Han Youwei was a little annoyed by Fang Yuan staring at her thigh so unscrupulously. She raised her textbook and knocked on Fang Yuan’s forehead, and asked, « What are you looking at? »

« Look at the legs… hey, it’s not… I’m studying my own super power characteristics. »

Fang Yuan came back to his senses and hurriedly corrected the mistake.

The school flowers of Donghai No. 1 Middle School are quite eye-catching, so the surrounding students all cast their eyes here.

There are also students whispering to a boring topic of love.

at the same time.

Fang Yuan found that the « anger point » on his attribute panel had changed.

A flame +1 popped up above the point of anger.

After two or three seconds, another +1 popped out.

The rage point on the attribute panel has also become 2 points.

Next, the anger point starts to increase by +1 and +1.

Finally, the anger point rose to 12 o’clock, and then slowly stopped.

Fang Yuan kept staring at his attribute panel, thinking about how this anger point came from.

Literally, this should be derived from anger.

One of the seven deadly sins is anger.

In some legends, there are also records of demons devouring human anger, hatred and other emotional growth.

Have you become a demon who devours anger?

Seeing Fang Yuan’s absent-mindedness, Han Youwei asked: « After school, do you want to go to the martial arts classroom to practice? During the summer vacation, I absorbed a star trough feature called static control. I want you to help develop it. »

« No today, I’m going to the hospital to see Xiaozhu. » Fang Yuan refused her request.

« Okay. Of course it’s the younger sister. »

Han Youwei took out a box of chocolates from her schoolbag, handed it to Fang Yuan, and said, « Bring it to Xiaozhu. She will love the panda-patterned chocolates. »

Fang Yuan saw the English on the box, did not reach out to pick it up, and said, « This thing doesn’t look cheap. »

« My aunt brought it back from abroad. I can’t finish it. It’s a waste if it’s expired. Wouldn’t it be great to give Xiaozhu Tiantianzi? You don’t have that kind of self-esteem? » Han Youwei smiled softly.

Fang Yuan smiled, and reached out to take the chocolate, and said, « Then I will thank you for Xiao Zhu. However, this panda-patterned chocolate is so cute, maybe Xiao Zhu is not willing to eat it. »

« Xiao Zhu is so cute, I will visit her when I have time. » Han Youwei smiled cordially, making people feel comfortable talking to her.

« I’m leaving first, and I’ll test the effect of static control for you another day. » Fang Yuan waved his hand after speaking, got on his bicycle and left school to see his sister in the hospital.

After Fang Yuan left, Han Youwei was also going home.

At this moment.

William Li walked up and said very graciously: « Youwei, shall I practice with you? »

« No, I’m going home. » Han Youwei declined gently.

An anger flashed across William Li’s face, and he asked: « Just now you clearly invited Fang Yuan to practice with you. Why are you going home now? »

This questioning tone made Han Youwei a little dissatisfied.

She said coldly: « I invited Fang Yuan to practice, does it have anything to do with you? »

« That surname Fang’s strength and talent are pitifully weak, what effect will you find him for training? I am the only A-level in the East China Sea, and I also absorbed a star trough feature during summer vacation. Isn’t it my company? Is it the most suitable for you to practice right? » William Li reached out and grabbed Han Youwei’s wrist to prevent her from leaving.

Han Youwei shook off his hand, turned around and glared at him, and asked, « Can you calculate the speed at which I’m out of the leg? »

« Why am I calculating this thing? » William Lee argued.

« Fang Yuan can, and it is accurate to two decimal places. » Han Youwei said loudly.

« What’s the use? »

« Of course it’s useful. Based on the calculated data, I can tell whether my legs are fast or slow, whether I have improved or regressed. Combining the super characteristics and martial skills to find the most suitable combat method for me. »

William Li said angrily: « This kind of calculation can be done with a machine. As long as you need it, I can ask someone to send the machine to school immediately. »

Han Youwei shook her head and smiled, and said: « If you want to use a machine, don’t my family have it? Why do you need to send it? In some respects, a machine can never compare to humans. »

« If you want to calculate data, machines can be dozens of times more accurate than humans. » William Li was not convinced.

