Fang Yuan clenched his pistol, aimed at Wei Hailong, and questioned: « Don’t move, tell me honestly, what is your relationship with God’s Spear? »

« What can I have to do with a foreign awakened organization? » Wei Hailong defended with a rhetorical question.

« If you are not a member of the Spear of God, why did you go to the hospital that day? » Fang Yuan continued to ask.

« I said that day, to treat the wound. »

« Lie! The place I saw you that day was the inpatient department. When did the inpatient department take care of the wound? »

« I just went to the inpatient department and couldn’t prove anything. » Wei Hailong frowned, concealing something in his words.

Fang Yuan saw the evasive words, and coldly snorted, « If this is not enough, at noon today, you are using your computer to check the information on the’awakening inducer’, right? »

« Yes, I did check it, but that doesn’t prove that I have a connection with God’s Spear? » Wei Hailong admitted.

« You are indeed very cautious. When you saw me, you closed the web page. But you forgot to delete the browsing history. After class, I checked the browsing history of the computer in the large classroom. The content you watched is related to the sale of’awakening inducer’ Black market related. »

Wei Hailong took a deep breath and admitted, « Yes, I did check the contents of the black market, so what can it prove? »

« Do you think that an’awakening inducer » will not kill my sister, do you want to buy another one?! » Fang Yuan shouted angrily.

« Are you suspecting that I used the’awakening inducer » for your sister? » Wei Hailong finally knew why Fang Yuan suddenly attacked him.

« Isn’t it? » Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

« I just checked the information about the’awakening inducer.’ With this clue, you think I am a member of the Spear of God? » Wei Hailong felt that these reasons were not sufficient.

Fang Yuan pulled the corner of his mouth and said, « Unfortunately, I happened to get some additional information. During the first time of school, a member of the Spear of God arrived in Donghai City. And you, that’s when you came to the First Middle School. Instructor’s. The time is exactly the same. »

« Can’t this be a coincidence? The school finds new instructors, and of course they find them to start school to teach students. » Wei Hailong defended.

« If all of the above are guesses, then this one! »

Fang Yuan took out the piece of paper in his pocket, held it in front of him, and recited the content on it: « Fang Zhenguo’s family has no abnormalities. Nothing that was lost 20 years ago has been found. This is what you wrote. What else do you want to say? of? »

« That is the work log of the army, you can’t take a peek! » Wei Hailong’s expression became serious, and he wanted to reach out and take the paper back.

« Don’t move! » Fang Yuan pointed a gun at him, the fierce light in his eyes, implied murderous intent.

Wei Hailong couldn’t help but frown when he saw Fang Yuan’s eyes.

He has participated in many **** battles in the army, and he is too familiar with this kind of eyes. The murderous look in this kind of eyes is definitely someone who has killed.

He was worried that Fang Yuan would actually shoot, and quickly calmed down: « Don’t be nervous, listen to me, I am an officer of the Huaxia Navy Landing Operation Force, and I am definitely not a member of the Spear of God. My identity can be proved by the military. »

« Don’t worry, I have asked someone to check, and I believe there will be results soon. »

« Then why don’t you wait for the results to decide whether to do it? »

« What are you waiting for? Waiting for you to buy the second awakening inducer and kill my sister? »

Wei Hailong finally figured out the matter. He breathed out slowly, sat on the sofa, and said, « I understand what’s going on. You asked someone to check my information. Did your father check it? »

« You know the situation in my family well. »

Fang Yuan knew early on that Gods Spear had been hiring the East China Sea forces to investigate the familys data, so he was not surprised when he heard Wei Hailongs words: « Yes, its not a coincidence that my dad once landed in the Huaxia Navy. Army service. »

« Then call back and ask to see if your father has found my information. » Wei Hailong sat on the sofa, not nervous at all.

So far, although there are many clues that Wei Hailong is suspected of being a member of the Spear of God, it is only suspected and there is no evidence of actual beating.

Therefore, Fang Yuan thought about it, and he took out his cell phone and prepared to make a call to Comrade Lao Fang.

However, before calling, Fang Zhenguo’s call came first.

