Before school in the morning, Guo Songtao, the head teacher, walked into the classroom and announced in a solemn tone: « Classmates, Donghai City is about to face a severe test. Just this morning, the Donghai Theater has issued a first-level preparation plan. »

« The first-level preparation plan? Is it true that the space rift is coming? » a student asked.

« The first-level preparatory plan issued by the East China Sea Theater did not mention space rifts. It said that East China Sea City was about to face the threat of star beasts. Regarding space rifts, everyone knows it, so you don’t need to talk about it. » Guo Songtao Explained.

« Teacher, didn’t you say that Professor Yang Yuping’s laboratory has already developed a technology that can seal space gaps? » An uncle in the class had inquired about this inside story.

« This technology is still in the laboratory stage and there is uncertainty. Since the East China Sea Theater has issued a first-level preparatory plan, it shows that the situation is very serious. According to the requirements of the plan, Donghai City has entered the state of national reserve. » Guo Songtao replied.

« Teacher, what should we do? » A student finally asked the topic.

Guo Songtao continued to announce: « According to the requirements of the first-level preparation plan, the 200 high schools in Donghai City have all entered the state of preparation to strengthen the actual combat training of the martial arts class. At that time, your martial arts instructor will arrange tasks. »

Fang Yuan heard the news and knew that this first-level preparation plan was not decided temporarily.

Since Wei Hailong came to No. 1 Middle School as an instructor, preparations for this first-level preparatory plan have already begun.

Not only Donghai No. 1 Middle School, but also more than 200 high schools in Donghai City, should all have active-duty awakened fighters serving as martial arts instructors.

The purpose is to prepare for the first-level preparation plan this time, and prepare for the upcoming space rift.

The first-level preparation plan is issued, and after the entire Donghai City enters a state of preparation, the news of the space rift should be announced to the whole people.

The deployment of the East China Sea theater is still very reasonable. Step by step, while stabilizing the situation in the East China Sea, it is also preparing to cope with the advent of the space rift.

Guo Songtao then announced: « According to the requirements of the first-level preparation plan, the city’s high schools will conduct a field training before the end of this semester. This field training will have a college entrance examination bonus, so everyone must pay attention. »

When the students preparing for the martial arts exam heard the news, they immediately cheered up.

There are not many opportunities to get extra points for the college entrance examination, so this opportunity naturally cannot be let go.

Martial arts class in the afternoon.

Before class, the students in both classes gathered around Qiao Zeyu to inquire about the first-level preparation plan.

Someone in Qiao Zeyu’s family works in the Super Awakening Authority, so he belongs to the uncle party.

The last time about the space rift, he also said it from his mouth.

« Qiao Zeyu, this time the first-level preparation plan is issued, does it mean that Professor Yang Yuping’s plan to block the space rift has failed? »

« Originally, this technology is in the laboratory stage, and failure is expected. However, I heard from my uncle that it is not completely useless. It is said that it can delay the appearance of space cracks. » Qiao Zeyu answered everyone’s questions.

« How is the situation of the space fissure now? Tell me about it. » A classmate continued to ask.

« I don’t know the specific situation. I heard from my uncle that there is an index for the technology of sealing space rifts. If the index increases, it means that space rifts will still appear. The speed of exponential increase represents the time when space rifts appear. » Qiao Zeyu Explained.

« Then Donghai City is still safe? » A girl was more scared, worried that Donghai City would be unsafe.

« The strength of the East China Sea Theater is very strong. As long as the location of the spatial fissure is not too bad, it should be able to withstand it, but it is hard to say how much loss it will cause. » Qiao Zeyu replied.

« What’s the worst situation? »

« The worst case is that a space gap appears in the city center. In that case, the loss will be very heavy. »

« Do you know where the space rift appears now? »

« Theoretically, all the places where the Speth Index can be detected, there may be space cracks. » Qiao Zeyu continued to explain.

« When will the space rift appear? »

« I don’t know this either. » Qiao Zeyu also had questions that couldn’t be answered.

Fang Yuan listened to their discussion.

Although the exact time when the space rift appeared, Fang Yuan can be sure that the space rift will not appear within two or three months.

Because in the first-level preparatory plan, the citys high schools are required to conduct field combat training at the end of the term.

This field actual combat training was obviously to deal with the Rift Star Beast.

Since the actual field training time is set at the end of the period, it means that the time of the space rift predicted by the East China Sea theater is after this field actual training.

At two twenty-five.

Wei Hailong walked into the large classroom, coughed, and announced: « Do you all know about the field training to be carried out at the end of the term? »

« Got it. »

« This field combat training will be conducted in strict accordance with the tactics of the Awakened Army. Everyone will form a five-person tactical team. Field combat training is dangerous. In order to avoid casualties, a simulation will be conducted three days later. In actual combat, we will decide to group today. » Wei Hailong announced.

« Simulated actual combat? How to proceed? » a student asked aloud.

« Five people form a team to compete in a 3,000-meter simulated battlefield. » Wei Hailong replied.

« How to group? »

« First run for 25 captains, and then the captain chooses people who are free to join. » Wei Hailong briefly introduced the grouping rules.

« Does it still need to be selected? It must be the captain with high combat power. Those of us with low star power levels must be given up. » Some weaker students were a little frustrated.

Wei Hailong explained: « The captains campaign does not depend on your own strength. The martial arts class has a higher tactical theory score. Therefore, students who are weak but with acceptable tactical theory scores should try their best to run for the captain. In this case, it is you. Pick people, not be picked. »

Those students with high scores in tactical theory suddenly brightened their eyes.

Another student asked: « What if I am not selected for the captain, what should I do? »

« Two classes, 128 people, in the end there will indeed be 3 people without a team. At that time, they will be put together with students in other classes without a team, and then form a few temporary teams. » Wei Hailong replied.

After listening, everyone knew that the students who formed the temporary team in the end were basically stinky fish and shrimps, and the final actual combat training results must be poor.

Wei Hailong took out a stack of forms, put them on the table, and announced: « Okay, now we will start running for captain. If you want to run for captain, fill out the form and hand it to me. »

The weak students immediately scrambled to grab the form. No one wanted to lose the election and was thrown into the stinky fish and shrimp group.