Donghai City Hospital.

Fang Yuan guarded the bedside of his parents and sister, and began to check the newly absorbed anger points.

When Zhou Weiya was killed, she absorbed 190 anger points from the fear and anger at the time of her death.

Adding the original 120 points, there are a total of 310 anger points.

Fang Yuan stayed vigil in the hospital. After dawn, Fang Xiaozhu woke up first.

I was in good spirits, and said I was hungry when I woke up.

Fang Yuan saw that she was all right, so he went to the cafeteria to buy breakfast.

At breakfast.

Fang Zhenguo and Li Shuhua woke up after the sedative injection had passed.

As soon as they woke up, they remembered what happened last night, looking around and shouting: « Xiao Zhu! Xiao Zhu… »

Fang Yuan and Fang Xiaozhu were eating buns, looking at them with weird eyes.

« Xiaozhu is all right? »

Li Shuhua quickly took her daughter’s hand, touching and pinching.

« It’s okay, let’s have breakfast first. After eating, go through the discharge procedures. » Fang Yuan pushed the other two breakfasts over.

« Go through the discharge procedures? Xiaozhu’s illness… » Li Shuhua was a little worried.

« Don’t worry. I was right. »

Fang Yuan has determined that Fang Xiaozhu has completed his awakening, and he will naturally not faint because of the star power loss.

« Then Xiaozhu’s illness has healed? » Li Shuhua didn’t know about the three-sided star core, so he asked.

« Don’t be fussy, listen to this brat. Hurry up to have breakfast and go through the discharge procedures after eating. » Fang Zhenguo took a bun soy milk, pulled the chair, and sat down and started eating.

Li Shuhua slowly recalled that she had no appetite last night, and then asked: « Xiaoyuan, why did Doctor Zhou give Xiaozhu an injection last night? We stopped her. I didn’t know what injection she had. I just got dizzy. I know everything. »

« That was a fake doctor. You fell asleep because you were sedated by her. » Fang Yuan replied casually.

« Fake doctor? » Li Shuhua was a little surprised, never thought that the doctor in the hospital could be fake.

Fang Xiaozhu also remembered what happened last night, and said angrily: « That sister Zhou is so terrible, she is going to drown Xiaoju. But Xiaoju is still very powerful. He burned her with fire and burned her away. »

After eating breakfast.

Li Shuhua went to go through the discharge procedures.

Fang Zhenguo pulled Fang Yuan aside and asked, « Is that Zhou Weiya a member of the Spear of God? »

« Yes. » Fang Yuan nodded.

« How is she now? She ran away? » Fang Zhenguo was not relieved.

« died. »

« You did it? »

Fang Yuan gestured with his hand to fire a shot: « Chweh… »

« Are there follow-up troubles? » Fang Zhenguo was worried about the follow-up threat of God’s Spear.

« Zhou Weiya has not contacted her organization, the matter should be over. » Fang Yuan did not give Zhou Weiya the opportunity to contact the organization at the time, so he would cut off the gun and kill it in order to cut off the subsequent threat.

« That’s good. » Fang Zhenguo was relieved now.

Discharged and go home.

Fang Xiaozhu took the two cats home.

In the past, Li Shuhua was against keeping pets because he didn’t have time to take care of them.

However, thanks to two cats this time.

Moreover, these two cats are already super pets.

If it is put on the market, any one will cost millions.

This makes the most valuable things in the family become these two cats, and naturally they cannot be driven away.

It feels inappropriate to sell it. After all, two cats saved the daughter.

I sold them backhand, it’s not justified.

Therefore, Li Shuhua could only agree with her daughter to raise these two cats: « You can raise them, but you need to bathe them, get rid of lice, get vaccinated… »

« Got it. »

Using a pet cage, Fang Xiaozhu ran home carrying two cats, went straight to the bathroom, dragged out the basin he used to bathe in, and started bathing the two cats.

The two cats were squeaking and barking under the rain sprinkler, but Fang Xiaozhu was indomitable, so they could only hide in the corner like two poor little ones.

Li Shuhua was worried that her daughter had caught a cold and became ill just after she was discharged from the hospital, so she hurried in to help.

After washing, blow dry with a hair dryer.

The two cats finally looked like two domestic cats, and after one month of feeding cat food, their heads became round.

Fang Xiaozhu hugged the orange cat and nestled on the sofa to watch TV: « I wanted to watch TV like this before. It would be better if I had snacks. »

Fang Yuan used a hair dryer to blow the gray cat.

After the gray cat was cleaned, it was not all gray, and the hair on the abdomen was white, which looked much better than when it was dirty.

« Brother, let’s name them. » Fang Xiaozhu suggested.

« Aren’t they called Xiaohui and Xiaoju? » Fang Yuan responded casually.

« They are called casually. They will be our babies in the future, and they will have to be renamed, just like bear bully. »

Fang Xiaozhu always feels that a new baby needs to have a sense of ritual when entering the house, and must be renamed.

« Then you just name it. » Fang Yuan naturally didn’t object. This little girl had been in the hospital for so long, and she was finally discharged from the hospital. It would be nice to make her happy.

« The little orange is a fireball. It’s amazing when it breathes out fire. » Fang Xiaozhu thought about it for a while and decided to call it this name.

« Very good, then call it Fireball. » Fang Yuan followed her intentions.

« It’s your turn, you name Xiao Hui. » Fang Xiaozhu decided to evenly distribute the naming rights.

Fang Yuan stroked the gray cat’s fur and said, « That’s called a gray machine. »

« From now on, fireballs and handjobs will be our baby. » Fang Xiaozhu raised the orange cat above his head and happily stood on the sofa jumping and jumping.

Everyone was very happy, but the gray cat named Gray Machine was unhappy and made a dull cry.


Fang Yuan was surprised to find that his anger point had increased by 3 points.

When Fang Xiaozhu was in the hospital, he couldn’t hold or touch these two cats, so he started to **** the cats revengely when he got home.

You can **** a cat for a whole day, and you can **** two at a time.

The point is that the super cat that is ferocious enough to beat Lv.3 Awakens away, in her arms, is like two good babies, and the sounds are soft and waxy.

Meow meow meow

« Xiao Zhu, to avoid my mother going crazy in the future, I think you need to set rules for them, not to urinate and defecate anywhere, otherwise you have to buy a cat litter box, and you have to buy three. »

Fang Yuan considered that there will be two more cats in the house in the future, and it must be very troublesome to take care of them, especially if the **** problem is not solved, his mother will be crazy.

« No, fireball and **** are obedient. They can’t urinate and urinate anywhere. » Fang Xiaozhu was very confident.

« I have one more serious thing to say, you put them down first. » Fang Yuan put on a serious expression.

« What’s the matter? » Fang Xiaozhu put the two cats on the coffee table.

« The first thing, you are awakened, do you know? » Fang Yuan asked.

« Are you awakened? What is my power? » Fang Xiaozhu looked down at his hands, not sure.

« This is the important thing I want to tell you. Your abilities are special and must be kept secret. You can’t let anyone know except me, otherwise there will be big trouble. » Fang Yuan didn’t think about how to explain God’s The spear thing.

Fang Xiaozhu was very clever and asked, « Will someone like Zhou Weiya be attracted? »

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers and said, « Yes, that’s the reason. Your ability is very special, and Zhou Weiya’s Awakened Organization wants to take you away. Therefore, you can’t tell other people about your ability. « 

« Then what is my ability? Why can’t I feel it? » Fang Xiaozhu looked down at himself, didn’t think he had any magical ability.