After Fang Yuan was connected, he put it to his ear, but his eyes kept staring at Wei Hailong.

Fang Zhenguo’s voice came from the other end of the phone: « I just called my old comrade-in-arms, and I have found the information of your new instructor. »

« Pick the key points. » Fang Yuan’s words were very brief, his eyes fixed on Wei Hailong.

Fang Zhenguo began to report a series of materials, but none of them were key information.

Fang Yuan interrupted him and asked, « What is the power on the data? »

« The ability is called Star Power Flash. » Fang Zhenguo replied.

Fang Yuan frowned when he heard this power.

Identity information and even looks can be faked, but the abilities cannot be changed.

Moreover, the ability of « Star Force Flash » was seen with iris data, so there is nothing wrong with it.

Unless God’s Spear specifically finds a member with the « Star Power Flash » ability to impersonate Wei Hailong.

However, this possibility is very low.

To be on the safe side, Fang Yuan still asked: « Are there any photos? »

« Have. »

« Send here. »

Fang Yuan hung up the phone and waited for Fang Zhenguo to send the photos.

After ten seconds, the photo was posted.

Fang Yuan opened a glance, frowning even tighter: « Are you really not a member of the Spear of God? »

« Of course not. » Wei Hailong said, spreading his hands.

Fang Yuan put Glock away first, but still kept a safe distance from him, and asked: « Then why do you want to check the black market information of the’awakening inducer’? This thing has a mortality rate of over 90%, and normal people would never buy it. . »

« Because I am also investigating the members of God’s Spear hidden in Donghae City. The’Awakening inducer’ is a very low-quality medicine. The members of God’s Spear will not carry such things. If your sister’s’awakening inducer’ ‘It was injected by a member of the Spear of God, it should have been purchased in Donghai.’ Wei Hailong explained.

Fang Yuan stared into his eyes and asked, « These are my family’s affairs. What does it have to do with you? »

« Okay. Now that you already know so many secrets, then I will tell you something. I come to the East China Sea. Apart from being an instructor, I have another task, which is to track down the members of the Spear of God and investigate twenty One thing that the Navy lost years ago. » Wei Hailong explained.

Fang Yuan’s eyes narrowed, knowing that he was talking about a three-sided star core, but he still asked: « What is it? »

Wei Hailong looked at Fang Yuan with a sharp gaze, and then asked after a moment: « You really don’t know what it is? »

« How do I know what you are talking about? » Fang Yuan denied immediately.

« That thing is related to your father. The members of the Spear of God suspected that the thing was in your father’s hand, so they came to the East China Sea. My task is to come to the East China Sea to trace the traces of the members of the Spear of God and try to find it back twenty years ago. Something that was missing. »

When Wei Hailong said this, he paused, and then continued in a solemn tone: « Well, I will tell you everything you can know. In short, I am not a member of the Spear of God. I am just like you. Track down this person. »

After confirming that Wei Hailong is not a member of the Spear of God.

Fang Yuan frowned and thought.

If the member of the Spear of God hidden in Donghai City is not Wei Hailong, then who is it?

If you can mix Fang Xiaozhu’s food with an « awakening inducer », you must have been to the hospital.

Those who can go in and out of the hospital freely without being suspected are patients except doctors and nurses.

No matter which one of the members of the Spear of God disguised, he would definitely stay in the hospital before his mission was completed.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan suddenly felt a sense of danger in his heart.

If this member of the Spear of God is still in the hospital, wouldn’t Xiaozhu be very dangerous?

« not good. »

Fang Yuan secretly cried out bad, opened the door hurriedly, and rushed out.

Wei Hailong’s eyes fell, knowing that the situation was not good, and he quickly followed out.

Fang Yuan rushed out of the school, stopped a taxi, got in and urged the driver to drive.

« What happened? » Wei Hailong also got into the taxi and asked aloud.

« If you are not a member of the Spear of God, the member of the Spear of God is probably in the hospital, and this person will definitely not give up. »

Fang Yuan urged the driver to drive while dialing Fang Zhenguo’s cell phone.

I want to remind him to stay by Xiaozhu’s side and don’t leave for a second.

However, the phone kept ringing, but no one answered.