Warehouse No. 63, Tingziqiao.

Fang Yuan kicked the door open and yelled, « Green Wolf, get out of here! »


The iron rod knocked on the guardrail on the second floor of the warehouse, making a loud metal crash.

A group of gangsters holding iron rods in their hands, surrounded by green wolves, appeared on the second floor of the warehouse.

The green wolf said fiercely, « You really dare to come, you are really not afraid of death. »

Fang Yuan clenched his fists, glared at Green Wolf, and said sharply, « Green Wolf, what kind of hatred, come to me! What is the ability to tie my sister? »

« I’m tied up, what can you do? » Green Wolf pressed his hands on the guardrail and looked at Fang Yuan condescendingly, his eyes full of provocation.

« You probably forgot, how miserable was the last time I was beaten? »

Fang Yuan raised the matter of the last time, irritating Qing Wolf’s face.

« In terms of misery, how can you be miserable, his hand was interrupted by me, isn’t it a pleasant surprise? » Qing Lang gave a grinning grin of relief.

Fang Yuan didn’t know this before, and suddenly heard it, a stunned expression flashed across his face, and then turned to anger: « I should have killed you last time! »

« Want to kill me? You are the one who died this time! »

As the Green Wolf said, he turned his head and said in a slightly respectful tone to the person behind him: « Brother Snake, that’s this kid. »

Accompanied by his words, a man with a viper tattooed on his shoulder and neck came out from the second floor, with his hands on the guardrail, he glanced at Fang Yuan indifferently.

His eyes are like the eyes of a poisonous snake, and in his eyes can see the coldness of a cold-blooded animal.

« Green wolf, you were beaten by a high school student, it really opened my eyes. » Viper swept the green wolf contemptuously.

« This person is not easy to deal with, and the speed and strength are very high. » Qing Lang quickly defended.

Viper looked at Fang Yuan with mocking eyes and jokingly said: « Hey! Boy, dare to come here alone without fear of death? »

Fang Yuan introduced Xingli into his eyes to check the attributes of this « Brother Snake ».

Nickname: Viper

Star power rating: Lv.2

Attributes: Strength 28.8 (24), Agility 32.4 (27), Body 22, Spirit 20

Super feature: Viper muscle

Skills: snake fist, mixed martial arts

After reading this person’s attributes, Fang Yuan was slightly surprised.

According to the statistics of the awakened person database, the limit attribute of Lv.2 awakened person is 29 points.

However, this person’s agility reached an astonishing 32.4, and his strength was 28.8.

According to his attributes, he has reached the dual-strength attribute structure required by super fighters.

The agility directly explodes the table, exceeding the upper limit of the level.

This person’s attributes are too exaggerated, and his strength is terribly strong.

The Green Wolf was just **** in front of him.

No wonder Green Wolf calls him « Brother Snake ».

When Fang Yuan saw that his ability was « Viper Muscle », he immediately knew why his attributes were so exaggerated.

I read an issue of the Awakened Journal in school before, which introduced the peculiar super-power characteristic of « Viper Muscle ».

The ability of « Viper Muscle » belongs to both the deformation system and the strengthening system.

In the metamorphosis abilities, the « viper muscle » belongs to internal metamorphosis.

The green wolf’s ability is external transformation. When using the ability, the right hand will become wolf claws.

The « viper muscle » is a permanent internal deformation, which is not visible from the outside, but the muscles in the body have changed.

Under normal circumstances, an adult human has 700-800 muscles, while snakes have 10,000-15,000 muscles.

An awakened person with « viper muscles » will grow into 15,000 muscles, which is 20 times that of normal humans.

Therefore, the muscles of the awakened « Viper Muscle » can twist and twist like a snake, while possessing faster speed and explosive power.

The intuitive manifestation is strength +20% and agility +20%.

It can be seen from the attribute panel of this Viper that the power of 28.8 is after the increase. His basic power is actually 24, and the agility of 32.4 is also the value after the increase.

Moreover, the true strength of « Viper Muscle » is not as simple as improving strength and agility.

« Viper Muscle » combined with Snake Fist can burst out a very powerful combat power.

The snake-like muscles in his body are very suitable for strangling opponents.

It can be seen from his « Mixed Fighting » skill that this guy must have practiced strangling fighting skills.

As long as he is entangled, he will entangle his opponent like a snake.

What’s more troublesome is that this person’s agility is as high as 32.4, which can burst out with a terrifying speed.

An awakened person like Blue Wolf couldn’t stand it when encountering a Viper.

Viper and Green Wolf pressed their palms on the guardrail, leaped and jumped from the second floor.

The remaining dozen men also took iron rods, and descended from the stairs on both sides to form an encircling circle, enclosing Fang Yuan in the middle.

Qing Lang grinned and said, « If I make a call, you will run over to die. I really don’t know if you are bold or stupid. »

While he was speaking, he activated the power, and his right hand quickly turned into a wolf claw, and the sharp claw reflected the cold light in the night.

Fang Yuan did feel the great pressure and glanced at his attribute panel.

Surrounding attributes: strength 23, agility 19, physique 14, spirit 20

Point of anger: 510

With his current attributes, his physique is too low, if he is punched by Viper’s 28.8 terrifying power, he will be punched out.

The opponent’s 32.4 super agility, it is almost impossible to dodge his snake fist.

Judging from the current situation, if all the rage points are added to the strength, the strength can be pushed to 28 points.

However, 28 points of strength are just equal to the Viper and cannot reverse the situation.

If you add physique, you can increase your physique to 19:00, which is useless.

Adding spirit is even more useless, because he doesn’t have the attack ability of the spirit system at all.

In the end, there is only one solution to add agility.

Fang Yuan quickly calculated in his mind.

It is now 19 agility, adding all the rage points to agility, you can reach 24 basic agility.

The « Advanced Agile Enhancement (Mimic star slot feature is still there, 24 agility points, an increase of 40%, that is…


Fang Yuan made a decisive decision and directly added all his anger points to his agility.

Viper pinched the knuckles of his knuckles and made a creaking sound, and walked over step by step, preparing to pinch Fang Yuan to death.

The Green Wolf also forced it step by step, preparing to take action with the Viper.

To deal with the Viper, he was already dancing on the sword. With his 14-point physique, he directly game_over when he was hit by the opponent.

If you have to face the combination of Viper and Blue Wolf, it is even more difficult.

Must be one second!

Fang Yuan made a decisive decision, the star power in his body surged wildly.

« Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimic was activated, and the agility soared to 33.6, and the speed instantly surpassed the Viper and crushed the Blue Wolf.

Fang Yuan’s eyes flashed sharply, his speed exploded, his body rushed out, thirty-six star power burst out, and a thunder fist blasted into the abdomen of Green Wolf.


The Blue Wolf didn’t even have a chance to react, so he was beaten into a bow by the huge force on his fist and flew out in a straight line.