Fang Yuan fisted the Green Wolf.

Viper’s gaze condensed, and quickly shot, a « venomous snake hitting a bead » in a snake’s fist, chiseling towards Fang Yuan’s left eye.

Fang Yuan had just thrown a thunder fist, and before he could stop, the snake-shaped hand had already reached his eyes.

He leaned back quickly and fell to the ground.

The viper lifted its foot and stepped on it.

Fang Yuan propped his left hand on the ground, turned a backhand, avoided his foot, and slid back five meters before stopping.


Viper stomped on the ground with a « bang » and smashed the concrete floor.

Fang Yuan breathed out slowly, thinking of the moment when this foot was stepped on, he was a little bit afraid.

If I was stepped on by this foot, I would definitely be trampled into a comminuted fracture.

Fang Yuan let out a breath, and glanced at the blue wolf that flew out.

The green wolf was hit by thunder in the abdomen, his internal organs were beaten out of place, and he vomited violently on the ground and couldn’t get up.

« Useless waste! »

Viper glanced at the green wolf, snorted coldly, turned back and used the snake fist, and continued to attack Fang Yuan.

Every time he punches, it is as swift as a poisonous snake rushes for food.

Moreover, he wore an iron finger cot on his index finger.

The snake punched the wall, and the wall shattered.

Hit the tin can, the tin can is perforated.

Outrageously fierce.

Fang Yuan didn’t dare to face him head-on, and kept sliding to dodge.

More than a dozen of his men around him swung up iron rods to attack.

Fang Yuan slid away from the snake fist again.

An iron rod hit from behind.

Fang Yuan grabbed the iron rod with his backhand, and kicked the green wolf’s men into the air.

Viper’s snake fist followed.

Fang Yuan held the iron rod and turned around to block Viper’s fist.


The snake punched the iron rod and bend the iron rod with the thick arm.

Fang Yuan was shocked by the force of the snake fist and took five or six steps back before he could stand firm.

« Boy, it really surprised me to receive so many punches from me. However, you are not my opponent at all. You should wash your neck and wait for death. »

The Viper turned his wrists and re-formed his snake-shaped hands, with a pair of snake-like pupils flashing cold eyes.

Fang Yuan breathed out slowly, feeling that the viper was indeed difficult to entangle.

With a thunder fist just now, the blue wolf was in seconds, and now his wrist still hurt a bit.

If you still want to use Thunder Fist, you must succeed with a single blow, otherwise it will be difficult later.

The Viper attacked again, and the snake fist was faster.

The two arms are like two poisonous snakes, repeatedly bashing and biting, punching both ferocious and treacherous.

Fang Yuan kept sliding to dodge.

Fortunately, this warehouse is big enough. If it is in a smaller place, it will hit the wall if it can’t hide for a few steps.

While dodging, Fang Yuan was also analyzing the strength of the Viper.

28.8 strength, 32.4 agility, plus 22 physical.

The paper strength of this Viper has already exploded.

Head to head, there is no chance of winning.

Fang Yuan carefully observed the viper’s punching movement, and gradually discovered a strange place.

Although his punches are fierce, but they are not very accurate.

This is also the reason why Fang Yuan can always dodge.

Generally speaking, Snake Boxing emphasizes stability, accuracy and ruthlessness.

The Viper’s snake fist was stable and ruthless, but its head was not very accurate.

Thanks to the work of the martial arts coach.

When Fang Yuan replaced his class, he met several martial arts students practicing snake boxing.

Therefore, although Fang Yuan does not know Snake Boxing, he has some understanding of the way of Snake Boxing.

When Fang Yuan dodged, he could clearly feel that Viper’s snake fist always deviated from the best fist.

The deviation is always one or two centimeters.

A deviation of one or two centimeters has little effect most of the time.

After all, hitting the eyebrows and eye sockets are equally deadly.

Moreover, random deviations can be overwhelming.

Fang Yuan felt even more strange after discovering that the Viper had made a deviation.

Judging by the number of his snake boxing skills, he should have practiced for many years and he is very proficient in boxing skills.

Generally speaking, with such a familiar boxing technique, there should be no deviation in punching.

Besides, the most important thing about snake boxing is where to hit.

There is only one possibility for this situation, because the Viper itself has a problem.

For example, an arm injury can affect the accuracy of the punch.

However, depending on how hard he punches, it doesn’t look like an injury.

Where is the problem?

Fang Yuan slipped and dodged again, watching the snake fist graze two centimeters in front of him, and the hair on his forehead was lifted by the fist.

After sliding back away, Fang Yuan glanced across his eyes.

Seeing his eyes that looked like snake pupils, a kind of guess suddenly appeared in his mind.

The abilities of the awakened are all sorts of strange, not every kind of ability is a gain effect, there may be debuff effects, or side effects.

For example, abilities such as « light hypersensitivity » and « body rigidity » are all cheating abilities.

There are also some abilities that are useful in themselves, but they also have some side effects.

The side effects are also strange.

Fang Yuan stared at Viper’s eyes and found that his pupils really looked like snake pupils.

Snakes eyesight is notoriously poor, and they cant see clearly from a meter away.

Snakes mainly prey on snakes sense of smell and heat.

Therefore, poor eyesight has little effect on snakes.

However, if a person has snake pupils, that is another matter.

Fang Yuan immediately thought of a possibility.

The eyes of this « Viper », because of the mutation of the « Viper muscle », made his eyes also mutate toward the snake pupil.

This mutation caused his vision to be very poor, so he was inaccurate in punching.

In order to confirm this speculation, Fang Yuan grinned and said: « I said, your eyes are going to be blind, right? I stand still, you can beat me up. »

The viper’s movements were stagnant, and a cold light appeared in his eyes: « Fart! My eyes are as sharp as a viper. You have a way to stand still and try. »

Although he denied it, Fang Yuan had already seen his anger point increase by 10 points.

This shows that the sentence just now angered him.

If it is not right, he does not need to be angry at all.

He will only get angry if he hits his weakness.

A smile rose from the corner of Fang Yuans mouth, and he started to use the slide more frequently, sliding left and right, jokingly: « You probably dont know? Snakes eyes are similar to those of a blind man, and he cant see clearly from a meter away. , Your eyes are indeed as blind as a snake. »

« court death! »

The Viper became more and more angry, and the snake fists were fiercely punched, making the air shook as if it was about to burst.

However, although he punches more and more fiercely, his fist is getting chaotic and inaccurate.

Fang Yuan slid left and right, shaking his eyes with multiple shadows.

Not only that, Fang Yuan also began to make false moves, punching left and kicking right, instead of hitting him, but dangling a heavy punch in front of him.

« Yeah! »

The Viper was getting more and more angry, roaring loudly, banging banging and flying dozens of large tin cans.

Seeing that the time was right, Fang Yuan clenched his right hand into a fist.

Thirty-six stars burst out.

Thunder Fist blasted out again.


He hit him in the abdomen with a punch, punched it into a bow shape, and flew out.

« what! »

The Viper screamed, flew out, hit the ground hard, and passed out.

One punch lore.

Fang Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

Just then.

Green wolf grabbed his abdomen and got up, took out a black pistol, aimed at Fang Yuan, and screamed fiercely, « Go to hell! »

Fang Yuan turned his head and saw the muzzle of the black hole, his eyes condensed, and he cried out inwardly.

No matter how high the attributes of low-level awakeners are, they are just flesh and blood, unable to withstand the power of bullets.