« How to use this thing? »

Fang Yuan took the watch-type star power storage and fiddled with it for a while, but didn’t understand how to use it.

« The usage is similar to that of the Star Power battery. On the control interface of the screen, sliding to the green position is to store; sliding to red is to release; if it is bright yellow, it means that there is not much left in the stored star power. » Han Youwei briefly introduced.

Fang Yuan slides the control program of the interface to green, and then enters the Star Force containing « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimicry into the Star Force Watch.

About ten minutes of storage that can maintain the power, this Star Force watch is full.

« It seems that there is very little star power that can be stored. »

« Yes, this technology is still in the laboratory stage, and the storage capacity is really small, about one-tenth of the Xingli battery, so it is a toy. » Han Youwei put down the spoon and said.

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand and said with a smile: « Come on, take a little hand. »

Han Youwei was startled, and asked a little nervously, « What do you do? »

She didn’t expect Fang Yuan to suddenly make such a request, it was too abrupt.

She couldn’t accept this kind of abrupt request in her heart.

And this is the school cafeteria, surrounded by students, it will definitely be embarrassing to be seen by classmates.

Fang Yuan grinned and said, « Do you want to try how it feels to be electrocuted by your own’static control’? »

« Can I try this? I have used it with myself. When using’Static Control’, Xingli will produce a static electricity isolation effect, and I can’t power myself. » Han Youwei explained.

« I’m calling you. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« You can’static control’? » Han Youwei was a little confused.

« Try it. Just touch it with your fingers, just like the alien eT, just touch it lightly. » Fang Yuan stretched out his fingers.

Han Youwei was not sure what Fang Yuan was going to do, but she stretched out her finger and touched Fang Yuan’s finger lightly.

The moment they touched their fingers.

Fang Yuan first copied her « static control » and used it immediately.

An electric current flowed along the finger and poured into Han Youwei’s body.

« Yeah! »

Han Youwei exclaimed in a low voice, and her body trembled. She suddenly felt numb all over her body, and her arms were soft on the table.

This process lasted about a second, and her numbness slowly recovered.

She exhaled heavily, and said: « It turns out that it’s this feeling of being electrocuted. It’s really numb all over, and I don’t have any strength. »

« So this ability is very powerful. As long as you touch your opponent, the battle is over. A paralysis time of one or two seconds is enough to kill your opponent dozens of times. » Fang Yuan praised this ability slightly.

« But how can you’static control’? »

Han Youwei was very curious, she had clearly felt that the energy was « static control ».

« This is a secret. »

Fang Yuan smiled mysteriously, then pressed his finger on the Xingli watch, sliding the control interface to the red position.

The Star Force stored in the Star Force watch began to release outward.

This star power has been transformed by « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimicry, which contains the characteristics of enhancement abilities.

Fang Yuan came into contact with this stellar power, and then used « super mimicry » to replicate it.

A super-power mimicry star power flows out of the body, and after being copied to the supernatural power, it flows back into the body.

Fang Yuan immediately checked his property panel.

Seeing the star trough feature, it changed back to « Advanced Agile Strengthening (Mimicry.

A satisfied smile appeared on his face.

This watch-type star power memory is indeed able to save abilities.

It doesn’t matter if the total amount of star power stored is small. What Fang Yuan wants is not to store star power, but to store abilities. There is no requirement for the amount of storage.

This thing is a toy for other awakened persons.

For Fang Yuan, it was an artifact.

If there is anything that is not perfect, it is that only one ability can be stored.

In addition, there is another headache. This thing belongs to Han Youwei and does not belong to her.

Borrowing is not a long-term solution.

Fang Yuan thought for a while and asked, « How much is this Xingli watch? »

« It’s not quite clear, but I heard that the cost at this stage is dozens of times that of Xingli battery. » Han Youwei picked up the juice and sucked it slowly.

Fang Yuan couldn’t help swallowing when he heard this answer.

Because the Xingli battery in Xingli Mall has the lowest reserve of 50,000.

Then this broken watch will start at least a million.

It is said that taking the martial arts road requires a lot of resources, but this is too big.

Fang Yuan thought about it, and asked, « Um… I want to borrow a few more days. I don’t know if it’s inconvenient for Fang? Just tell me when you want to use this watch, and I will return you immediately. »

« The amount of star power reserve is too small, it’s not very useful, it’s just a toy, you can give it to you if you want it. » Han Youwei didn’t care about it.

Fang Yuan really wanted to say thank you, but it was a bit exaggerated to take millions of things from others.

« Let’s do it then. I rent this thing. Later, when you find someone to practice, test abilities and star power martial arts, please come to me at any time, no class fees. »

« Really? Then, is your gold medal coach open 24 hours a day? » Han Youwei showed a very happy expression, with bright eyes.

« I’m fine for 24 hours, I’m afraid you won’t work. »

Fang Yuan knew that her family was very strict, and every time she practiced in the martial arts center, it would not exceed nine o’clock at the latest.

« Then it’s settled. »

« Okay, it’s settled. »

« Then I will go home first today and see you tomorrow. » Han Youwei got up and waved, picked up the textbook, and walked downstairs briskly, looking very happy.

Fang Yuan continued to fiddle with the screen of the Xingli watch to check other functions.

At the same time praise yourself in your heart: Fang Yuan, you are really shameless, you rented things worth millions in a few classes. How did you come up with such a waste of money?

After coming out of the cafeteria.

Fang Yuan wandered around the campus, using iris data to check the abilities of passing students.

Currently, the proportion of awakened people worldwide is about 10%.

Donghai No. 1 Middle School is a key middle school, and the students who can pass the entrance examination will not have bad grades. Basically, the martial arts exams are awakened, so the proportion of awakened is relatively high.

In Donghai No. 1 Middle School, there is an Awakener for every three students.

And most of the students taking liberal arts courses stay in the classroom to do the problems.

Most of the people who exercise on the playground are those who test martial arts.

Therefore, Fang Yuan walked around the playground, and at a glance, he had all kinds of abilities.

Soon, I found a student with the « Nightcrawler » ability.

At night and in a dim environment, it releases star power to cover the body surface and has a strong concealment effect.

The effect of this ability is stronger than « Chameleon Concealment »

Fang Yuan walked over, touched the student, and copied the « Night Crawler ».

Then I walked into the library, looked for a book and read it slowly, waiting for the night to come.