The Black Hawk KT800 is still a silver special edition, quite cool.

Fang Yuan was a little greedy when he saw this gun, because it was a banned weapon, and it could reach a million on the black market.

However, Fang Yuan was still cruel and said: « No muffler, no change. »

Black Hawk got angry too, reached out and grabbed a silencer from his assistant’s weapon bag and patted it on the table.

« Deal! »

Fang Yuan threw the schoolbag over, then picked up the KT800, began to install the silencer, and test the gun.

Black Hawk didn’t expect that Fang Yuan really had the guts to take his gun. He watched the silver KT800 « robbed » away, feeling inexplicably trapped.

The Super Management Bureau agent got the ppks silencer pistol and immediately began to collect fingerprints and other clues.

Black Hawk stared at the silver KT800 in Fang Yuan’s hand and swallowed.

« What do you look at? This is my gun. Teacher Wei testified. If you want to cheat, just say it, as long as you dare to admit it, I’ll return it to you. » Fang Yuan is now changing the shotgun for a shotgun, and his heart is crooked.

Black Hawk’s nose was almost crooked, and he gave Fang Yuan another 20 anger points.

He couldn’t do it because of shame, but he still warned: « I warn you that this gun has a bullet mark record in the Supervisory Authority. If you dare to commit a crime with this gun, I will arrest you immediately. »

« What do you think about you? How can a student like me commit crimes? If nothing happens, I will go back to class. »

Fang Yuan stood up and walked outside as he walked, muttering: « I will sell this gun on the black market tomorrow and get one million dollars. Whoever commits a crime with this gun is my shit. »

The Black Hawk staggered and almost fell.

He also contributed 20 anger points to Fang Yuan.

« Wait a minute, I don’t need to bring the gun back, but should you return the other thing you took? » Black Hawk said aloud.

« What is it? » Fang Yuan put on a puzzled expression.

« Refill? The injection in the Ohring Hotel suite is missing a bottle. Don’t tell me you didn’t take it. » Black Hawk snorted coldly.

« I threw away the boxes, you still know that one bottle is missing? » Fang Yuan blinked.

« Nonsense! It’s not the first time we have captured this kind of injection. » Black Eagle looked upset.

« What is this injection for? It doesn’t even have an instruction manual. » Fang Yuan asked casually.

« I warn you, this injection is very dangerous, you’d better hand it over immediately, otherwise I don’t guarantee that I will lock you up for interrogation. » Black Hawk’s voice was a little cold.

« Ok. »

Fang Yuan took out the injection, put it on the table, and asked, « Who is that surnamed Hu? Do you know? »

« How much do you know? » Black Hawk frowned again.

Fang Yuan shrugged and said, « I don’t know anything. I told the hotel receptionist that my last name is Hu, and they gave me the cartons. »

Black Hawk took a deep breath and asked again: « How do you know the recipient’s name is Hu? »

« Did you not see what is written on the carton? » Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

The Black Hawk felt his lungs really exploded.

At this moment.

The assistant received the mobile phone message, walked to Black Hawk’s ear, and said a few words in the ear.

Black Hawk’s face turned dark again.

Seeing his serious face, Wei Hailong asked, « What happened? »

« The clue is broken again, and the recipient is dead. » Black Eagle’s face was a little gloomy.

Black Hawk stared at Fang Yuan sharply again, and asked: « You tell me honestly, did she say anything before you killed Zhou Weiya? »

« No, I will tell you what she said. »

Except for the things about Xiaozhu’s abilities, Fang Yuan did tell him all the information.

Although he deliberately sucked a little bit of anger from Black Hawk just now, Fang Yuan could still handle it clearly in front of the big things.

Helping the Supervisory Authority to investigate the Spear of God is actually helping oneself get rid of the threat of the Spear of God.

Therefore, Fang Yuan said all the information that could be said.

« Who is this recipient of Hu? » Fang Yuan was curious.

