« Your ability should be to make the animal’s energy stronger. You can try it with two cats. » Fang Yuan pointed to the gray machine and the fireball.

« Could it be that the fireball was full of fire last night because of my ability? »

« It should be, you try again. » Fang Yuan suggested.

Fang Xiaozhu raised his hand very seriously, and gestured at the two cats in the air, as if they were sending waves: « Oh! Ooh… »

The two cats squatted on the coffee table in a daze, not knowing what the little owner was doing.

After several rounds of waves, there was no change.

And from the surface to the inside, there is no change in all aspects.

Fang Yuan also carefully observed the situation of the two cats with iris data, and the star power level was always Lv.1 without any change.

« Has the fireball become stronger? » Fang Xiaozhu asked, keeping the wave motion.

« No. »

« What about the handjob? »

« nor. »

« Didn’t you say that my ability is to make animals stronger? »

« There may be a mistake in the judgment. Forget it, don’t try, so be it. »

Fang Yuan was not surprised to see that Fang Xiaozhu couldn’t use the power.

In fact, awakening the power does not necessarily mean it can be used.

The reason why the ability can’t be used is more complicated. It may be the lack of control, or the star power is not strong enough.

Or maybe there are other strange reasons.

Moreover, Fang Xiaozhu is still young now.

According to a report from the Xingli Science and Technology Research Institute, too young and frequent use of supernatural powers may cause irreversible damage to the body, and even affect the development of the body and brain.

Therefore, it is not a bad thing if it is not used.

« I can’t forget it, I’m awakened, what can I do if I can’t use the supernatural power? You teach me how to use it. » Fang Xiaozhu was unwilling.

Fang Yuan reached out and touched her head and said, « As the Academy of Sciences has said, children can’t use supernatural powers indiscriminately, otherwise it will affect their development. At that time, if you are not tall, you will become a three-inch nail. »

« I know to bluff, I just want to learn how to use it, but I don’t use it often. »

Fang Xiaozhu curled his mouth, akimbo with a look of irritation, and contributed 10 points of anger to Fang Yuan.

« Practice by yourself. I’m going to class, and I’ll go to the martial arts hall to take over. I won’t be responsible for your dinner in the future. » Fang Yuan walked back to the room, packed his things, and prepared to go to class.

« Practice by yourself. »

Fang Xiaozhu was not convinced, and continued to open his palms, facing the two cats, making waves.

If one hand is not enough, both hands will send waves together.

« Can you give me some reaction? »

The two cats continued to be confused, not knowing what to respond to the little owner’s request.

in the afternoon.

East China Sea No. 1 Middle School.

Fang Yuan was called to a classroom alone.

In addition to Wei Hailong, there was a team of people wearing black windbreakers and black military boots in the classroom.

This costume is a member of the standard Super Awakening Authority.

The head was a middle-aged man in his forties. His face was angular, he looked very capable, and his eyes were as sharp as a falcon, as if he could see through everything.

Wei Hailong introduced: « Fang Yuan, this is the Black Hawk leader of the Supervisory Bureaus detective team, responsible for the case of the members of the Spear of God. »

« He is responsible for the case of God’s Spear, so what are you doing? » Fang Yuan looked at Wei Hailong strangely.

« He is in charge of the case, and I am in charge of finding the lost things. » Wei Hailong explained briefly.

Fang Yuan understood immediately.

The Spear of God is active in Donghai City, which is the scope of responsibility of the Super Management Bureau.

Wei Hailong was sent by the military to find what was lost twenty years ago.

Therefore, both parties perform their duties and cooperate in handling cases.

Black Hawk came over, staring like a knife, staring into Fang Yuan’s eyes, and asked in a heavy voice: « You killed the people? »

« If you are talking about the Oering Hotel, yes, I killed it. » Fang Yuan did not hide it.

« Do you know who died? »

« Member of the Spear of God. »

« Do you know what an important case we are dealing with? You interrupted the clues that we had traced for half a year with a single shot! » The black hawk’s voice was obviously suppressed with anger.

« You are unable to catch people, so I have to do it myself. Now blame me? » Fang Yuan curled his lips.

As soon as these words came out, the five Super Management Bureau agents present all turned black.

Normally, let alone in the East China Sea, even in the entire China, the Super Management Bureaus name is a frightening existence.

I have never heard of anyone who dares to challenge the Supervisory Authority like this.

Seeing the unhappy expressions on their faces, Fang Yuan liked to raise 50 points of anger.

The Black Hawk stretched out his hand and patted Fang Yuans shoulder, and said, « You guys, youre a horrible personality. I dont think you know who you killed. Once you have seen the method of Gods Spear, you have to cry I. »

« After investigating for half a year, I couldn’t catch anyone. In the end, I had to take action. Is it useful? » Fang Yuan asked unhappy.

The Black Hawk came up angry and scratched his hair.

The anger point is +20 again.

Black Hawk paced back and forth, not wanting to talk nonsense. He pressed Fang Yuan into the chair, put his hands on Fang Yuan’s shoulders, and asked, « Tell me, what did Zhou Weiya tell you before he died? »

« She asked me why not hand her over to the military. » Fang Yuan answered truthfully.

« And then? » Black Hawk asked again.

« Then I shot her head with one shot. » Fang Yuan was very honest.

Black Hawk was a little mad, and said: « You killed her like this? You killed her like this! Can’t you give her to us? »

This time the anger point is directly +30.

« I am more cautious and afraid of being killed by her. After all, I am only Lv.1. » Fang Yuan spread his hands and expressed helplessness.

Black Hawk wiped his face, and then asked, « Okay. I won’t hold these things accountable. Just tell me, did you take anything from that room? »

« No. » Fang Yuan answered very simply.

« No? »

Black Hawk took a photo from his assistant, put it up in front of Fang Yuan, and said: « There is a weak gun smoke reaction in these boots, which shows that a gun has been let go.

Fang Yuan spread his hands and replied: « The ppks silencer pistol is a trophy. Is this the important clue you said? »

« Hand it over. »

« It’s all trophies. »

The Black Hawk immediately pulled out the gun from the holster on his waist, patted it on the table, and shouted: « Change with you! »

Fang Yuan glanced at his matching gun, slightly surprised.

Because his gun is the famous star power pistol KT800.

This type of Xingli kinetic pistol is very famous, with a precise range of 100 meters.

Generally, non-star power pistols have an effective range of 50 meters.

The range of this KT800 can almost reach the range of a submachine gun.

And KT800 is a model produced by Honglong Technology in the last century.

It is famous because the Chinese God of War Red Dragon likes this pistol very much and chooses it as a melee gun.

Moreover, this gun has been tested in actual combat and has good stability.

Therefore, most of China’s Awakened department is equipped with KT800.