope on the gray cat.


The gray cat gave a cry and jumped out of the wall.

Fang Yuan couldn’t take the detour to the front door either. He jumped, climbed the top of the wall, and turned out.

Then followed the gray cat on the sidewalk.

This gray cat doesn’t take any unusual paths at all, either over the wall or jumping over the roof.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but began to fly over the wall and climb over the trees.

Fortunately, the agility is high enough, climbing over the wall is not a problem.

However, this cat has 16 points of agility, plus advanced agility enhancement, too fast, always out of sight.

All the way through the alleys and parks, I gradually came to a remote neighborhood.

Just then.

The phone rang, Fang Yuan picked it up and saw that it was an unfamiliar number.

After being connected, a familiar voice came from inside.

« Your sister is in my hands. If you want to save her, go to the warehouse at No. 63 Dingziqiao Road alone. »

Fang Yuan frowned, and immediately thought of who the voice was, and roared: « Blue wolf! You **** dare to move my sister to try… »

Before I finished speaking, a blind tone came from the phone and the phone was hung up.

Fang Yuan looked around, thinking quickly in his mind.

Open the mobile phone, open the map, quickly locate your location, and then enter « Warehouse No. 63, Dingziqiao Road » to locate the routes between the two places.

Then, drag the map to find the location of the hospital.

It can be seen from the map that the current location is not between the hospital and the warehouse on Dingziqiao Road, but in the opposite direction.

If the green wolf grabbed Xiaozhu and locked it in the Tingziqiao warehouse, then why did the gray cat take himself to run in the opposite direction?

Meow meow meow

Seeing that no one was following, the gray cat ran back and called at Fang Yuan’s feet, a little anxious in his voice.

Fang Yuan thought quickly.

Judging from the performance of these two cats in the past, these two cats and Xiaozhu are very good and very spiritual.

Seeing that he hadn’t followed, the gray cat ran back and barked at his feet, obviously he was going to take him somewhere.

Should you believe the gray cat?

Should we believe in the green wolf?

There is no need to consider this issue.

Moreover, Fang Yuan soon thought of a possibility.

When the green wolf took Xiaozhu, it was not necessarily locked in the Tingziqiao warehouse.

Xiaozhu is probably locked in other places, but the Tingziqiao warehouse is actually a trap set by the blue wolf.

On one side is the trap, on the other is the real location of Xiaozhu.

Fang Yuan didn’t need to hesitate, and said to the gray cat: « Take me quickly. »

The gray cat immediately ran wildly, jumped onto the wall again, and ran towards a dilapidated street.

Three minutes later.

Fang Yuan entered a dim alley, and then heard a roar of a beast.


Fang Yuan’s heart slammed, speeding up and rushing over.

The gray cat got into a house through the window.

Fang Yuan rushed up and kicked the door open.

As soon as the door opened, Fang Xiaozhu was seen lying on the floor of the room.

Two other flesh and blood people lay on the ground.

At the same time, a huge dark figure ran away from the backyard of the house.

Fang Yuan couldn’t take care of that much, so he ran to pick up his sister and tried her pulse first.

The pulse is weak, but there is no trauma, the problem shouldn’t be big.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Yuan looked back at the two **** people on the ground, frowning.

Don’t understand what is going on.

Both the orange cat and the gray cat were there, spinning around Fang Xiaozhu.

The night in the East China Sea is a bit cold.

Fang Xiaozhu is wearing a hospital gown, which is relatively thin.

Fang Yuan took off his coat and wrapped her up.

Then, get closer to see the two **** people.

The two men were covered with scars, like the torn claws of wild animals.

Fang Yuan looked back at the two cats.

These two cats do have claws, but it is impossible to cause such a **** injury.

Moreover, the surrounding attributes of these two cats are only relatively high in agility, and their strength is only 4 or 5 points. The claws alone cannot hurt people.

The two people have been torn apart into human form, and it should be caused by a huge beast.

It can be seen from the broken clothes and boots that these two men should be Qing Lang’s men.

Now is not the time to find the cause of these two deaths.

Fang Yuan picked up his sister, left the room, took a taxi on the street and returned to the hospital.

When he was in the car, Fang Yuan called first to inform his parents that he was safe.

When he returned to the hospital, Fang Xiaozhu was still in a coma.

Call the attending doctor for an examination.

Fang Zhenguo pulled Fang Yuan aside and asked, « What’s the matter? »

Fang Yuan’s eyes were full of anger, and he replied: « A few days ago, he provoked a man named Qinglang on the road. He abducted Xiaozhu and told me to go to the warehouse No. 63 in Dingziqiao. »

« Green Wolf? From Qingtang Street? »

« Correct. »

Fang Yuan nodded, and then said, « When Xiaozhu’s situation stabilizes, I will solve this matter. »

« How do you want to solve it? » Fang Zhenguo frowned and asked.

« If they come at me, they can fight whatever. If they dare to retaliate against Xiaozhu, then there is nothing to say! » Fang Yuan’s voice revealed a cold.

A few days ago, when the two sides were fighting.

Fang Yuan hadn’t thought about killing him, he just gave them a lesson.

Unexpectedly, this group of Qinglang would kidnap Xiaozhu.

This has touched Fang Yuan’s bottom line.

Ten minutes later, the attending doctor took off his stethoscope and said, « Its no problem. It should be just a fright. Just take a few days rest. »

« Thank you doctor. » Li Shuhua quickly thanked.

When Fang Yuan heard that his sister was okay, he turned around and walked out, two chills in his eyes.

Fang Zhenguo didn’t know when he had an extra guitar case on his back. He chased up and asked, « Are you going to the Tingziqiao warehouse? »

« Right. » Fang Yuan kept walking.

« It’s too dangerous, let me go. » Fang Zhenguo quickly discouraged.

« The green wolf is telling me to go, you stay and guard Xiaozhu, don’t do anything wrong. » Fang Yuan said solemnly.

Fang Zhenguo did not dissuade him any more. He stood there and waited for Fang Yuan to walk out of the hospital. Then he went out from the other door of the hospital and got into a taxi: « Ting-shaped Bridge Road. »

The taxi drove slowly away from the hospital and arrived at Tingziqiao Road 30 minutes later.

Fang Zhenguo got out of the car, looked at the surrounding environment, and walked towards the clock tower of Dingziqiao.