Seeing that Fang Yuan wanted to invite a Whiteboard Awakener to join the team, the beef ball suddenly became nervous and hurriedly leaned forward, saying, « Fang Yuan, his power is not offensive, let’s not waste time, okay? »

When Ye Zheyu heard the beef balls, a trace of help flashed in his eyes, and he lowered his head and admitted: « My ability really has no attack power. »

Fang Yuan looked back at the beef balls, and said, « Can you shut up? If you have any opinion on my captain, then leave the team. »

The beef **** had to turn around to find other strong classmates, and began to advertise: « Classmates, Youwei Goddess Team, find out, the appearance and strength are both good. »

« You did double the watch, the upper limit broke the watch, and the lower limit also broke the watch. »

This advertisement is not attractive to a master with dreams.

The main reason is that Fang Yuan’s current team members are all weird.

A martial arts class score counted down, a fat man covered in fat, and the captain was chatting with an uncomfortable whiteboard awakener, no matter how he looked like a cheating team.

Fang Yuan continued to chat with Ye Zheyu.

« If you close your eyes and use ghost eyes to provide vision, can you hit the target with a gun? »

« Yes, very accurate. » Ye Zheyu was very sure.

« If you, the eyes of the ghost, and the target are arranged in a triangle, can you hit the target with only the vision of the eyes of the ghost with your eyes closed? » Fang Yuan increased the difficulty.

« Yes. » Ye Zheyu nodded again.

« you sure? »

« I often play like this at home. »

Ye Zheyu shrugged and replied, « I can only play like this. My power really has no other effect. »

Fang Yuan nodded and continued to analyze the effect of this ability: « How is your ability, how is the visible distance at night? »

« Night vision may be the only advantage of Phantom Eye. The visible distance is basically the same as during the day, and it can reach about 90% of the day. » Ye Zheyu did not expect anyone to care about his abilities so much.

« What about foggy days? » Fang Yuan asked again.

« Fog days will be affected a bit, but it is much better than the human eye. I have tried in the foggy weather, the naked eye can only see 10 meters, and the ghost eye can see 30 meters. » Ye Zheyu gave an example.

Fang Yuan nodded, and asked, « The last question, how far can your ghost eyes be released? »

« About two hundred meters. » Ye Zheyu replied.

« Sign it. » Fang Yuan was very straightforward, and after asking, he handed over the team form.

Ye Zheyu was stunned for a moment, and asked uncertainly: « Would you like me? »

« Come or not? I still have one person left, make a decision quickly. » Fang Yuan urged.

Ye Zheyu didn’t linger too much, and quickly took the form, wrote down the name, and handed it back.

Fang Yuan took the form back, copied his « ghost eye » ability by the way, and then turned to look for the last player.

the other side.

Some girls who have already found a team gather to discuss.

The topics discussed were basically focused on Han Youwei.

« Youwei, why did you join Fang Yuan’s team? His team is full of crooked melons and split dates. You will definitely be miserable in this assessment. » When Shen Lina thought of Fang Yuan, she thought of playing basketball in the old city. What happened in the field, I wanted to bite Fang Yuan severely.

« Yes. You Wei, why are you joining Fang Yuan’s team? Is he holding your handle and threatening you? »

« No, don’t think about it, please? » Han Youwei was a little helpless, not knowing how to explain it.

« If you didn’t have the handle in his hands, why did you join his amazing team? Look at his team. A martial arts class is the last one, the other is only fat, and Ye Zheyu What’s the origin? Who is in the first class, please introduce me. »

One group of girls answered, « Ye Zheyu is mediocre in all aspects, and his martial arts class score is low, and his abilities have no offensive power. They can only be used for reconnaissance. If you use boys to play games, you would be a whiteboard soldier. . »

« In a team, there are three crooked melons and split dates. The last one is not sure what you will find. You Wei, you should leave the team quickly. If he waits for him to collect the people and hand in the form, then there is no Chance. »

« That’s right. Although William Lee’s super team is full, if you tell him, he will definitely kick someone out and let you join the team. »

« No, thank you for your kindness. I think the current team is pretty good. » Han Youwei smiled helplessly.

Although she didn’t know how Fang Yuan selected the players, she knew that Fang Yuan’s tactical theory class scores were very good, and the analysis of abilities was more accurate than that of machines.

She felt that with Fang Yuan’s analytical ability, it was impossible to randomly select players.

When Fang Yuan decided to choose Ye Zheyu to join the team, he had already thought of who the last player would choose.

In the second class, there is a blond girl of Asian and European race named Eve.

This girl usually likes to wear denim shorts and eat alpine lollipops.

Inherited a blonde hair, but an Asian figure, not tall, but usually likes to play basketball among boys.

She grew up in Europe when she was a child. When she was in junior high school, she returned to China to live in China because of her parents job transfer.

I usually have a cheerful personality, but because of cultural differences, I occasionally do something extraordinary.

The reason why Fang Yuan wanted to choose her has nothing to do with her pedigree. The main reason is that she has taken a fancy to her ability « fog weather ».

As long as you give her water, you can create foggy weather.

There is also no attack power, but the star power level is Lv.2, the mental attribute is higher, and she is a blond mixed-race girl, so many teams still invite her to join the team.

At this time, there are two upper-middle teams talking to Eve.

Fang Yuan walked up, crossed a bar, handed the form up, and asked: « Do you sign it? »

The two teams that were inviting Eve together stared at Fang Yuan with unkind eyes.

Although they are classmates, Eve and Fang Yuan don’t have much overlap, and they don’t necessarily talk once in a semester.

« Am I so popular now? Then you give me a reason to join the team, and I will consider it. » Eve sat on the desk with an Alpine lollipop in it, not very caring about this simulation.

The captains of the other two teams began to talk in a big way, all kinds of praise.

Fang Yuan became impatient when he heard it, and interrupted: « Just a word, I need your power, will you come? »

The ability of « fog weather » was indeed what Fang Yuan wanted, but it was not without alternatives.

So its the best to be able to invite. If you cant invite it, then forget it. The big deal is to copy her abilities with « super mimicry » and use it the same way.

Eve heard such a brief reason, but curiously asked: « Would you like to play super basketball with me? »

« On weekends, not at other times. » Fang Yuan agreed very simply.

« That’s fine. Bring it to me. » Eve was also very straightforward, reaching for the form and signing it.

The five gathered together, Fang Yuan handed the team form to Wei Hailong.

Finally, I asked a question: « Can I bring super pets in simulated actual combat? »

« Yes, there is a maximum of one per person, and a maximum of two per team. The super pet level cannot exceed the highest level of the team. »