Zhou Weiya just ran two steps.

The orange cat burning with blazing flames spouted a fireball and smashed it.


The fireball burst.

Zhou Weiya was blown out of the ward and suffered multiple burns.

She rolled around on the ground, gritted her teeth, got up, and continued to flee outside.

Her mission has been completed, the Fang family daughter’s ability has been confirmed, and the information must be sent back to the organization immediately.

In fact, her original mission was to take Fang Xiaozhu away after confirming the information.

However, when she saw the Lv.10 Fire Cat, she knew that she could not complete the second step.

So she made a decisive choice to escape and contacted the organization to prepare for the next step.

She ran all the way, chased all the way by the gray cat shadow.

The gray cat slurped and tore blood holes in her body.

When she ran to the top of the stairs, the gray cat didn’t chase after her.

The gray cat turned around twice, then turned around and returned to the ward.

In the ward.

Fang Xiaozhu’s star power exploded quickly and went quickly.

The energy dissipated, and the wind in the room ceased.

Her hair fell from a floating state, then her eyes slowly closed, her body tilted back, and she fell down.

The flames on the orange cat also faded, and together with the gray cat, they meowed around Fang Xiaozhu.

When Fang Yuan rushed to the inpatient building of the hospital, he heard the fire explosion from the second floor and hurriedly rushed towards the second floor.

When I was approaching the top of the stairs, I saw a doctor with multiple burns on his body ran out and fled towards the hospital.

At the first glance, he knew that he was an awakened person, and his physical abilities far exceeded ordinary people.

Fang Yuan recognized at a glance that this doctor was Zhou Weiya, a new intern at the hospital.

At the moment I saw her, many things came to mind immediately.

However, Fang Yuan did not go up to chase her, but rushed to the second floor and ran towards Room 201.

Wei Hailong was following Fang Yuan and also saw Zhou Weiya running away.

He made a completely opposite decision to Fang Yuan and turned to chase Zhou Weiya.

Fang Yuan rushed into ward 201 and saw his parents and sister all lying on the ground, his heart suddenly became tight, and he rushed to check the situation of the three.

After trying the pulse on the neck.

Fang Yuan exhaled heavily and sat down on the ground, his head buzzing, and his heart was extremely scared.

Both parents and sister have pulses, so there is no danger for now.

When he rushed in just now, Fang Yuan was really frightened when he saw the scene where his family all fell to the ground.

After gradually calming down.

Fang Yuan guided Xingli into his eyes and checked the situation of the three of them.

The parents had no problems, the same as before, and they breathed evenly. They should have been injected with sedatives.

Fang Xiaozhu’s attributes have changed a lot.

Name: Fang Xiaozhu

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 5, Agility 6, Physical 4, Spirit 15

Super Features: Divine Evolution

Skills: None

The awakening has been completed, and the star power level has stabilized at Lv.1.

The name of the super characteristic is « Divine Evolution ». From the name alone, it should be a very transcendent ability.

While checking the sister’s attributes, his eyes also scanned the two cats.

The attribute panels of these two cats are even more strange.

Because their attributes are rapidly declining.

At first sight.

The star power level of the two cats is Lv.6.

After one second, it becomes Lv.5.

Then it became Lv.4.

Fang Yuan felt very strange, so he reached out and held the gray cat and looked carefully.


The gray cat called out unhappily, but did not dare to move his claws to resist.

Fang Yuan stared at it, watching his star power level drop from Lv.6 to Lv.1 all the way.

Restored to the state when they were first discovered to mutate.

What is strange for Fang Yuan is not that the star power levels of these two cats have been dropping, but how their star power is raised to Lv.6.

Moreover, looking at the speed at which their star power level drops, I am afraid that their star power level was higher than Lv.6 before.

Fang Yuan practiced for so long according to the star power training model, and now the star power level is still Lv.1.

It is not so difficult to increase the star power level.

However, the star power level of these two cats has reached Lv.6 or above, maybe they have reached Lv.9 or even Lv.10 just now.

This is a bit scary.

Reminiscent of the burn on her body when Zhou Weiya fled.

And the explosion marks at the door of the ward.

Fang Yuan thought of a possibility in his heart. These flames were most likely caused by the orange cat with the ability of Lv.10.

Because the orange cat’s ability is « flaming claw », it may be upgraded to other more powerful fire abilities when the energy level soars.

It is impossible for these two cats to have soaring star power levels for no reason.

There must be some reason that caused their star power levels to increase.

Fang Yuan involuntarily looked at the « Divine Evolution » on Fang Xiaozhu’s attribute panel.

In this ward, only this thing is unknown.

Apart from this « Divine Evolution » ability, nothing else can make the star power levels of the two cats suddenly increase.

Therefore, Fang Yuan quickly thought of the general role of the « Divine Evolution » ability.

If the guess is correct.

Then, the ability of « Divine Evolution » seems to be a bit exaggerated.

The star power level of two cats can be increased so much, this ability is too bad for balance.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and thought of another possibility.

Is it possible that such a powerful power was absorbed from the three-sided star core?

If this is the case, then once Zhou Weiya escapes, Spear of God will definitely send more members to the East China Sea.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan showed a sharp light in his eyes.

The current time is 10 pm, so there are only doctors and nurses on night duty in the hospital.

After the sound of a flame explosion was heard in 201, it took two minutes before a nurse came to ask about the situation.

« What happened? »

Fang Yuan turned his head to look, and shouted sharply: « Call the doctor on duty! »

« Okay, I’ll call now. » The little nurse hurried to call the doctor.

Before long, the doctor on night shift rushed over.

After checking the condition of the three people, the doctor on duty said: « Both adults were injected with diazepam, which means that they are stable, and they will wake up when they sleep. The little girl is mentally exhausted and has passed out, her vital signs are not significant. Question. However, this little girl had symptoms of Xingli’s loss of control before, so it is best to see the professor at Xingli Medical College tomorrow. »

« Okay, I see, thank you doctor. »

Fang Yuan finally felt relieved after sending the doctor away.

Others don’t know, but Fang Yuan himself knows that his sister’s illness is completely healed this time, and she won’t faint again.

The reason why she fainted before was because her body could not bear the powerful star power, so she would faint when the star power was out of control.

Now that he has completed his awakening, he will naturally no longer faint.