Many students are vying to run for captain, but some students stand still.

The beef ball pushed Fang Yuans arm and asked: « Fang Yuan, why dont you run for captain? Your tactical and theoretical results are good, maybe you can be selected. If you are not captain, no team wants you, you have to enter Smelly fish, rotten shrimp group. »

« Not in a hurry. »

Fang Yuan looked at the students who were vying for the form and didn’t rush up.

The beef **** pointed to a few boys in the first class and asked, « Why don’t those few run for captain? Those few are very strong. »

Fang Yuan took a look and saw the four strongest boys in a class, nicknamed the Four King Kong.

« That’s not easy. You can join the same team without running for captain. »

Hearing this answer, Beef Ball fell to the ground with all the potato chips in his hand, and said with wide eyes: « So you can still play like this. Those guys are so strong, if they are in the same team, who is their opponent? ? »

« That’s how they should think, forming a galaxy fleet to crush all living beings. » Fang Yuan said.

In fact, starting from the campaign for captain, it is a game.

If the top 25 students become the captain, the 25 tactical teams that come out of that group will be more average in strength.

In this case, it is hard to say who can win in the fight.

At this time, if the student ranked 2nd, give up running for captain, and team up with the student ranked 1st.

Then, the team they formed can basically overwhelm all teams.

Of course, after the game begins, things will not be so simple.

Once ranked 1st and 2nd team.

So in order to snipe this two-strong team, ranked 3, 4, and 5 are likely to unite and form a three-strong team to compete with it.

In short, this actual training game has already begun from the moment of campaigning for captain.

Strong students began to unite privately, first forming a team orally, and then sending the team with the highest tactical theory score to run for captain.

This is the optimal strategy for most teams.

As for students with poor grades in the martial arts class, no one is willing to ask, so they can only run for captain by themselves.

Avoid being assigned to the fate of smelly fish and shrimp.

The beef ball hit the lower source with his elbow again, and asked, « Fang Yuan, are you not going to run for captain? This is your only chance. »

« Then why don’t you go? » Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

« I don’t have to run for the captain. I have a medium grade in martial arts, so no matter how I choose, I won’t become the 3 that nobody wants. You are different, your martial arts grade is the last one. » Niu Wan is very confident about this.

In fact, most students have already agreed to team up in private.

The grouping is already obvious, and there are more than a dozen people who are not willing to have a team.

Fang Yuan’s performance in the martial arts class was stable, and he became a candidate for the stinky fish and shrimp group of course.

« It makes sense. »

Fang Yuan felt that the beef **** really made sense, so after the classmates who grabbed the form dispersed, he went up and took a form.

Write the name and throw it to Wei Hailong.

Wei Hailong turned over the form and asked, « Just write a name? What about your personal profile and the philosophy of the captain election? »

« Anyway, in my case, you all know that the martial arts class scores are down. If you can choose, you can choose. If you don’t choose, you will fall. » Fang Yuan is most annoyed by this kind of election.

Wei Hailong didn’t know why, how he felt that Fang Yuan was upset.

After all the students running for captain handed in the form, he raised the form in his hand and asked: « Are there any other candidates for captain? If not, I will go over and discuss with other teachers. »

Wei Hailong left with the form.

After about twenty minutes, Wei Hailong returned to the large classroom and began to announce: « The captain who reads the name now is the captain of this simulated actual combat. »

« The first team, Captain William Li, come up to get the form. »

Unsurprisingly, William Lee was the first to be selected as the captain.

William Lee went up and took his team form.

Wei Hailong added: « I will find four classmates later and fill in the names of the team members. »

William Li took the form, put it on the table next to him, and waved to the boys in the class.

Three of the Four King Kongs in a class immediately came up to sign without any hesitation or delay.

The first team is basically formed.

The students in the two classes looked at three of the four King Kong, all of whom had entered William Li’s team, and they all started talking with wide eyes.

« Really, William Lee’s team is so strong, can you still play happily? »

« I said it was actual combat training. I didn’t plan to play with you at all. William Li and the Four King Kong, this is to take the actual combat training first name. »

« Although it’s very uncomfortable, there is really no suspense for the top spot in this simulation. »

« Hey… Li William’s team, plus he has only four people. There is also a position, if anyone can enter this team, it will be too comfortable, just lie down and win the first place. »

Some students have even started to ask: « Shao Li, can you take me one? My martial arts class scores are all top ten, and my ability is Star Power Shield, so I can definitely play a defensive position. »

Wu Kui, one of the Four King Kong squad, stretched out his hand to push the boy away, and said, « Go away, we are the Galaxy Fleet, know? We only need super fighters to defend and support this kind of garbage. What use is it? « 


Wei Hailong continued to read the names of the captains. After each captain got the team member registration form, he began to persuade students with good marks in the martial arts course to join the team.

After reading the captain of the 24 teams, there was still no Fang Yuan’s name.

The beef **** reached out and patted Fang Yuan’s shoulder, and said, « You’re cold, I can’t help you this time. »

However, when Wei Hailong read the name of the last captain, the students in both classes were stunned.

« The 25th team, Captain Fang Yuan. »

The large classroom was quiet for three seconds.

Suddenly someone expressed dissatisfaction: « Instructor, why can a team leader with the lowest grade in the martial arts class be the captain? This is not fair. »

Wei Hailong glanced at the student and shouted: « This is my decision. Anyone who is not satisfied can withdraw from this simulated actual combat. Or if you win me, you will become the instructor! »

After shouting, no one dared to raise objections.

The captains of each team began to select players.

At first, some girls gathered around Li William and begged like a baby: « Shao Li, let me join the team. I listen to you everything, and my abilities are not weak. »

Fang Yuan also started looking for players.

After all, if you don’t pull people into the team quickly, the more you get behind, the fewer people you can pick.

However, finding teammates didn’t go well.

When many people saw that the captain was Fang Yuan, they all said, « I’m sorry, we don’t make an appointment. »

Fang Yuan was stunned and couldn’t find any team member.

Some guys even prefer to be thrown out of the stinky fish and shrimp group rather than join the team.

« Hey… I don’t believe it. »

Fang Yuan turned around and handed the form to the beef balls, saying, « A chicken wing, sign it. »

The beef **** shook his head quickly and refused: « Don’t tempt me, I don’t want to be beaten, I want to enter a middle team. »