D3 actual combat training ground on the outskirts of Donghai City.

More than 600 students from Donghai No. 1 Middle School came to the D3 actual combat training ground, crowded in the preparation hall, waiting for the actual combat assessment to begin.

More than 600 students gathered in tactical teams in twos and threes to discuss strategies for actual combat assessment.

« quiet! »

Stop drinking, interrupting everyone’s discussion.

A middle-aged man in the uniform of a lieutenant colonel stood in front of the crowd and announced: « What you have in front of you is the D3 actual combat training field in the East China Sea Theater. The troops will lend you the actual combat training field for actual combat assessment, in order to improve. Everyones actual combat quality, your instructors will announce the specific rules and assessment rewards for this actual combat assessment. »

« Rewards, and rewards? » The students present are very good at capturing keywords.

After Wei Hailong stepped forward to salute each other with the lieutenant colonel, he turned to everyone and announced in a strong voice: « This actual combat assessment, the team that won the first place, each team member can get the e-type Star Force injection. »

More than 600 students heard the words « e-type Xingli injection » and they all boiled.

« To reward Xingli injection, this reward is too rich, right? »

« What is e-type Xingli injection? » Some students had never heard of this injection, and curiously asked the students next to them.

« You don’t even know about Xingli injection? This is a potion used to increase the level of Xingli. I heard that it can increase the awakened’s upgrade rate by more than 60%. »

« There is still such a thing? »

« Otherwise, how do you think those awakened geniuses came from? People have been using Xingli injections. I heard that the geniuses of the first group are almost out of Lv.3. »

« Lv.3, is it so fierce? If this happens, there is no need to fight. »

« be quiet! »

Wei Hailong shouted, quieting the hall, and then announced:

« Now we announce the actual combat assessment rules. There are 128 tactical teams with 640 people participating in the simulated actual combat assessment this time. »

« This actual combat assessment will be divided into two games in the morning, A and B, each with 64 teams. Enter the battlefield from different directions, and stick to the final team to win. The afternoon will be the actual combat assessment finals, A and B two The winning team of the group competes. The winning team will receive the first prize. »

When a crowd of students heard this assessment rule, they discussed fiercely.

« 64 teams put in a melee? This is a battle royale! »

« It seems that it depends on who can make it to the end. »

« Yeah. After the war, find a place to hide and wait until others are almost done, then come out and pick up the bargain. »

« Mad! What’s the point of hiding all of them for their lives? What breaks the rules? »

Wei Hailong then announced the points rules.

« According to the actual combat assessment rules, each tactical team has 100 initial points, which can be used to purchase actual combat training equipment. This display shows all the training equipment that can be purchased. »

Wei Hailong said, reaching for the big screen on the wall behind him.

Various equipment was displayed impressively on the screen.

Wei Hailong went on to introduce: « The training equipment this time mainly includes armor, cold weapons, and firearms… »

Everyone stared at the big screen, thinking about what equipment they would buy with their points.

The first is armor.

There are three types of defense: body armor, helmet, and explosion-proof shield.

Someone raised his hand and asked, « Instructor, didn’t you say that you were killed by a bullet? How do you count these armors? »

« Armor can block bullets without harm. » Wei Hailong explained.

« Wow, if that’s the case, then buying armor is very cost-effective. Buying armor, hiding, and staying until the end of the assessment is perfect. » The student was moved.

« Look at it first. Each piece of armor costs 20 points, and a team costs 100 points. Buy five pieces. Two people wear one less. The other three players run naked? » Someone soon saw the problem.

Immediately afterwards, there were cold weapons.

There are field knives, daggers, long swords, and composite bows for archery.

Each cold weapon has 10 points. If you buy a cold weapon, you can get one for each team member, and you can buy two more armors.

Finally, and the most concerned is firearms.

The first is a pistol, one with 50 points.

Assault rifle, one with 100 points.

Sniper rifle, one with 200 points.

Seeing the price of firearms, more than 600 students were not calm.

« Instructor, what’s going on? We only have 100 points, but this sniper rifle costs 200 points. Can the two teams get together to buy it? »

Wei Hailong answered: « Points cannot be used together, they can only be purchased separately. »

« Then this sniper rifle is released funny? Each team earns 100 points, how to buy it? »

« In the morning group match, for every opponent eliminated, you can get 2 points. So, as long as you make up 100 points, plus the initial 100 points, you can buy a sniper rifle. » Wei Hailong answered.

« What the hell! It takes 2 points to eliminate one person. It takes 50 people to eliminate 100 points. This is to kill a small half of the team. And the initial 100 points can’t be used. Is this cheating? »

« Although it’s cheating, it’s normal. Otherwise, each team will buy a sniper rifle and play remote sniper together. »

Regardless of everyones comments, Wei Hailong announced, « Okay, the rules are like this. Next, the AB group list will be displayed on the big screen. After seeing the grouping of his team, he enters the field from the two channels AB and is ready to start. Assessment. »

Immediately afterwards, the team list of AB group was listed on the big screen.

Judging from this team grouping list, it is not randomly assigned, but the strong teams are divided into two groups equally.

For example, the strongest teams on paper, William Li and Qiao Zeyu, are in Group A and Group B respectively.

The purpose of this grouping is to make the two strongest teams meet in the finals.

« Made! How did we get assigned to Group A? A group with William Li, it seems to be for nothing. » After seeing the grouping, a second-tier team was very helpless.

« Is there a difference between the two teams, either Li William or Qiao Zeyu? »

« When I meet Qiao Zeyu’s team, I can at least struggle a bit. It’s better than going to Group A. »

Fang Yuan glanced at the big screen and saw his name at the end. It was Group B.

As a result, the team of five people walked toward the B channel, at the entrance of the B channel, ready to buy weapons and equipment.

« What are we buying? How about buying armor. With 100 points, you can buy 5 helmets and explosion-proof heads. » Niu Wan suggested.

« Just buy armor, not weapons, are we going to go in and get beaten? » Eve objected.

« Then buy one less helmet and two knives. » The beef ball suggested.