Donghai City Hospital.

Inpatient Department, Ward 201.

An intern pushed a medicine cart into the ward.

Li Shuhua quickly got up and asked, « Doctor, do you want to change the medicine bottle so late? »

« Yes, the time limit of the medicine is almost over, you have to make up a shot. » The intern replied.

« Sister Zhou, are you going to get an injection? » Fang Xiaozhu pursed his mouth, with a scared expression on his face.

The doctor who came to fill up the needle was intern Zhou Weiya.

Zhou Weiya smiled and comforted: « Don’t be afraid, it’s not a spanking, just put it in a drip bottle. »

« Well, I’m not afraid. »

Fang Xiaozhu has woken up since he was injected with Star Power Inhibitor, and his spirit has improved.

Li Shuhua got up, pulled the chair away, and let out the place of the drip bottle.

Zhou Weiya pushed the trolley under the drip bottle, knocked on a bottle of medicine, took the needle to draw the medicine, confirmed the dose after drawing, and was ready to inject it into the drip bottle.

Just then.

Fang Zhenguo came back from the bathroom and saw that he was going to get an injection. He asked, « Why do you still get an injection so late? »

« The time limit of the medicine is over, we need to make up a needle. » Zhou Weiya answered as she reached out to hold the drip bottle and pierced the needle to the drip bottle.

Fang Zhenguo hurriedly shouted: « Wait a minute! At noon, I didn’t hear the doctor say that the injection is to be supplemented in the evening, and is it not the job of a nurse to give injections? How come the interns do it? »

Zhou Weiya did not respond, and plunged the needle into the stopper of the drip bottle.

« You wait a moment. » Li Shuhua stood by, seeing that the situation was wrong, and quickly stretched out her hand to grab Zhou Weiya’s arm and pulled the needle away.

Zhou Weiya frowned and said displeased: « What are you doing? Don’t let me inject the patient. If something goes wrong, are you responsible? »

Fang Zhenguo stepped forward to stop him and said, « It’s okay to get an injection. Call the attending doctor over, and I’ll get the shot again. »

Zhou Weiya’s eyes were cold, she suddenly grabbed the two needles under the gauze of the cart, and plunged her backhand into the necks of Fang Zhenguo and Li Shuhua.

Fang Zhenguo and Li Shuhua struggled a few times before they collapsed.

« Sister Zhou, what are you doing? Dad… Mom… »

Fang Xiaozhu was frightened and didn’t understand what was going on. He threw himself off the bed, pounced on his mother, stretched out his hand to shake her body, and cried.

Zhou Weiya smiled at her and said: « Don’t be afraid, they will wake up as soon as they sleep. Let’s get an injection first. »

As she said, she stretched out her hand and grabbed Fang Xiaozhu’s wrist. She stopped taking the drip bottle and was about to inject directly into the vein.

« You let me go! You go away! »

Fang Xiaozhu became more and more frightened. She had a good relationship with this intern sister, but now she suddenly felt terrible.

Zhou Weiya pressed Fang Xiaozhu’s hand and was about to put the needle in.

at this time.

There was a shrill cat cry from outside the window.


An orange cat rushed towards Zhou Weiya, scratching her paw.

Zhou Weiya was caught with three bloodstains on her arm, and she slapped the orange cat on the ground with a slap in her backhand.

Then, another gray cat rushed in.

The gray cat was very fast, Zhou Weiya slapped it and missed it.


The gray cat rushed to the table, turned back and screamed, and pounced on Zhou Weiya again.

Zhou Weiya snorted coldly, put down the needle, raised her hand, and pinched the gray cat.

The gray cat has « advanced agility enhancement » and basic agility with 16 points, but after all, it is just a mutant creature of Lv.1, and it was eventually caught.

Meow! Meow!

The gray cat was pinched, hissing sternly, his paws kicked and scratched, scratching Zhou Weiya’s hand with blood stains.

« Damn thing! Those who should be awakened didn’t awaken, but those who shouldn’t have awakened. »

Zhou Weiya wanted to choke the gray cat to death.

The gray cat was pinched so that its bones ache, and its cry became more and more stern: « Meow…meow… »

Fang Xiaozhu heard the gray cat’s screaming cry, tears rolled down immediately, and pleaded: « Sister Zhou, will you let Xiaohui go? I’ll get an injection, I’ll give it an injection… »

Zhou Weiya ignored it and continued to pinch the gray cat.

Just then.

The orange cat got up, pounced on Zhou Weiya’s ankle, opened his mouth and bit.

« Oh! »

Zhou Weiya snorted, angrily threw the gray cat away, bent over and caught the orange cat.

The gray cat fell to the corner and stopped moving, and didn’t know whether it was alive or dead.

Fang Xiaozhu crawled over, held the silent gray cat in his arms, and shrank from the corner of the wall, crying: « Xiao Hui…Xiao Hui… »


The orange cat screamed sternly by Zhou Weiya’s pinch, burning claws on her paws, causing blisters to appear on Zhou Weiya’s hands.

« Damn thing! Isn’t it awakened very well? Wake you up! »

Zhou Weiya pressed the orange cat’s head into the beaker filled with saline, preparing to drown with water.


The orange cat’s head was submerged in the water, unable to scream even if he wanted to, and made a purring sound.

« Little orange…oooooo… »

Fang Xiaozhu held the gray cat in his arms, watching the orange cat struggling in the potion beaker, crying heartbreakingly.

Not knowing where the courage came from, she suddenly stood up, rushed to reach out to beat Zhou Weiya, and shouted: « You let go of Xiaoju! You let go of Xiaoju! »

« Go away! I’ll clean up you later, if you can’t wake up, then die quickly! I wasted so much time. » Zhou Weiya pushed Fang Xiaozhu away, and then continued to drown the orange cat.

When she was drowning the orange cat to vent her unhappiness, the whole room suddenly shook.

The glass medicine bottles on the cart clinked.

It seems that there is a powerful energy gathering.

She frowned, looked back, and saw Fang Xiaozhu standing there, head down, eyes full of anger.

However, these are not critical.

The key is that Fang Xiaozhu’s hair floated, and there was a powerful energy hovering in his body, making his clothes roar.

« Awakened? » Zhou Weiya was not sure, and immediately activated the iris data to check Fang Xiaozhu’s awakening.

The moment she saw Fang Xiaozhu’s ability clearly, her eyes widened: « Divine evolution! »

Just then.

The orange cat in her hand suddenly burst into a violent high temperature.

« what! »

She screamed, and quickly retracted her hand, which was already scorched.

I saw the orange cat burst into flames all over, floated up, completely transformed into a fire cat, opening his mouth and roaring like a divine beast.

Her iris data ability was still on, and the moment she saw the attributes of the orange cat, her legs trembled in fright.

« How could the star power level be Lv.10? »

Not only that, the gray cat on the other side also got up and turned into a gray shadow, « swishing » around the ward at a speed hard to see with the naked eye, like a gray lightning.

Zhou Weiya knew that something was wrong, turned around and wanted to escape.