« No? There is still a problem that chicken wings can’t solve. Isn’t your brain watt? » Fang Yuan didn’t expect beef **** to prefer chicken wings to joining the team.

« Fang Yuan, although I am fat, I am not stupid. »

The beef **** seemed to suddenly become smarter, and even began to analyze the importance of this simulated actual combat:

« This simulated actual combat is an advance preview of the actual field combat. If you can now enter a team with a little wall and cooperate well, the team can be fixed in the official field combat. If you can’t enter the team now, go to the official field combat. It’s harder to find the team. »

« Made, when did you become so wise? » Fang Yuan looked at him with admiration.

« You curse! »

« I praise you. »

the other side.

William Li waved the surrounding students away, and said proudly, « Go away. I want to form a fifth-superior team. I should be a little self-aware. »

« What is the fifth super team? » Someone wondered.

« I don’t understand this? Of course it is a team of five super fighters, also called the Celestial team, crushing sentient beings like the Celestials. » The student next to him helped explain.

Some students who consciously cannot reach the level of super fighters can only step back and look for the second-tier team.

However, there are still many girls, daydreaming, dreaming of joining Li Williams super dream team and being protected by four super fighters like a princess.

« Shao Li… Shao Li… » a group of girls begged.

Not only the girls in Class 1, but also the girls in Class 2, Shen Lina is one of them.

« Shao Li, Tianshen team, if there is a girl who can mediate the team atmosphere, it will definitely be better than five boys. »

William Li waved away from the crowd, stepped to the camp of the second class, came to Han Youwei, handed over the team form, showing a gentlemanly smile: « Youwei, sign it. You are the only one left. »

Han Youwei frowned and hesitated.

William Li continued to persuade: « I have formed the team and reserved a place for you. Everyone in the team is the strongest. Together, we will take the first place in actual combat training. »

at this time.

Qiao Zeyu took a few of the best students in the martial arts class of Class Two and crossed the bars.

« Han Youwei, I invite you to join our super team in Class 2. We are both in Class 2, and we should fight for this glory for our class. »

In the second class, someone from Qiao Zeyu’s family worked in the Super Management Bureau, and his family background was very good, so not only was the uncle party, but his martial arts class scores were also the first five years.

The first team has formed a super team and wants to take the first place.

The second squad was naturally not reconciled, so Qiao Zeyu took the lead and formed a second super team with the other strong players in the second squad to attack the William Lee team.

In the second class, although Han Youwei is a girl, her martial arts class score is stable in the top three. This is because as a girl, she rarely tries her best in the martial arts exam, otherwise it is okay to be the first.

And girls can really adjust the team atmosphere and inspire the players’ state.

Therefore, Han Youwei naturally became the target of the two super teams.

Li William narrowed his eyes, stared at Qiao Zeyu, and snorted coldly: « Dare you rob me? »

« Han Youwei is in our second class, you are the one who crosses the bar, right? » Qiao Zeyu did not show any weakness.

« Humph! »

William Li snorted and didn’t want to pay attention to him, and continued to smile at Han Youwei: « Youwei, the matter of team formation, I have already told my aunt two days ago, and my aunt is very supportive. Moreover, there is a super team of mine, Obviously one level better than the second class. »

« Han Youwei is obviously in our second class. You came to grab someone, isn’t it too much? » The second class students were very upset.

« The instructor never said that the two classes can’t be mixed into teams. » William Li gave this person a cold glance.

The two sides argued fiercely.

On one side are family acquaintances, on the other side are classmates.

Han Youwei is indeed a little embarrassed, not knowing which way to choose.

Fang Yuan was equally embarrassed, not because of being scrambled, but because of no one.

In the face of extra points in the college entrance examination, all of them were very shrewd and looked for the strong team, and no one was willing to join the weak team.

Even the chicken wings can’t handle beef balls, which shows how difficult it is to team up this time.

When Fang Yuan was upset, he saw William Li and Qiao Zeyu fighting for Han Youwei.

Suddenly found a way to kill two birds with one stone.

This fierce competition is clearly a good opportunity to get angry.

So Fang Yuan walked up, handed Han Youwei the pen and the team form, and said, « Signature. »

« Oh. »

Han Youwei agreed, swiped a few times, and signed her name.

Things are very abrupt.

Very weird.

It was caught off guard.

The people of the two teams were still red-faced in the last second, and they were about to start fighting.

Suddenly it became quiet.

The two teams looked down at the form signed with Han Youwei’s name.

Three seconds later, someone finally roared.

« Fuck! What the **** is going on? What about the super team? »

« Goddess Youwei, did you make a mistake? You mistakenly thought it was a fan asking you to sign it? »

« Made! Han Youwei entered the countdown team, what should we do? Can our second class still be saved? »

« It must be a wrong sign, it must be a wrong sign! »

Just when everyone was full of consternation.

Fang Yuan stared at his maddening anger.

+10, +30, +50

Soaring all the way, not only from Li William’s team, Qiao Zeyu is also contributing anger here.

However, in just a few seconds, 460 points of anger rose.

Adding the original 510 rage points, the total has reached 970 points.

Moreover, the growth of anger points has not stopped.

William Li’s expression became extremely ugly. He reached out and took the team form, squeezed it into a ball with one hand, and said, « This doesn’t count. »

Throw the ball of paper to the ground after speaking.

Everyone looked at the crumpled form in a daze, wondering how the matter should be resolved.

Wei Hailong bent down and picked up the form, unfolded it, and asked, « Han Youwei, are you going to join the 25th team? »

Han Youwei nodded and replied: « Yes. »

« The signature is valid. »

Wei Hailong directly announced the result, then looked at William Li and reprimanded: « William Li, the first warning not to interfere with other teams’ team building, and once again, he will directly disqualify for actual combat training.

« Humph! »

William Li waved his hand heavily and walked back to his class camp.

Although Qiao Zeyu and the others were a bit unhappy, at least Han Youwei remained in the second class and was barely able to accept it.

The beef **** played their wise side again, and immediately ran up, took the form from the instructor, and said: « It’s my turn, Fang Yuan, I signed it. »

« Sign you a ghost? Didn’t you just say not to sign. » Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

« I was joking just now. » Beef Flavor laughed.

« I just invited you to join the team, which was also a joke. » Fang Yuan took the form back.

The beef ball turned black, and Fang Yuan started using « angry gaze ».

+5, +5, +5……

Fang Yuan received 30 rage points as the entry fee, allowing the total number of rage points to exceed the 1,000 mark.

Then he handed the form to him: « Sign it. »

Beef Ball immediately turned into a smile, and signed the name.