The person Fang Yuan thought of was Wei Hailong.

On the day the two cats were found to be mutated, he appeared in the hospital and entered the inpatient department.

In addition, the time he spent as a new instructor in the martial arts class at the school coincided with the time when the members of the Spear of God entered Donghai City.

If Wei Hailong is a member of the Spear of God, then everything makes sense.

When he came to the hospital that day, he was not to treat the wound at all, but to administer the awakening inducer.

Or maybe the arousal inducer has been administered before, and I came to see the results that day.

Since Fang Xiaozhu divided the food between the two cats, the intake was less than expected, and the wake-up inducer took effect later than expected.

After leaving Professor Liang’s office, Fang Yuan returned to the inpatient department.

Fang Zhenguo was sitting on the bench in the corridor, subconsciously doing the action of wanting to smoke with his fingers.

However, he has quit smoking since he had Xiaozhu at home, and he has been quitting for almost ten years.

Fang Yuan sat next to him and glanced at Comrade Lao Fang’s slightly rich belly. It was hard to imagine that this guy had ever walked out of a rain of bullets.

After passing through the Tingziqiao warehouse.

Fang Yuan knew that Comrade Fang still had two brushes, so he whispered: « Xiao Zhu’s awakening inducer should have been mixed with food. »

« sure? »

« The two cats also mutated because of the awakening inducer. Xiaozhu said every day that he wanted to eat fish, but he gave the fish to the two cats. » Fang Yuan briefly explained.

Fang Zhenguo groaned and said, « From today, I will stay in the hospital, whether it is medicine or food, I will be watching. »

« Now I suspect that this was done by the people of God’s Spear. »

« Those people have no reason to harm Xiaozhu. » Fang Zhenguo frowned.

« They should suspect that Xiaozhu has absorbed the energy in the three-sided star core, so they want to use the medicine to induce Xiaozhu to awaken, so as to determine whether Xiaozhu has the power stored in the three-sided star core. » Fang Yuan said in his mind.

Although the awakening inducer has a high mortality rate, its price is highly speculated by mutant biomongers.

There are two hundred thousand awakening inducers on the black market.

No one will throw things worth two hundred thousand.

Therefore, those who give Fang Xiaozhu an awakening inducer must have a purpose.

Only the spear of God has the motivation to do this.

« Last time I asked you to check the information of our new martial arts instructor, did you find it? » Fang Yuan asked instead.

« The old navy comrades haven’t called me back. At night, I will call and ask. » Fang Zhenguo looked out the window and saw that it was still early.

« Then I will go back to school first. »

Fang Yuan came out of the hospital and saw a street stall selling glasses, hats, and lighters.

After thinking about it, he walked over and bought a pair of sunglasses.

When I returned to school, it was not time for class.

In the afternoon is martial arts class.

Fang Yuan went directly to the big classroom of the martial arts class.

When I arrived at the entrance of the large classroom, I found that Wei Hailong was already sitting at the desk in the large classroom, using a computer to check information.

Fang Yuan glanced at the computer screen and vaguely saw the words « awakening inducer ».

The moment he saw these words, Fang Yuan’s heart shook.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, forcibly remained calm, walked over, smiled and greeted: « The instructor has come so early. »

Wei Hailong turned off the computer web page, then turned around and replied, « I have nowhere to go after lunch, so I will come over and rest for half an hour. »

It’s almost time for class.

The students in Class 1 and Class 2 walked into the classroom one after another and started taking martial arts classes.

Fang Yuan has been quietly observing Wei Hailong for three martial arts classes.

Thinking about countermeasures.

The last time I copied it to « Advanced Mental Strengthening », I observed Wei Hailong’s information in a state of improving his spirit.

That time, Wei Hailongs attribute panel showed that he was an Awakened of Lv.3, his strength was as high as 30, and his agility was not directly visible. At that time, the question mark was displayed under the iris data.

Based on his star power level, it can be roughly guessed that his agility should exceed 35 points, probably between 35 and 39.

Because the agility limit of Lv.3 Awakener is 39 points.

Fang Yuan glanced at his property panel.

Attributes: Strength 23, Agility 24, Physical 14, Spirit 20

Point of anger: 920

The last time I was in the Tingziqiao warehouse, I killed someone for the first time.

After serious consideration, Fang Yuan began to add attributes.

First consume 600 rage points and increase the agility to 30 points.

Then, consume another 300 anger points and add 26 points to the strength.

The surrounding attributes have become: Strength 26, Agility 30, Physical 14, Spirit 20.

During the next martial arts class, Fang Yuan was training alone, familiar with the improved strength and agility.

Since the two attributes of strength and agility exploded.

Fang Yuan found that when he exercised, his physical attributes improved a lot.

After discovering this phenomenon, Fang Yuan went to the library to check the materials.

Also found the reason for the accelerated physical improvement.

In fact, the reason is very simple. When an awakened person exercises, he does not promote a single attribute.

For example, bench press barbell.

The bench press barbell is mainly used to exercise strength, but as the strength increases, the muscles will also be exercised together.

The increase in muscle will also improve the body.

The same goes for running.

Running is actually a comprehensive exercise that can improve agility, leg strength, and at the same time improve physical fitness.

When the strength and agility are only 10 o’clock, running is slow, maybe only ten kilometers an hour.

This kind of training intensity is more general for the improvement of physical fitness.

When the strength and agility reached 30, the running speed tripled, running forty to fifty kilometers in an hour.

This kind of training intensity naturally improves the physical fitness faster.

Fang Yuan’s current strength and agility are all over the table, and he has greatly improved his physical training.

In the martial arts class, Fang Yuan exercised his physique with all his strength, and directly exercised his physical attributes to 15 points.

In the end, the surrounding attributes are fixed: Strength 26, Agility 30, Physical 16, and Spirit 20.

After the martial arts get out of class.

Han Youwei said goodbye to the classmates and went to the library with the textbooks.

Fang Yuan followed up and asked, « I want to ask you a favor, can I? »

Han Youwei was a little surprised.

Having known each other for so long, it was the first time she heard Fang Yuan ask for help.

« What’s the matter? You say, as long as I can help. »

« Last semester, I heard from my classmates that you have a Star Power Memory at home that can store the abilities of the Awakened, right? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Yes, I also brought school. But that thing is of little practical value, in fact, it is almost the same as the Star Power battery. However, there is an additional function that can store the Star Power transformed by the super power characteristics. Simply put, It is to save the abilities of the awakened. However, this technology is not mature yet, and the stored star power is much less than the star power battery, so it is not very useful, basically a toy. » Han Youwei explained.

« Can you lend it to me? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Yes, if you want, I will bring you the school tomorrow. » Han Youwei agreed.

« I want it now. »

« This »

« I invite you to dinner. » Fang Yuan did not give her a chance to refuse.

« Well, I’ll call the driver to send it over. That…is it true to have dinner? » Han Youwei was a little surprised.