« You probably haven’t heard of it. The eighth-level fitter in the past can do many things that CNC machine tools can’t do. What people can do is far beyond your imagination. »

After Han Youwei finished speaking, she flicked her ponytail and strode away.

Leave William Lee with an angry face.

Inpatient Department of Donghai Hospital, Ward 201.

Several interns followed the inpatient rounds.

A girl who had just graduated from medical school came to bed 1 and saw a nine-year-old girl in the hospital, so she asked in a coaxing tone: « Little sister, elder sister is going to round the room. You can ask a few questions. What is your name? »

The little girl was very lively and cheerful, she was like a scissor hand in her eyes, and said, « My name is Fang Xiaozhu, the kind of bamboo that Koun likes to eat the most. »

« Do you like pandas? There is a panda refrigerator magnet in my sister’s house. I will bring it to you tomorrow, okay? » The student girl picked up a pen and started to make notes.

« Thank you sister. » Fang Xiaozhu thanked him politely.

« Where’s your family? Don’t the hospitalized parents come to accompany the bed? » The intern girl looked around and asked strangely.

Fang Xiaozhu was not sad at all, and cheerfully explained: « My parents have to work and can’t come with me every day. However, my brother will come later. Sister, dont worry, I have been in the hospital for a long time. I know the hospital very well. If you dont understand in the future, you can ask me. »

The intern girl was a little surprised. She opened the girls case and found that the girl had been hospitalized since last year.

At this time, Fang Xiaozhu suddenly slid out of bed and ran to the door barefoot, shouting, « Brother! »

Then he jumped hard and hung it around Fang Yuan’s neck like a koala.

Fang Yuan hugged his sister, turned around, sent her back to the bed, and said, « Don’t run in such a hurry, what should I do if I faint? »

« It’s okay, I haven’t fainted for several days. Maybe I will be cured tomorrow. » Fang Xiaozhu is very cheerful, not like a child who has been hospitalized for more than a year.

Fang Yuan took out the box of chocolates, shook his hand, and said, « Look what this is? »

« It’s billowing… » Fang Xiaozhu suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, reaching for the box.

Fang Yuan opened the box, took out a chocolate wrapped in tin foil, stuffed it into his sister’s hand, and said, « You can only eat one a day. »

Fang Xiaozhu held panda-shaped chocolates in both hands, and said with a smile: « Only pandas can eat bamboo, bamboo can’t eat pandas. »

The chocolate is in the shape of a panda head, and a panda pattern is printed on the tin foil.

Fang Yuan pushed the chocolate aside, flattened the tin foil, and said, « Look, roll on the tin foil. Let’s eat the chocolate and leave the tin foil. »

« Okay. » Fang Xiaozhu broke the chocolate, half into his mouth and half into his brother’s mouth.

After eating the chocolate, Fang Yuan went to the hospital cafeteria to have two meals, and accompanied his sister to dinner in the ward.

« Mum has a lot of work today and can’t come over. I’ll eat dinner with you. Isn’t it okay? » Fang Yuan said while placing the lunch box.

« It’s not the first time, I’ve long been used to it. » Fang Xiaozhu sat upright, ready to start eating.

While we were eating, several « meows » came from outside the window.

Two cats, one orange and one gray, jumped on the windowsill of the ward.

The intern was still in the ward round in 201, and heard the meows, and hurriedly walked over and drove him away: « Why are there wild cats coming here? Go! Go! »

Fang Xiaozhu quickly picked a fish out of the lunch box, put it on the lid, and ran to the window while holding it. While running, he said, « Sister Doctor, don’t chase them. They are just hungry. They will leave after eating the fish. »

As she said, she put the fish on the windowsill, and the two cats began to bow their heads to eat the fish.

Fang Xiaozhu stood by the window watching, very happy.

Fang Yuan recognized these two cats. The two cats were originally wild cats near the house, so they didn’t know how they came to the hospital.

The intern came back, stood beside Fang Yuan, and said, « Your sister is so cute. »

« Yes. How can such a kind little girl grow up unhealthy and healthy? » Fang Yuan looked at his sister feeding the cat, and secretly vowed in his heart that he would make his sister get better.