School canteen.

Fang Yuan handed her meal card to Han Youwei, and said with great pride, « Just swipe it. »

« This… is that what you said, please eat? » Han Youwei pursed her mouth and smiled.

« Can’t it? Go up to the second floor, and brush it casually. » Fang Yuan said very grandiosely.

The school cafeteria, even if you use it casually, you can’t do much.

In fact, Han Youwei often eats in the school cafeteria and has no complaints about the food in the school cafeteria.

It’s just that if you are inviting people to eat, it feels strange to come to the school cafeteria.

Even going to eat KFC is more suitable than the school cafeteria.

Finally, the two sat down by the guardrail on the second floor and cooked two claypot rice.

Fang Yuan also added two extra glasses of ice juice.

When I sat down to eat, I unexpectedly found that my anger point started to increase by +1 or +1.

When he looked up, he found that many boys around him were staring at him with resentful eyes.

Fang Yuan complained in his heart: isn’t it just to have a meal with your goddess? This can generate anger. That being the case…this kind of meal, I will eat more in the future.

« What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a beautiful woman for dinner? »

Fang Yuan couldn’t bear the resentful eyes of these guys, and he sighed.

Then, the anger points that were originally +1 and +1 increase have become +2 and +2 increases.

When Han Youwei heard this, she almost choked and quickly covered her mouth.

Then, the Moments of Friends and the school post bar were fried.

Someone secretly took photos of Han Youwei and the boys eating dinner and posted them to the circle of friends.

There are discussions in all major classes, Fang Yuan is not afraid of death, and challenges the heroic deeds of Han Youwei, a Chinese goddess.

Some people started gambling, betting that Fang Yuan would be sent to the hospital by William Li within a few days.

The school posts are all screen names, and the speeches are even more unscrupulous.

Climbing up the wall and waiting for the red apricot: How can Han Youwei have dinner with Fang Yuan? What is special about Fang Yuan? Poor grades in the martial arts class. Does Han Youwei like to get good grades in cultural courses? Isn’t that…

Xueba riding a pig: Yes, it is under! The goddess Youwei definitely likes this one.

Uncle Wang from your next door: Reply @: Dont think I dont know who you are. The pigs you ride will have higher scores than yours.

Xueba riding a pig: Reply to @: Your uncle! I want to shake out the fact that your mother wore your father’s pants.

When I was grilling rice.

The phone rang, Fang Yuan picked it up and looked at the news from beef balls.

« Fang Yuan, you’re done, William Li knows you invited Han Youwei to dinner. I used a trumpet to sneak into a class and group and send it to you. Brother, I can only help you here. »

A screenshot of the chat of a class group was also attached to the message. Looking at the content of the screenshot, William Li is indeed about to explode.

Fang Yuan stared at his anger for a while.

No significant increase in anger points.

It seems that William Li is not nearby, wasting a lot of anger.

To absorb the point of anger, you must be within sight.

When Fang Yuan finished the claypot rice, Han Youwei only ate half of it.

« Don’t worry, eat slowly. »

Fang Yuan took a toothpick and leaned back in the chair to pick his teeth, looking very leisurely.

Han Youwei ate the food with a spoon, even the way she was eating was very beautiful.

It’s not that kind of very elegant optimistic, but she just thinks that she should eat like that. If she changes to someone else, she won’t feel that way.

Ding Dong…

A message came from Han Youwei’s mobile phone, and when she took it out, she got up and said, « I’ll go out and get things. »

After speaking, she quickly ran out of the cafeteria.

Then the onlookers began to break the news in the class group.

« Han Youwei ran away before finishing the meal. She must have been scared off by Fang Yuan’s teeth picking. »

« This is called the toad wants to eat swan meat, and then the toad frightens people away. »

« This is normal. How could Goddess Youwei eat with Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan must have coerced it with force. »

« Force intimidation? Are you serious? As far as Fang Yuan’s martial arts class score is concerned, how many clones must be cloned to defeat Han Youwei? »

Not long after Han Youwei ran out, she came back with a paper bag

She put the paper bag in front of Fang Yuan, then sat back in her position to continue eating.

When the onlookers saw the exquisite paper bags, they started to brainstorm again and spread « rumors » in the class group and circle of friends.

« Han Youwei didn’t leave, she went out for half a minute and came back again, and she also gave Fang Yuan a gift. »

« Please eat a meal, you can receive gifts, what kind of ghost operation is this? Is the goddess really that easy to chase? If even Fang Yuan can get it, then I will start early, wouldn’t it… »

« Then you will be thrown from the roof by William Li. »

Fang Yuan took out the Star Power Storage from the paper bag and fiddled with it in his hand.

This Star Power Storage is a watch in appearance.

In fact, the technology of this kind of star power memory is not mature yet, it is still in the laboratory stage, and there is no mass production.

So, this thing can’t be bought with money now.

However, no one needs to buy this thing.

Because this kind of star power storage is basically the same as the star power storage battery.

The awakened person stores his star power in the star power battery, and then takes it out when needed.

In game terms, the star power battery is a magic potion that can be recharged repeatedly, and a certain amount of star power can be restored with use.

In a disguised form, the upper limit of the star power of the awakened has been increased.

Although the functions of the Star Power Storage and the Star Power Battery look similar, there are still differences.

The star power stored in the star power battery is the star power in the most primitive state.

Star power memory is to store the star power that has been transformed by super energy characteristics.

Simply put.

Xingli storage battery is Xingli.

The Star Power Storage is the Star Power that contains abilities.

For most awakened people, there is no need to store abilities, so the two functions are exactly the same.

However, the Xingli technology required by Xingli storage is much higher than that of Xingli storage batteries.

Therefore, the cost of manufacturing Star Power Storage is dozens or even hundreds of times that of Star Power Storage.

The cost of two things with the same effect is hundreds of times different.

This makes Xingli memory basically impossible to commercialize production.

Astral memory is of no use to other awakened ones.

But for Fang Yuan, it’s different.

After Fang Yuan absorbed the star trough characteristic of « super mimicry », he fell into a dilemma.

The ability of « super mimicry » is definitely a magical skill.

But there is a limitation.

That is, only one kind of ability can be copied. If you want to copy a new ability, you must give up the previous ability.

In other words.

If Fang Yuan wants to copy Han Youwei’s ability to play, he needs to give up the current « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimic.

However, after giving up « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimicry, if you want to get it back, you have to find an awakened person with « Advanced Agility Enhancement » to copy.

However, powerful abilities are not meant to be encountered whenever you want.

Therefore, Fang Yuan has been thinking that if the ability to be copied can be saved, it would be perfect.

Then I thought of Han Youwei last semester, bringing the school’s Star Power Memory.

Now this Star Power Storage is in Fang Yuan’s hands.

However, I haven’t tried it yet, and I don’t know if « Super Mimicry » can copy the abilities through Star Force Storage.