It’s half past nine in the evening.

Fang Yuan came out of the library, walked into the night, and activated the « Nightcrawler (Mimic ability.

Star power covers the body surface and gradually fades into the night.

In dark corners with low visibility, it is almost imperceptible.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Yuan tried running and doing vigorous exercise to test the concealment effect of « Dark Night Crawler (Mimicry.

The conclusion is that when you use the « Dark Night Crawler (Mimic to hide your figure, move quickly, and you can see the dark shadow shaking with the naked eye.

In fact, when moving fast, footsteps will be heard even if they are not seen.

Infiltration is always done slowly.

Therefore, this is not a disadvantage.

After Fang Yuan was familiar with the effects of « Dark Night Walker (Mimic, he was ready to sneak into Wei Hailong’s residence.

If the « awakening inducer » hadn’t happened, Fang Yuan would not take this risk tonight.

However, Xiaozhu was given an awakening inducer and almost died.

Although the situation is stable now, the member of God’s Spear hidden in the East China Sea will definitely not stop there.

At noon today, I saw Wei Hailong looking for information about « awakening inducers. »

Therefore, this matter must be resolved as soon as possible, so as not to give him another chance to make a move. .

No longer let Xiaozhu be in danger.

Fang Yuan hid in the night, took out the Glock pistol to check.

This gun is the one obtained from Green Wolf.

In fact, the Glock pistol is the pistol that the gangster brought in the game.

Regardless of the fact that this gun was given away for nothing in CS, in fact, Glock is a very useful pistol in reality, with excellent grip and trigger feedback.

Fang Yuan quickly took the magazine, confirmed the bullet, loaded the magazine, loaded it, opened the insurance, closed the insurance, and inserted it back into his pants waist.

Then he looked up at a window on the fourth floor.

That’s Wei Hailong’s residence, it’s a small one-bedroom apartment.

The window is open, the light in the living room is not on, and the light in the next bedroom is on.

Fang Yuan adjusted the phone to vibrate, put on a black mask, then activated the « Night Crawler (Mimic ability, sneaked into the building in the dark, and walked up the stairs to the fourth floor.

Then he turned out from the window of the stairwell and climbed from the outside to the window of Wei Hailong’s residence.

Climbing the edge of the window with both hands, he first glanced at the probe to confirm that there was no one in the living room, and then gently flipped in.

Under the agile support of 30 points, he landed silently.

When preparing to approach the bedroom.

There was the sound of footsteps in the bedroom, and leather shoes stepped on the tiles, the sound was exceptionally crisp.

Fang Yuan hurriedly hid in the shadow of the sofa, adding the concealment of the « Dark Night Crawler », even if he was close at hand, he could not see it.

Da da da

Accompanied by the sound of footsteps, Wei Hailong came out of the bedroom, and did not notice that there were more people in the living room.

He walked straight into the bathroom, and then there was the sound of brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

The time is now 9:50, brushing your teeth at this time, it should be ready to brush your teeth to sleep.

Turn off the lights and go to bed at ten o’clock, with an abnormal schedule.

Fang Yuan stood up, walked into Wei Hailong’s bedroom with inaudible steps, and came to the desk.

I saw a file similar to a work log on the desk with a line of words written on it.

« Fang Zhenguo’s family is unremarkable. Nothing lost 20 years ago has been found… »

Fang Yuan’s eyes sank, picked up the piece of paper, put it in his pocket, and walked gently to the bathroom door.

Leaning on the wall outside the bathroom, drew out the pistol, put on the sunglasses that I bought at noon today, held my breath, and waited patiently.

Three minutes later, Wei Hailong finished washing, turned off the light in the bathroom, and walked out of it.

Fang Yuan quietly put the pistol on the back of his head, and said solemnly, « Don’t move. »

Wei Hailong’s body stiffened, and a threat of death surged over his head.

He didn’t expect that someone could touch his back without noticing it.

« Who are you? What do you want to do? » He forced to remain calm and asked.

« Hold up your hands and don’t even think of using’Star Power Flash’. I wear sunglasses, and I can guarantee that I will shoot faster than you. »

When Fang Yuan checked Wei Hailong’s attributes in the library last time, he saw that his ability was « Star Power Flash », and the effect was similar to that of a flash bomb.

So at noon, I bought a pair of sunglasses.

« Who are you? » Wei Hailong was even more puzzled.

In Donghai City, not many people knew the name of his ability, and even the school did not have accurate information about him.

« You only need to answer my questions, you are not qualified to ask questions. »

Fang Yuan opened the pistol insurance as he spoke, so that he could clearly hear the « click » of the insurance.

at this time.

Wei Hailong suddenly tilted his head to avoid the position of the muzzle, then turned around abruptly, shot like lightning, grabbed the pistol, and twisted the muzzle 30 degrees.

Just by visual inspection, Fang Yuan could be sure that his agility absolutely reached 39 points.

Fang Yuan’s current agility is only 30 points, which is simply not faster than speed, so he grabbed the pistol.

Obviously Wei Hailong had received professional training. The moment he pinched the pistol, his other hand became a knife-like hand and slashed towards Fang Yuan’s neck.

Fang Yuan was prepared for this situation.

Immediately abandon the « Dark Crawler (Mimic and copy the « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimic from the Star Force Watch.

Agility instantly soared by 40%, from 30 points to 42 points.

Then, he raised his hand to block his hand knife, and at the same time began to compete for the pistol.

Bang bang bang…

The two used military fighting skills to fight a dozen moves.

Fang Yuan has the advantage in agility and Wei Hailong’s strength.

However, Wei Hailong has more experience in close combat.

Fang Yuan was at a disadvantage, but fortunately he held the grip of the pistol tightly, grasping the initiative.

After a dozen moves, Wei Hailong also found that this « Night Raider » was not as powerful as him, so he wanted to use his strength to forcibly take the pistol off.

Fang Yuan’s 26-point strength really couldn’t stand Wei Hailong’s 30-point strength.

The pistol is about to change hands.

Fang Yuan released the pistol decisively, with super agility, squeezed the life gate of his wrist, twisted it hard, and threw the pistol out.


The pistol flew out and slid to the corner.

Wei Hailong also waved his hand and tore off Fang Yuan’s mask.

At this moment, Fang Yuan no longer had the effect of « Dark Night Crawler (Mimicry.

So Wei Hailong immediately recognized who the « Night Raider » was, and said in surprise: « Fang Yuan, why are you? »

When Fang Yuan was stunned, he rolled forward, picked up the pistol that had fallen in the corner, got up to aim at him, and shouted, « Don’t move! »

Wei Hailong didn’t understand why his students came to attack him, frowned and asked, « Fang Yuan, what are you doing? I’m your instructor! »

While he was surprised at the identity of the « Night Raider », he was also surprised at the strength that Fang Yuan suddenly showed.

He didn’t expect that his students would already have the strength to compete with him head-on.