Fang Yuan stared at Fang Xiaozhu’s attribute panel, with a surprised expression on his face.

Because Fang Xiaozhu’s property panel is constantly changing.

I used to observe other people’s attribute panels, the attributes are stable and will not change.

Now on Fang Xiaozhu’s attribute panel, there is an item that keeps flashing and changing back and forth.

It is the star power level, which is « None » for a while, and then becomes « Lv.1 » again.

This is clearly caused by the fluctuation of the star power.

Fang Yuan said quickly: « Test the star power, quickly test the star power! »

The Donghai City Hospital has equipment for measuring the force of stars, but it is generally not used.

When the attending doctor saw Fang Yuan yelling like this, he didn’t ask much, and immediately had someone push the star force detector over.

After using the star force detector to test, the attending doctor turned around and said: « The star power was indeed detected, but the star power is very unstable. It is not my field that involves the awakened persons disease, and I must call the professor of the Xingli Medical College to come over. That’s fine. »

The attending doctor asked the nurse to call.

Didn’t wait long.

A professor from Xingli Medical College brought a few graduate students over.

The attending doctor simply reported the situation to the professor of Xingli Medical College.

The professor of Xingli Medical College used a more professional Xingli testing instrument to check his condition and came out to inform him of the condition: « The Xingli response was indeed detected, but there was no normal awakening. Did you use an awakening inducer on the patient? This is a forbidden drug. I am afraid that this matter requires the Supervisory Authority to intervene in the investigation.

« Awakening inducer? »

Fang Yuan suddenly opened his eyes when he heard these words, grabbed the professor’s arm, and asked eagerly: « You are talking about the 90% mortality inducer? »

« Yes, this is a forbidden drug. Using an awakening inducer on others is equivalent to poisoning, and the Supervisory Authority must intervene in the investigation. » The professor replied.

Upon hearing this answer, Fang Yuan, Fang Zhenguo, and Li Shuhua all panicked.

« It’s impossible, how could we use that kind of thing for Xiaozhu. » Li Shuhua was at a loss.

« Now is not the time to investigate who gave Xiaozhu the awakening inducer. The most important thing now is to save Xiaozhu. »

Fang Yuan quickly grabbed the professor of Xingli Medical College and asked, « Professor, please save people first. Don’t care about others, save people first. »

« The patient is currently in a semi-awakened state. The energy level of the star power generated in her body is very high, far exceeding her body’s ability to withstand. The brain area cannot withstand the pressure, and brain death may occur at any time, so the situation is very dangerous now. » Explained.

« Doctor, please, save my daughter, please, save Xiaozhu… » Li Shuhua broke down and begged sadly.

The professor of Xingli Medical College reassures: « We have tried our best to control the out-of-control star power in the patient’s body, but it will not last long. »

« Is there no other way? » Fang Yuan asked quickly.

« There is a way. Using Star Power Inhibitors to reduce the production of Star Power Converting Enzyme and block the generation of Star Power can save lives. However, Star Power Inhibitors are more expensive. » The Professor of Star Power Medical College replied.

« How much? » Li Shuhua asked quickly.

« The minimum is two hundred thousand. »

« Two hundred thousand… »

Li Shuhua’s face suddenly turned pale, and she turned her head back and grabbed Fang Zhenguo’s hand: « What should I do? It costs two hundred thousand. »

Fang Zhenguo squeezed a fist and quickly made a decision: « Sell the house first. »

« But when I sell it now, when can I get the money? » Li Shuhua covered his face and sobbed.

« I have two hundred thousand, I will get it now. »

Fang Yuan turned to the doctor in the hospital and said in a cold tone: « Now give my sister the Star Force inhibitor, I will go get the money and pay it back now. »

Arousal inducers, although there is a 3% chance of awakening, the mortality rate is as high as 90%.

The whole family would never consider the 3% possibility.

Not to mention the 90% mortality rate, even if it is 1%, he is not willing to gamble on Xiaozhu’s life.

