Fang Yuan left the hospital and went home after eating dinner with his sister.

When I entered the door to change slippers, I heard the sound of the sewing machine Kukakuka from the parents’ room.

Fang Yuan’s mother is a tailor. She opened a clothing store near her residence, where she ordered suits and woolen coats for customers, as well as sold ready-made clothes.

Ready-made clothes are not easy to sell now, but Fang Yuans mothers cutting skills are good and her income is decent, otherwise she would not be able to support her daughters hospitalization, and her son would attend the Awakened Key Class.

However, her daughter has been hospitalized for more than a year and has already emptied her family’s savings.

It is also for this reason that Fang Yuan wants to take the Xingli Technology major and take the tuition sponsored by the big group, which can greatly relieve the pressure at home.

Fang Yuan walked to the door of his mother’s room, took a probe, and saw that his mother was changing the trousers, and asked in confusion, « Mom, how did you start to change the trousers? »

His mother, Li Shuhua, is a well-known tailor in the neighborhood, and customers who order clothes are full of praise for the clothes.

In the past, Li Shuhua didn’t take on the trivial work of changing the trousers because he was too busy.

And change the trousers once, only earn 5 yuan.

It is said that a costume designer is a tailor who understands art.

Who can make a suit, who wants to lower his body to take on such a small job?

« It’s all business, you can earn more by doing more. » Li Shuhua casually replied while wearing glasses and continuing to sew his pants.

After a while, Li Shuhua quickly added: « By the way, there is food in the pot. If it gets cold, you can heat it up by yourself. »

« I ate with Xiao Zhu in the hospital. » Fang Yuan replied.

« Oh, how is Xiaozhu? » Li Shuhua asked quickly.

« Very good, it’s just getting clingy, and I won’t come down on my neck. » Fang Yuan laughed involuntarily when he said this.

« Didn’t the doctor say anything? » Li Shuhua continued to ask.

« No, it’s been over a year, I don’t know how many times I can say it. »

« Is the cause still not found? »

« No, I don’t know what the hospital eats. I have been unable to find out the cause for more than a year. »

When it comes to this, Fang Yuan has a violent temper.

After all, my sister has been hospitalized for more than a year and the cause cannot be found, and even the best tempered people will have grievances.

The house was quiet for a while.

Fang Yuan said, « Mom, I’m thinking, or maybe I go to the Imperial Capital University. Then I will take my sister to the Imperial Capital to see a doctor. »

« Okay, it’s up to you, you have ideas when you are young. As long as you feel good, then you will take the test. » Li Shuhua promised.

Fang Yuan picked up the remote control, turned on the TV, and started watching military news.

A military news about the rift star beast is being broadcast on TV.

The Huaxia Navy fleet dispatched the Nuwa-class star-powered aircraft carrier battle group to conduct military operations on the first island chain in the Pacific, and regained control of the first island chain from the mouth of the star beasts.

Seeing that the country is prosperous, Fang Yuan was happy in his heart. He clenched his fist involuntarily and gave the Huaxia Navy a compliment in his heart.

At this moment.

There was a sound of keys opening the door.

Fang Zhenguo opened the door and entered, bending over to change slippers.

Fang Yuan looked back and asked: « Lao Fang, what’s wrong with your hands? »

« It’s okay, I got my arm in the martial arts hall, a little thing. » Fang Zhenguo put a plaster on his left hand, hung the bandage, and saw a fracture.

Li Shuhua also came out of the room and asked concerned: « What’s the matter? Is this hand broken? Why is there a wound on his face? »

« Isn’t it normal to work in a martial arts gym to get a little hurt? Don’t ask blindly. A little hurt will be fine in a few days. » Fang Zhenguo waved his hand and showed a smile that made his family feel relieved.

Fang’s father is a veteran. After leaving the army, he entered the martial arts gym run by his old comrades-in-arms and worked as a fighting coach.

Fang Yuan’s martial arts fighting skills were learned from his father, and his foundation was pretty good.

As a fighting coach in the martial arts gym, you need to accompany the members of the martial arts gym to train fighting skills, so occasionally there will be some minor injuries from scratches, but there has never been such a serious injury before.

