With the addition of Han Youwei, the 25th team suddenly became a popular team.

Although there is one in the team who has the top score, there is also a top three in strength.

In general, it is also a mid-level team.

Therefore, the students with lower grades in the martial arts class also began to consider Fang Yuan’s team as an optional team.

Some students who had rejected Fang Yuan just now took the initiative to find them, hoping to join the team.

Fang Yuan used practical actions to interpret what is meant by « you did not answer to me at the beginning, but now you can’t afford it ».

Harvested another wave of anger.

After the beef **** joined the team, he began to care about recruiting players.

Now the team still has two positions. Of course, the stronger the better.

« Fang Yuan, hurry up to find someone. Look for someone who is strong, and then they will all be robbed. » Beef Ball urged.

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry.

A tactical team is not necessarily strong with five super fighters.

Moreover, so far, no one has asked about the battle method of this actual combat training.

Before deciding which players to choose, you must first understand the rules of actual combat training.

« Can I bring weapons for this actual combat training? »

After Fang Yuan asked this question, the students in the two classes suddenly realized that they had neglected the rules of actual combat training, and they all stopped making noise and quietly waited for Wei Hailong’s answer.

« No. » Wei Hailong replied.

« So the school will be equipped with weapons? » Fang Yuan felt that since it was actual combat training, it was impossible to train with bare hands. That would not be called actual combat.

« Yes, weapons will be distributed in the simulated battlefield at that time. » Wei Hailong replied.

« What kind of weapon? »

« Each team will have a certain amount of points. Use the points to purchase equipment, including armor, cold weapons, firearms… » Wei Hailong briefly introduced the types of weapons.

Some students became nervous when they heard that there were firearms: « If you are hit by a firearm, isn’t it lifeless? »

« Practical training uses training bullets, which are not fatal. » Wei Hailong explained.

« What counts as being hit by a training bullet? »

« Two shots were eliminated in non-critical parts, and one shot was eliminated in critical parts. » Wei Hailong replied.

« It turns out that you can use a gun. » The students in the two classes suddenly began to talk fiercely.

Although the martial arts class, there are courses in firearms.

However, the previous martial arts exams, even if they were actual combat assessments, were just contests in terms of fists and abilities, and had never used firearms in actual combat.

In this simulation, if you can use firearms, the situation will be completely different.

If there were no guns, then students with high star power levels and strong abilities would inevitably crush sentient beings.

However, it is different with firearms.

Even if the star power level reaches Lv.3, it still can’t stop the bullet.

Although it is a training projectile, which is not fatal when shot, the key shot is eliminated directly.

In other words, even if the super team formed by William Lee is hit by a bullet, it will be eliminated.

This gives the weaker team the opportunity to reverse the situation and « anti-kill » the super team.

Of course, this is only theoretically possible, because super teams can also use guns.

The advantage of the super team is still the advantage, but it won’t be crushed so obviously.

If you can use firearms, some students who have defensive abilities will be able to use them.

For example, the « Star Power Shield » who wanted to join the William Lee Super Team just now received invitations from several strong teams.

In accordance with the rules of simulated actual combat, the key is eliminated directly after being shot.

Then, as long as you block the bullet with the Star Force Shield, there is no problem.

The beef ball was more anxious, and urged: « Fang Yuan, have you thought about it, who should you choose? If you don’t choose, the strong will be selected. Let Han Youwei go to lobby, and you will definitely succeed. »

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry, guided the star power into his eyes, and began to observe the attributes and abilities of the students present.

Among the Awakeners, most of the tactical teams are composed of a super soldier as the core.

Even with a multi-core lineup, there are at most two super fighters.

There is rarely a team of three super fighters.

For example, the « Red Dragon », the God of War of China, also grew up slowly from a low-level awakened person.

His team was later known as the « Dragon Team », and each of its members later became a powerful figure.

However, in the « Dragon Team », there is only one super soldier, and that is the « Red Dragon ».

The other Dragon Team members, although they are all powerful high-level awakeners, are not super fighters with dual-power attributes.

Although not a super soldier, no one dares to say that the members of the Dragon Team are rubbish.

It is precisely because of the presence of these non-super-war high-level Awakeners that the Dragon Team has become famous.

Even now, someone has recruited five super fighters to form a team, and they dare not say that they can defeat the Dragon Team.

Therefore, in a tactical team.

How many super fighters there are is not critical.

The key is whether the team members can produce chemical reactions through cooperation.

Fang Yuan glanced over the students in the two classes and found a boy who was standing in the corner and looked rather withdrawn.

This boy is in the same class and seems not very gregarious.

His grades in the martial arts class were average, so no teams invited him.

After Fang Yuan saw his property panel, he became interested.

Name: Ye Zheyu

Star power rating: Lv.2

Attributes: Strength 20, Agility 22, Physical 20, Spirit 21

Super Features: Ghost Eye

Skills: Gun mastery

Star power level reached Lv.2, which is not low, but the attributes are too mediocre.

All attributes are struggling on the average line, and none of them are prominent.

Abilities are not a common type.

Fang Yuan took out his cell phone and searched the public ability database.

It was found that this « ghost eye » ability belongs to a special system and has no attack power.

The mediocre attributes, coupled with the ability to have no offensive power, are really hard to get the favor of the strong team.

Ye Zheyu stood in the corner. Although he was not so gregarious, his eyes were always in the eyes of the teams.

It can be seen from his expression.

This is a boy with a shy personality. Although he is not very gregarious, he still wants to be seen in his heart.

However, he was too mediocre in all aspects, and naturally could not attract the attention of others.

Fang Yuan walked over and asked, « Can you shoot? »

« My dad used to be a shooter, playing guns since he was young. » Ye Zheyu replied.

« Let me take a look at your abilities. » Fang Yuan asked.

Fang Yuan was the first team leader to speak to him, so Ye Zheyu hoped to be recognized in his heart, and quickly raised his hand to gather star power, forming an eyeball in his palm.

Under the iris data, I saw a brief introduction of « Ghost Eye ».

[Phantom Eyes: Eyeballs created with star power can replace the naked eye to provide visual senses.

From the introduction alone, this ability should belong to the scout-type ability.

The effect is not without, but the telescope and thermal sensor can achieve the same effect, making the effect of this ability very limited.

Therefore, in the eyes of most strong teams, Ye Zheyu is equivalent to a whiteboard awakener with mediocre attributes.