Fang Zhenguo frowned, stretched out his hand to hold Fang Yuan, and whispered, « Do you have so much money? »

« Have. »

« Are you sure that money can move? »

« I can’t manage that much. » Fang Yuan walked out of the hospital quickly and went to the bank.

Fang Yuan said that the 200,000 yuan was naturally the check for 200,000 yuan he got from Green Wolf.

I didn’t want to move this check so quickly.

Because you move this check, you will definitely leave a clue, and it is very likely that you will be found by the Supervisory Authority to be related to the Ting-qiao incident last night.

However, I can’t take care of that much now.

It’s important to save my sister first.

There is the banks logo on the check, Stafolche Bank.

This is a bank involved in global financial business with a special background.

Many foreign awakened forces are using this bank.

Fang Yuan walked into the Stafolche Bank with the check, feeling a little nervous, worried that the check could not be used.

However, it took less than ten seconds to pass the check to the blonde babe at the counter.

The blonde babe smiled charmingly and asked whether it was a transfer or cash.

Fang Yuan was worried about a moth, so he asked for cash.

Soon, twenty stacks of cash were in front of him.

Fang Yuan packed a plastic bag and returned to the hospital.

After the Star Force inhibitor was injected into the drip bottle, Fang Xiaozhu’s condition gradually improved.

Fang Yuan observed the iris data again and found that the star force response had disappeared.

The star power level item returned to the state of « none ».

Ten minutes passed.

Fang Xiaozhu woke up leisurely, saw that he was taking a drip again, pursed his mouth, and asked in a weak voice, « Am I fainted again? »

« It’s okay, good boy, it’s okay… » Li Shuhua stroked her daughter’s forehead and coaxed softly.

Fang Xiaozhu rolled his eyes, saw Fang Yuan, and smiled sweetly: « I see Billowing. »

Fang Yuan took out the panda-patterned chocolate foil from the bedside drawer, and said, « Is that this? »

« Well »

Fang Xiaozhu shook his head and affirmed: « It’s Xiong Ba. »

« Get well soon. When we are discharged from the hospital, we will go to see Xiong Ba. » Fang Yuan stretched out his hand and squeezed her small face, a little bit overwhelmed.

Fang Yuan can calm down and think about the problem after his sister is out of danger.

Fang Yuan found the office of the professor of Xingli Medical College and said politely as possible: « Professor, I have a few questions to ask. I don’t know if you have time. »

(Seeking recommendation tickets, thank you very much…)

« Please sit down, what do you want to ask? » The professor of Xingli Medical College has a very kind personality.

« Professor, what do you call it? I was in a hurry just now, and there was no time to ask. »

« My name is Liang. »

« Professor Liang, are you sure that my sister used an awakening inducer? »

« Yes, we detected the ingredients of the wake-inducing agent in your sister’s blood. There is nothing wrong with this. »

« So can I know when the arousal inducer was used? Is it an injection? Or is it taken? » Fang Yuan continued to ask.

« From the perspective of the residual concentration of the wakefulness inducer, it should have been taken three days ago. As for injection or taking, this is not known. Generally speaking, the intake of food will be slightly smaller. Look. Your sisters Xingli reaction is not violent. I prefer to take it. However, it is possible to reduce the dose for injection. » Professor Liang answered.

Fang Yuan twisted his eyebrows and thought.

I heard the word « awakening inducer » twice before and after.

The first time was when I took the two cats to the Institute of Mutant Biology, and the second time it happened to Fang Xiaozhu.

Then there is a possibility.

The awakening inducer on Fang Xiaozhu and the two cats may be from the same source.

Fang Xiaozhu often divides his own vegetable rice between the two cats.

If someone mixes an awakening inducer into a meal, then those two cats will also eat it.

The arousal inducer was taken three days ago.

Fang Yuan immediately remembered that one person had been to the hospital on the day the two cats were found to be mutated.