High-power satellite phones should be used to communicate with overseas organizations.

The English document seems to be a document related to medical pharmacy, but there are too many technical terms and it seems rather obscure.

In addition, Fang Yuan is most interested in the ppks silencer pistol.

This pistol is silver with a long silencer, and it looks very sensual.

Fang Yuan occasionally flips through military journals, so he has some understanding of this ppks silencer pistol.

After the gun was fitted with a silencer, the gun was shot in the room, and there was no movement through the door.

It is definitely an assassination weapon.

Fang Yuan fiddled with the ppks silencer pistol for a while, and finally picked up the carton, opened it, and checked the contents.

There is a box of glass injections in the carton.

This glass bottle injection is the kind of injection commonly used in hospitals. It is completely sealed and the bottleneck needs to be broken when used.

Fang Yuan picked up a bottle of injection and observed it carefully.

There was no text on the injection bottle and no instructions in the box.

If you use « iris data » to view, you can only see the four words [unknown medicine].

It is impossible to see what effect these injections have.

It is estimated that only the recipient named Hu knows what the injection is for.

Fang Yuan looked at the injection and thought about it.

Is it possible that these injections are « awakening inducers »?

« Awakening inducer » is what Zhou Weiya wants to use for Xiaozhu. She should be the recipient, how could it be transferred to another person named Hu?

Looking at it this way, these injections should not be « awakening inducers. »

If it is not an « awakening inducer, » it means that Zhou Weiya is in Donghai City and still has contact with other people.

I just don’t know if this recipient named Hu is a member of the Spear of God.

If you can detect the ingredients in this bottle of injection and know the effect of this injection, you might know the identity of this person named Hu.

After checking everything.

Fang Yuan saw that it was almost time, took out the spare room card and turned off all the lights in the suite.

It was already 11:30 in the evening, and the curtains of the suite were closed, so the whole suite was completely dark.

Fang Yuan sat back on the sofa and waited quietly in the dark.

After waiting for about ten minutes, there were rapid footsteps outside the corridor.

Immediately afterwards, there was a « di » swiping sound, and the door was opened.

A person walked into the room, inserted the room card, and the lights in the suite turned on again.

Zhou Weiya was stunned immediately.

Because she saw a person sitting on the sofa in the suite, smiling at her, and also smiling at her, as well as the black hole of the gun in this person’s hand.

« Fang…Fang Yuan, why are you here? » She twitched her cheeks, trying to stay calm.

« Of course I am waiting for you. » Fang Yuan continued to smile, a very warm smile, but Zhou Weiya felt a chill on her back.

« Wait… what do I do? » Zhou Weiya didn’t dare to move, not because of Fang Yuan, but because of Fang Yuan’s strength.

In fact, the first time she saw Fang Yuan, she turned on « Iris Data » to check Fang Yuan’s attributes.

In her opinion, Fang Yuan’s star power level is only Lv.1, strength 26, and agility 30.

Although the two attributes of strength and agility are beyond the upper limit of Lv.1, there is nothing terrifying numerically.

Because she is an awakened of Lv.3, all attributes are above 30 points.

The only thing she was afraid of was the gun in Fang Yuan’s hand.

« Don’t pretend, you are a member of God’s Spear. » Fang Yuan directly exposed her disguise.

« I don’t know what the spear of God you are talking about. I have a sprained ankle, so I will return my shoes first. » Zhou Weiya reached out and opened the shoe cabinet as she said, turning over the pair of boots.

Fang Yuan raised the ppks silencer pistol and smiled: « Look for this? »

When Zhou Weiya saw the gun in Fang Yuan’s hands, the expression on her face became more solemn.

She quickly raised her hand and said: « Don’t get excited, shall we talk about it? »

« Okay. Close the door first. » Fang Yuan pointed at her with both hands and spears.

Zhou Weiya could only close the door of the suite and said, « I think there may be some misunderstanding between us. »

« No misunderstanding, did you put Xiaozhu’s’awakening inducer »? A 90% mortality rate, you are really cruel. » Fang Yuan thought of this, his eyes were murderous.

« I’m doing this for your sister’s sake. Her powers are very powerful. Even if you use the’awakening inducer’, there will be no life-threatening danger. » Zhou Weiya quickly explained.

« You mean the power absorbed from the three-sided star core? » Fang Yuan kept staring at her as he said this.

A hint of surprise flashed in Zhou Weiya’s eyes, and she blurted out, « Have you seen that star core? »

Fang Yuan saw the surprise flashing in her eyes, and immediately knew that Xiaozhu’s awakened « Divine Evolution » ability was indeed related to the three-sided star core.

« So you are going to send the information back to the organization, and then send someone over to abduct Xiaozhu and take it back to do the experiment? » Fang Yuan’s voice already had an icy meaning.

« No, you are wrong about this. The organization will try its best to train her and develop her into an awakened person who can conquer the world. » Zhou Weiya quickly explained.

« Thank you for your kindness. On behalf of Xiaozhu, I refused and killed you. »

Fang Yuan already knew what he wanted to know, so there was no need to continue talking.

« Wait… » Zhou Weiya also wanted to fight for a chance to survive.

Fang Yuan directly squeezed the trigger of the ppks silencer pistol, tweeted twice, and shot her down.

Zhou Weiya fell in a pool of blood, a little puzzled, stretched out her hands and asked: « You…Aren’t you with that person from the military? Shouldn’t you hand me over to the military? »

Fang Yuan walked over, knelt down, and whispered in her ear: « There are some secrets, it’s enough for me to know it alone. »

After speaking, he made a shot in her head to end her pain.

The hidden danger has just been resolved.

The phone rang. It was a call from Wei Hailong.

After answering the phone, Wei Hailong said with some annoyance: « Fang Yuan, the woman ran away, how is your situation there? »

« Room 507 of Oeringe Hotel, call someone to deal with the scene. » Fang Yuan directly reported the address.

Wei Hailong was silent for three seconds before replying: « You stay there, don’t leave. »

Five minutes later.

Wei Hailong and a team of Supervisory Bureau agents arrived at the same time.

However, when they arrived, Fang Yuan had already left, took away the silencer pistol and an unknown bottle of injection, but did not move anything else.

When I returned to the entrance of the hospital, I received another call from Wei Hailong.

After connecting, Wei Hailong’s slightly annoyed voice came from the other end of the phone: « Didn’t you let you stay in the hotel? »

« My parents and sister are still in a coma and need my care. » Fang Yuan replied calmly.

« Why is this woman dead? »

« I killed it. »

« Why did you kill her? There are many secrets hidden in her. »

« She’s Lv. 3, I’m Lv. 1. If I don’t kill her, she will kill me. » Fang Yuan’s reasons were simply impeccable.

Wei Hailong was a little speechless, and Fang Yuan could not be held accountable for this matter. After all, he killed a member of a dangerous foreign organization.