Black Hawk hummed: « Is this something you should ask? »

« Maybe after I know the identity of this person, what can I remember? » Fang Yuan said.

The Black Hawk frowned.

Regarding the recipient of the surname Hu, he is not actually a member of the Spear of God, his identity is not secret, and he is now dead.

He gave it a try and said, « We found this man from the surveillance of the Olingo Hotel. He is an awakened person on the road, nicknamed « Viper », but he died last week. »

I go!

Fang Yuan didn’t expect that this would be so coincidental, that the recipient of the surname Hu was a Viper.

This Viper is the « Viper Muscle » awakener who died in the T-Bridge warehouse last week.

« How did this Viper die? » Wei Hailong asked.

« Last week, the Viper died in the case of the Tingziqiao warehouse. » Black Hawk replied.

« Is it the mouth of the spear of God? » Wei Hailong guessed.

« No. » Fang Yuan answered this time.

Wei Hailong and Black Hawk turned to look at Fang Yuan at the same time, and said strangely: « How do you know? »

« The things in the Tingziqiao warehouse were not done by the spear of God. » Fang Yuan affirmed.

« How did you know that it wouldn’t be you again? » Black Hawk felt that this year was a little fleeting, and encountered a catastrophe.

« I didn’t say anything. I was kind. I didn’t want you to check the wrong direction, so I told you that this was not done by the spear of God and has nothing to do with me. » Fang Yuan said with a righteous expression.

The reason why Fang Yuan wanted to say half-truths was actually after careful consideration.

If the Tingziqiao warehouse case is just a struggle between street forces, the Supervisory Authority will not investigate it in depth.

However, if the Tingziqiao warehouse case is classified as a case organized by the Awakened Overseas, then it will definitely be investigated in depth.

As long as the Supervisory Authority finds the sniper bullet in the T-bridge warehouse and follows the vines, it is likely to find Comrade Lao Fang, and things will be even more troublesome.

It might as well give Black Hawk a hint now so that he doesn’t get the wrong direction of the investigation.

« How many things do you know? » Black Hawk re-examined the high school student in front of him, and suddenly felt an inability to see through.

« I don’t know anything. » Fang Yuan spread his hands, showing a harmless expression on his face.

« Believe it or not, I will catch you and go back for interrogation? » Black Hawk threatened.

« Ahhh! When I was nervous and my memory was bad again, I accidentally forgot about the problem with the Viper’s power. » Fang Yuan clutched his forehead and began to perform.

The Black Hawk was completely speechless, so he had to take out a form and said, « This is an application form for non-staff personnel of the Supervisory Authority. As long as you fill out this form and become a non-staff personnel of the Supervisory Authority, I promise that as long as you assist me in handling the case, Never hold you accountable for these things. »

« No matter what? » Fang Yuan asked.

« As long as you don’t treason. » The Black Hawk said with an anger.

« I set a warehouse on fire, is it okay? » Fang Yuan confirmed again.

« No problem. » Black Hawk gritted his teeth.

« Instructor, you heard it, he personally promised it. » Fang Yuan smiled, took the form, scanned it quickly, and then signed his name.

« Can I say it now? » Black Hawk felt that he was on the verge of exploding.

« I did the things in the Tingziqiao warehouse because they kidnapped my sister. The monitoring of the hospital can testify to this. » Fang Yuan admitted.

Black Hawk slapped his forehead, and said silently: « Why did I meet you as a fiend? All clues, one of them counts as one, and they are all broken in your hands. »

« However, I found something wrong with the Viper’s ability. I suspect it might be related to those injections. But I don’t know what the injections are, so I can’t be sure. » Fang Yuan discovered that the power of God’s Spear in the East China Sea was better than expected. To be huge.

The best way to protect yourself is to understand the enemy.

Therefore, Fang Yuan decided to help the Supervisory Bureau track down the Spear of God.