After making sure that his family was fine, Fang Yuan gradually calmed down.

Start thinking about the whole thing that happened tonight.

The more I think about it, the more I confirm that Zhou Weiya is a member of the Spear of God.

The first is that Xiaozhu was given an « awakening inducer ». Zhou Weiya was an intern in the hospital, so it was very convenient to do this.

After confirming that the people around him were the members of the Spear of God, many things suddenly became clear.

Fang Yuan still remembered that Zhou Weiya had talked to herself about Xiao Zhu’s condition before.

At that time, because Zhou Weiya took care of Fang Xiaozhu like an enthusiastic sister, Fang Xiaozhu yelled « Sister Zhou » affectionately every time she saw her.

Fang Yuan naturally couldn’t be wary of her.

Now that I think about it, I realize something is wrong.

Zhou Weiya, an intern doctor, did not have her turn to discuss her condition.

Moreover, she asked Xiaozhu if he had touched anything strange.

Fang Yuan thought she was just asking casually, but now she wants to understand that what she wanted to ask at the time was actually whether Xiaozhu had touched a three-sided star core.

In addition.

Fang Yuan thought of another thing.

A month ago, someone touched into the house, rummaged for things, and left messy palm traces on Fang Zhenguo’s safe.

Although no fingerprints were left, Fang Yuan discovered that the traces of those fingers were relatively thin, like women’s fingers.

Now that I think about it, Zhou Weiya was probably the one who touched the house and searched for the three-sided star core.

When rushing into the inpatient department before, Fang Yuan opened the iris data in advance.

Therefore, when I ran into Zhou Weiya at the stairs, I had already seen her attributes.

Although she only took a look, she still remembered her approximate strength.

The star power level is Lv.3. According to the level estimation, her combat power should be similar to Wei Hailong.

The ability is more unexpected, it turned out to be « iris data ».

In other words, she must have seen Fang Xiaozhu’s ability.

If the Spear of God organization knew that Fang Xiaozhu’s ability was « divine evolution », it would definitely not give up.

Therefore, Zhou Weiya must not be allowed to run away.

However, Zhou Weiya’s star power level is Lv.3, and her strength is similar to Wei Hailong.

Wei Hailong has an advantage in fighting skills and abilities, and he should be better than Zhou Weiya.

However, if Zhou Weiya wanted to escape, she still had a chance to escape.

If you let her run away, there will be endless troubles.

Fang Yuan thought quickly, took out his mobile phone, and tried to call Wei Hailong’s mobile phone.

The phone rang for half a minute before connecting.

Wei Hailong’s voice came from the other side of the phone: « I don’t have time to talk, I have something to say quickly. »

Fang Yuan knew that he was still hunting Zhou Weiya, and immediately said, « Send me the location. »

After hanging up.

After waiting for a while, Wei Hailong sent a location.

Fang Yuan took a look at the location of the map and found that the distance was not too far.

But the location is a bit strange.

When Zhou Weiya fled just now, she obviously went out from the west gate of the hospital, but now she was in the direction of the north gate.

Looking at this location, it looks like a circle around the hospital.

Fang Yuan immediately thought of a possibility. Zhou Weiya might want to return to her residence, but she couldn’t get rid of Wei Hailong, so she could only circle around the hospital.

Fang Yuan walked out of the ward, went to the nurse’s office on duty, and asked, « Excuse me, where is Dr. Zhou Weiya’s residence? »

« This…I can’t disclose the doctor’s personal information… » The head nurse stretched out her hand and squeezed the doctor’s correspondence book, a little embarrassed.

No matter how many, Fang Yuan took the communication book and opened it.

« Fang Yuan, this is not good, doctors’ personal information cannot be disclosed casually. »

Fang Xiaozhu was hospitalized for more than a year, and Fang Yuan came to the hospital almost every day, so he knew the doctors and nurses in the hospital.

« The explosion in Ward 201 just now was caused by her. She was almost my sister. I can’t kill her! » Fang Yuan said while flipping through the correspondence book.

« The hospital has already called the police for this matter, and the police will take care of it. » The head nurse also wanted to dissuade.

« The police can handle a ghost. »

Fang Yuan quickly found Zhou Weiya’s address, which was a hotel, Olinge Hotel.

Zhou Weiya’s apparent identity is an intern.

If the internship is not long, it is not surprising to live in a hotel.

This hotel is near the hospital. Fang Yuan passes by this hotel every time he visits his sister in the hospital, so he knows the location of the hotel.

Zhou Weiya circled around the hospital, she probably just wanted to go back to this hotel.

Fang Yuan waited for the police and Supervisory Bureau agents to arrive before leaving the hospital.

Cross two streets and walk into this Olingo hotel.

He came to the counter and said, « Ms. Zhou in Room 507 left me something, please give it to me. »

« Sir, wait a minute, I’ll find it for you. » As the hotel front desk said, he squatted down and looked for something in the locker.

Fang Yuan quickly flipped through the room card box while she was squatting down, and took out the spare room card from Room 507.

After getting the spare room card, Fang Yuan turned around to leave.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he turned around, the hotel front desk took out a cardboard box from under the locker and placed it on the counter.

« Sir, this is what Ms. Zhou left for you, but I need to confirm your name first. »

Fang Yuan didn’t expect to have something. He was a little surprised when he looked back at the carton.

Then smiled and said, « My last name is Hu. »

« Okay, please sign for it here. » The front desk of the hotel turned the signed receipt and pushed it to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan wrote a Hu character in the most scribbled font in his life, and then dragged out two strokes behind him, without knowing what the next two characters were.

After writing, push back the receipt.

The front desk of the hotel didn’t take a close look either, and after a quick glance, they closed: « Mr. Hu, this is your thing. »

Fang Yuan got the cardboard box and went upstairs in the elevator with his arms.

As for why I answered Hu just now.

the reason is simple.

Because there is a Hu character written on the carton.

As for what is called Hu, I don’t know.

Fang Yuan took the elevator up to the fifth floor, opened the door of 507 with his spare room key, and walked in.

This is a star-rated hotel, and an intern staying in such a good hotel is a bit weird.

Moreover, this room is still a suite with a living room.

It seems that this member of the Spear of God does not want to treat himself badly when performing organizational tasks.

Fang Yuan walked into the room, closed the door, inserted the card to get electricity, and turned on the lights.

Then put the cardboard box on the coffee table, walk around in the suite first to check the situation in the room.

Some medicines, a high-power satellite phone, and some English documents were found in the room.

In the trash can, there are still some burnt paper scraps.

In addition, a ppks silencer pistol was found in a pair of boots in the shoe cabinet at the door.

Fang Yuan put all the suspicious things on the coffee table, then sat down and checked them one by one.