The information about the Spear of God is confidential in the Super Management Bureau.

Although the secret level is not high, it is not casually disclosed.

Therefore, Black Hawk needs to make sure that Fang Yuan can help before deciding whether to disclose confidential content.

« Tell me, what do you think of those nameless injections? »

This is the school, and Wei Hailong is also present.

So Fang Yuan had nothing to fear, and he tried his best to show his abilities, but he could play a positive role.

« Actually, I didn’t know that there was a problem with the Viper’s ability at first, I just thought it was a normal side effect. However, after learning that the Viper was the recipient of the potion, I thought of a few things. »

« What did you think of? » Black Hawk asked.

« Lets talk about what I know first. I once fought with Viper. His power is the Viper Muscle. His body muscles are like snakes, growing into 15,000 muscles, with very high strength and agility… « 

« …During the fight, I found that my eyesight was very weak, and his pupils were very similar to those of a snake. So, I guessed that his eyes, like his muscles, also mutated towards snakes. The result was not surprising, he His eyesight is as bad as a snake. With this, I defeated him. »

Fang Yuan paused, organized the language, and then said: « I have two guesses about those injections. The first is that these injections are used to treat body mutations. Viper has found God because of its eye mutation and reduced vision. Spear, buy medicine to heal the degeneration of the eyes. »

« What about the second one? » Black Hawk asked aloud.

Fang Yuan glanced at him and replied: « Looking at your expression, the first guess is wrong, so it should be the second. This kind of medicine should be a kind of medicine that will stimulate the abilities of the awakened to change. The effect is to enhance the power. Viper uses this potion, the power is improved, but at the same time it also brings side effects, causing eye mutations. »

« Anything else? » Black Hawk asked without delay.

« If I’m not mistaken, God’s Spear should be experimenting with a Viper to test the stability of this medicine, right? » Fang Yuan said with a smile.

The Black Hawk walked back and forth twice, and asked: « You have inferred so much information based on the clue you have seen the Viper? »

Fang Yuan shrugged and gave him a positive expression.

« You really don’t know the effect of those potions? » Black Hawk didn’t believe it.

« Anyway, I know so much, I have said everything I can think of. » Fang Yuan spread his hands.

« It looks like you have good analytical skills, how did you do it? » Black Hawk said with interest.

« It’s okay, my cultural class grades are not bad. » Fang Yuan shrugged and smiled.

Black Hawk picked up the application form for non-staff personnel of the Supervisory Bureau and said: « I will hand in this form. From now on, you must report to me any information about the Spear of God. »

Fang Yuan was a little unhappy: « That is to say, if my inference just now is not correct, this form will be invalidated. Your promise just now is all false, right? »

Black Hawk shook his finger and said: « The super-management bureau’s non-staff personnel can not be applied by anyone. If you don’t have any extraordinary ability, why do you accept you? However, you don’t need to be angry. Just promised you. , Even if you are not a non-staff member of the Supervisory Bureau, it still works. »

He stretched out his hand and patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder, and then said: « In China, you will not be held accountable for killing members of dangerous foreign organizations. The dead in the T-shaped bridge warehouse are the dirtiest rats underground in Donghai City. It’s dead, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources for the Super Management Bureau. »

After Black Hawk finished speaking, he took his pen, signed the name on the person in charge of the non-staff application form, and handed it to his assistant: « After you go back, hand it in. »

Then, he took another piece of paper, pushed it in front of Fang Yuan, and said, « This is the analysis report of that kind of medicine. You have good analysis ability. See if you can find any useful clues. »

Fang Yuan picked up the drug analysis report and read it.

Black Hawk explained smoothly: « Actually, you basically guessed it just now. This kind of medicine does have the effect of stimulating the ability, and it has a certain probability to enhance the ability of the awakened. But at the same time it will also produce side effects… »

« …According to the currently known clues, the experiment with this drug on mutant organisms is relatively successful. But the experiment on humans has encountered a dilemma. »

Fang Yuan looked at the content of the analysis report and asked in confusion: « This medicine also involves genetic technology? »

« Yes, in fact, this is a kind of medicine derived from genetic technology. The medicine will act on human abilities and genes at the same time, changing in both directions, thereby enhancing the abilities. »

The Black Hawk paused, and then explained: « At present, the experimental effect of this medicine on the human awakened is not good, and it has only received good results on the deformed awakened. »

Fang Yuan quickly read the analysis report and basically understood the role of this medicine.

« From the analysis report, this medicine is actually a medicine in the field of mutant biology. Why is it used on humans? »

« Then you have to ask God’s Spear. » Black Hawk said.

« From the content of this report, the effect of the metamorphosis system is relatively good, and the reason is quite simple. The metamorphosis system itself is part of the animal genes in the human body, and it is expressed under the action of the star power. The medicament is good for mutant creatures, and naturally it is good for awakened people who have animal genes. » After browsing through it, Fang Yuan saw the key to the problem.

« Yes, this is the key. » Black Hawk recognized this.

Fang Yuan continued: « So, God’s Spear is actually experimenting with Vipers. What you really want to investigate is actually this illegal experiment, right? »

The Black Hawk snapped his fingers and said, « You are all right, but you are talking about things we already know. Can you say something useful? »

Fang Yuan grinned, and instead of answering his question, he asked: « Have you ever investigated Green Wolf before? »

« Not yet, just took over the case from Tingziqiao Warehouse. » Black Hawk replied.

« Then you can check it out. According to my observations, the relationship between the Viper and the Blue Wolf is very common. It shouldnt be long before we knew each other. Coincidentally, the Blue Wolf is also a metamorphosis ability. I guess they are probably because of the mutation potion. I just met. Cha Qinglang, maybe there will be gains. » Fang Yuan said the thoughts in his heart.

Black Hawk reached out and tapped on the assistant’s folder, and said: « Take it down. After you go back, immediately send someone to investigate. »

At the end of the conversation, the Black Hawks were ready to lead the team away.

Fang Yuan stopped: « Wait a minute. »

« Something else? » Black Hawk frowned.

Fang Yuan pointed to his holster and said: « My holster, are you planning to take it away? »

Black Hawk’s nose was almost crooked, he took off the holster and patted it on the table: « You wait! »

Fang Yuan gained another 30 points of anger, then happily put the KT800 pistol back into the holster, put it on his back, and blocked it with his jacket.