at night.

When Fang Yuan returned home.

Fang Xiaozhu excitedly followed the room with two cats: « Brother, I can do it. »

« What can you do? » Fang Yuan replied casually, and began to prepare for the simulated actual battle tomorrow.

Fang Xiaozhu picked up the two cats and put them on the table, then his hands began to wave: « Oh! »

The two cats rolled around on the table, then spread their hind legs and split a fork.

« Look. » Fang Xiaozhu triumphantly showed off.

Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan covered his forehead speechlessly.

I don’t know what the two cats have gone through. It is estimated that Fang Xiaozhu was tossed enough and couldn’t speak, so he had to split a fork to show his loyalty.

« Don’t toss them, if you want to use abilities, first try to mobilize the star power. That’s the key. »

This girl is not a way to behave like this every day, Fang Yuan had to give pointers.

« You said earlier, did my practice work today? Have fireballs and handjobs become stronger? » Fang Xiaozhu still felt that it was quite amazing to let two cats learn to split.

« No, it’s still the same. » Fang Yuan glanced at the two cats and confirmed that « Divine Evolution » was not working.

« That’s it. Then I will practice again tomorrow, and I’m going to sleep now. » Fang Xiaozhu beckoned to the two cats before going back to the room to sleep.

« Wait. »

Fang Yuan lifted the increasingly round gray machine and placed it in front of him to observe carefully.

I haven’t tried it before, and I’m not sure if « Super Mimicry » can replicate the abilities of mutant creatures.

Take this opportunity to experiment.

Fang Yuan first stored the « Phantom Eye » ability in the Xingli Watch, then stretched out his hand to rub the gray machine’s hair, while using « super mimicry » to try to replicate the gray machine’s « advanced agility enhancement ».

A stellar force flows into the gray machine body, and flows back back after a while.

The **** trembled.

Fang Yuan glanced at his property panel.

The star trough characteristic shows impressively: advanced agility enhancement (mimicry).

As expected, « super mimicry » can not only replicate the abilities of human awakened ones, but also replicate the abilities of mutant creatures.

This magical skill is really getting more and more amazing.

« Tomorrow the school will conduct a simulated actual combat assessment, and I will take this product. »

These two cats are both Lv.1, so in terms of combat effectiveness, that’s pretty bad.

However, it is enough to have the ability.

« Is there any danger? » Fang Xiaozhu asked.

« No. »

« Well, when you come back, remember to buy cat food. Handjob likes tomato flavor. » Fang Xiaozhu began to ask for benefits for the two cats.

« Okay, go back to sleep and go to school tomorrow. »

After Fang Yuan drove his sister back to sleep, he copied the « Phantom Eye » ability in Xingli Watch, condensing an eyeball in his palm.

Then, he stretched out his hand and threw the ghost eye out of the window, closed his eyes, and tried to control the ghost eye as a visual organ to observe the outside environment.

This ghost eye is like a flying camera, which is really interesting.

After testing it for a while, it was found that the controllable range of the ghost eye was about 200 meters, which seemed to be related to the spiritual attribute.

With the support of 20 points, the controllable range is just 200 meters.

the next day.

The **** was packed into a pet backpack, only the head and four legs were exposed.

After Fang Xiaozhu packed up the handjob, he picked it up and handed it to Fang Yuan.

Then, he gave another bag of cat food in small packages: « This is lunch for the handjob. »

After packing, the siblings went to school.

Fang Yuan was carrying a handjob, Fang Xiaozhu was carrying a school bag, and the orange cat dangled behind him.


The **** struggled twice, unable to open the pet backpack, and had to accept his fate as a pendant.

Fang Yuan took a detour and sent Fang Xiaozhu to the entrance of the attached small door, and said: « Go in, don’t bully your classmates. »

« I just left the hospital, how can I bully my classmates? » Fang Xiaozhu rolled his eyes.

« I’m talking about it. » Fang Yuan pointed at the orange cat.

« Fireball won’t. »

« Say it first. If it’s confiscated by the teacher, I won’t help you get it back. »

Fang Yuan turned around to go to school only when his sister ran into the attached elementary school gate.

When I entered the classroom, I found that there was an extra group of pets in the classroom today.

There is a two ha, four claws on the ground are as high as a desk, can be used as a mount directly.

Fang Yuan can think of bringing super pets to participate in this simulation actual combat, and other students can naturally think of too.

Therefore, as long as they have super pets at home, they will basically bring them.

However, there are not many families with super-powered pets. After all, they are pets worth millions, and not everyone can afford it.

Counting the hamster with beef balls, there are seven super pets in the class.

Most of them have little combat effectiveness.

As soon as Fang Yuan sat in his seat, the beef **** handed over his fat hamster weighing more than ten kilograms, and said, « Look, I have brought my big stomach king too, and I will bring the big stomach king later. Go to the D3 actual combat training ground. »

The D3 actual combat training field is a training field on the outskirts of Donghai City. It is usually a training field for the awakened troops in the Donghai Theater.

This time it was used as the actual combat simulation venue for Donghae City High School.

Eve, the blond mixed-race girl, has already joined the team, come up to see if the team has any arrangements.

She tore open the packaging bag, put a lollipop into her mouth, and muttered:

« Why are you taking this hamster? Isn’t its ability to digest quickly? Are you going to have a picnic in D3? »

« My hamster is a mutant creature. » The beef **** were a little unhappy.

Fang Yuan put his backpack on the table.

The handjob, which had been bound by the backpack for a long time, finally had a chance, « swish » out of it, rushed forward, and bit the hamster’s neck.

squeak! Squeak…

The hamster who was a circle bigger than the **** suddenly screamed.

« Fang Yuan! Fang Yuan! Your cat is crazy, why do you bite my big stomach king? » The beef **** also screamed.

The **** was in a posture of capturing the prey, holding on to the hamster and refused to let it go.

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand to break the mouth of the thief, grabbed it and put it on the table, and said, « Who let you prey, don’t look at how big this hamster is, can you eat it? »

After the lesson is over, close the pet backpack and tighten the pocket a little bit.


I couldn’t get out this time, and the **** could only call twice to protest.

Han Youwei sat down with a notebook and asked, « I’m going to the D3 battlefield later, should we discuss tactics? »

« Why don’t we discuss where to play basketball on weekends? » Eve is not interested in this actual simulation, but looks forward to playing basketball on weekends.

When a group of people talked and laughed.

The head teacher and Wei Hailong came in together and announced their departure to the D3 actual combat training ground.

As a result, all the students in the class moved, carrying the things they had prepared in advance, walked out of the school gate, got on the bus, and headed to the D3 actual combat training ground in the suburbs.

In the third grade of Donghai No. 1 Middle School, students from 20 classes participated in this actual combat simulation.

A convoy of twenty buses drove to the outskirts in a mighty manner.