« What’s okay? What about your hands after a hundred days of injury? What did the doctor say? » Li Shuhua continued to ask.

« Then what…I haven’t eaten dinner yet, do you leave me a meal? » Fang Zhenguo didn’t want to listen to the nagging, and started to change the subject.

« There is food left in the pot, I will heat it up for you. »

Li Shuhua walked to the kitchen while talking, and said as he walked: « I think you have to boil a pot of bone soup for you tomorrow, why did you break a bone? What kind of guests does the martial arts hall pick up? »

Fang Yuan thought about it carefully and said, « I think you don’t go to work tomorrow. »

« If you don’t go to work, do you drink northwest wind? It doesn’t matter if you drink, but Xiaozhu can’t. » Fang Zhenguo said with disgust.

The relationship between the father and son of the Fang family is like this.

« I’ll do it for you, right? All shifts will be transferred to the evening, and I will go to the martial arts center after school. » Fang Yuan suggested.

« You can do the work of the martial arts gym if you want to? It was beaten by a couple of punches, and the medical expenses were not enough to stick it in. » Fang Zhenguo looked impenetrable.

« It’s better than you are disabled, right? » Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

« Your kid’s three-legged cat kungfu was taught by me. How many catties do you have, I don’t know? » Fang Zhenguo was so angry that he wanted to jump up and beat someone, but his hand was broken and his fighting power was greatly reduced.

As soon as he became angry, Fang Yuan’s anger began to rise.

And the rise is not slow, +5, +5 rise.

Finally, the anger point rose by 50 points, reaching 62 points.

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and thought, if he continues to irritate Lao Fang, will he be mad at him?

You can still curse, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

But forget it, don’t get really angry.

Li Shuhua brought out the hot meal and interjected: « You two, father and son, quarrel as soon as you meet. What’s so noisy? If your hands are broken, what are you doing? You will let your son go to work for you for a few days. It hurts. »

There were differences of opinion, Fang Yuan and his mother won two to one.

Fang Zhenguo can only surrender.

« Okay, I’ll call tomorrow and let this kid take the place of work, right? » Fang Zhenguo could only agree.

« Let’s eat. Can you eat by yourself? Do you want me to feed you? » Li Shuhua asked.

Fang Zhenguo’s temper came up again, and he immediately went back: « I have a broken left hand, and my right hand has not broken yet! »

Fang Yuan was accustomed to the quarrel between his parents who fell in love and killed each other, and didn’t want to participate in it, so he went back to his room to read.

the next day.

When school was over in the afternoon, Han Youwei made another request for training.

Fang Yuan wanted to go to the martial arts gym to replace his father, so he could only refuse again: « I’m really sorry, I’ve been busy recently, and time is still in a hurry, so I have to leave now. »

Seeing that Fang Yuan was indeed in a hurry, Han Youwei didn’t force it: « Okay. Since you have something, then go first. »

When Fang Yuan left school, he rode directly to the Thunder Martial Arts Hall where his father worked.

When I was young, I often went to Thunder Martial Arts Hall, and the martial arts hall was opened by my father’s old comrades-in-arms, so I knew the people in the martial arts hall very well.

It is not difficult to replace a class.

When I was talking to Han Youwei at school, my anger rose again.

The +3 and +3 rises have risen five or six times.

The total number of anger points has broken 100, reaching 102 points.

« Could it be that all these anger points come from Han Youwei? This girl won’t always be grinning on her face, is she MMP in her heart? »

Of course, Fang Yuan was just joking in his heart, not thinking like that.

On the first day, the replacement class at Leiting Wuguan went smoothly. I got along well with other uncles and uncles in the Wuguan, and I also met a classmate.

Generally speaking, it is pleasant to work on behalf of the shift.

When accompany guests to practice fighting skills, they can also train their own military physical fighting skills and sliding steps.

The replacement time is from 6pm to 10pm.

After get off work, Fang Yuan looked at his property panel.

A new skill was discovered.

Skills: Military Physical Fighting Skill Lv.2 (68/100), Sliding Step Lv.1 (9/10)

The value in parentheses should be proficiency.

When surrogate class accompanies martial arts members to practice fighting, slide dodge moves are used more, so the progress is faster.

Depending on the progress, you should be able to level up after another day of practice.