Just when the five members of Fang Yuan’s team were considering what equipment to buy.

The five members of Qiao Zeyu’s team came over and prepared to buy equipment.

They are the strongest team in the second squad, and they are also the few teams that are qualified to challenge William Lee’s super team during this actual combat assessment.

Qiao Zeyu looked at Han Youwei, smiled and said, « We are in the same group, and it is inevitable that we will fight each other. After the game starts, if we meet each other, we will rely on our strengths. In case of accidental injury, don’t be jealous. After all, it is an actual combat assessment. »

« Of course. » Han Youwei responded with the same smile.

« It’s a pity. If you can join our team, we can challenge William Lee’s super team together in the afternoon. Think about it, it will be very exciting. » Qiao Zeyu said with some regret.

« Captain, it’s time to decide what weapon to buy, and I will go in and get familiar with the arena environment later. » A member of Qiao Zeyu urged.

Qiao Zeyu walked to the window of the equipment room, stood side by side with Fang Yuan, and chatted sideways: « Do you want to buy any equipment? »

« Not yet, how about you? » Fang Yuan asked rhetorically.

« I didn’t think about it. However, the group game in the morning was a battle royale. Whoever survives to the end is the winner. So… »

Qiao Zeyu said, pointing his finger at the armor, and said: « So it’s best to buy armor. Buy a piece of armor. As long as one person can survive to the end, then you win. »

« It makes sense. »

Fang Yuan gave him a thumbs up, complimented him, and then handed the team name badge to the equipment manager and said: « Boss, bring me two pistols. »

The equipment manager glanced at the number on the nameplate, deducted 100 points from the computer, and then handed out two pistols out of the window.

Fang Yuan took two pistols, turned around and left.

The remaining four members of the team quickly followed.

Before entering the Group B channel, Fang Yuan swayed in the preparation hall, copied a pre-conceived ability, and stored it in the Xingli watch.

The beef ball was very puzzled, and asked: « Fang Yuan, why did you buy two pistols? How do we divide the five of us? And without armor, we were shot one by one, how should we fight? »

« If everyone thinks like you, buy a piece of armor, where can one get a shot? » Fang Yuan asked back.

The beef **** suddenly stunned, and found that his brain was not enough: « Yes. If everyone buys armor, then there will be no guns. How can one shoot one? If there is no gun, then why buy armor? »

the other side.

After seeing Fang Yuan and his party gone, Qiao Zeyu handed the team name badge to the equipment manager and said exactly the same thing as Fang Yuan: « Give me two pistols. »

Then, lead the team into another aisle of Group B.

Fang Yuan and his group of five came to the No. 25 entrance of the B group actual combat training ground.

On the wall at the entrance, there is a map of the training ground.

Fang Yuan looked up at the map and began to study.

The beef **** were still stuck in the whirlpool of buying two pistols just now, and couldn’t help but ask: « Fang Yuan, why should we buy two pistols? Qiao Zeyu also said just now that it is best to buy armor. This will give you the last hope. Bigger. »

Fang Yuan looked at the other teammates and asked, « What about you? What do you think about buying equipment? »

Eve leaned against the wall, turned the lollipop in his mouth, and said indifferently: « Whatever, it’s just for fun anyway. »

Ye Zheyu thoughtfully said, « If you want to last as long as possible, it is indeed better to buy armor. »

Fang Yuan smiled and said, « I’ll make a bet with you, Qiao Zeyu must have bought two pistols. »

« Why? » the beef ball asked puzzledly.

« If you want to win the afternoon finals, two pistols are the best solution. » Fang Yuan replied.

« The best plan… wait… wait a minute, win the afternoon finals? Fang Yuan, are you serious? Only the last team in Group B can participate in the afternoon finals. I know, is it too early to think about the finals now? » The beef **** were a little dazed.

« Actually, since the instructor announced the assessment rules, it is doomed. If you want to get the first place, you have to start fighting from the morning group match. Going to the end is meaningless. If group B wins, it is a team to the last The team, then there is no need to play in the finals in the afternoon, and they will be sent to the top of Group A. » Fang Yuan said very positively.

« Why? » The beef **** still didn’t understand.

« It’s very simple. The key lies in the points required for firearms, 100 points for assault rifles and 200 points for sniper rifles. The initial points for each team are only 100 points. If you want to buy a sniper rifle, you must earn 200 points… »

« …If the last winning team in Group A has a lot of points and bought a sniper rifle. And Group B is a team that survives to the end, what does this team play against the team with sniper rifles in Group A? »

« So, for the ambitious team, the morning group match is not a battle royale, but a score battle. It depends on who can get more points, and the more guns they buy, the first place. The greater the chance. »

Fang Yuan analyzed it and said that the beef **** were stunned.

« Head… First name, Fang Yuan, are you serious? Did I go to the wrong set? I should have been in a middle team. »

Eve leaned against the wall and turned the lollipop in his mouth, and became interested in this assessment:

« I have a question. A sniper rifle costs 200 points. If you dont use the initial points, you can buy it with 100 points. But now we spend the initial points. If you want to buy a sniper rifle, you have to earn 200 points. This would have to kill 100 classmates. OK, this is too difficult. »

Beef **** began to use his brain actively, and started counting with his fingers: « There are a total of 320 people in group B. As long as one-third of the people are killed, it will be enough for points.

Han Youwei shook her head and smiled: « It’s not the case. Other teams will not stand in place and wait for us to attack. There are 320 people in total. If the game is simplified to a one-on-one battle, then the game will become 160VS160 from the beginning. In a few minutes, half of the teams will be eliminated. »

« Yes, under normal circumstances, when we eliminated a team and scored 10 points, in fact, half of the entire Group B team was eliminated, and then there were only 160 people left, which became 80VS80. If we don’t use special means The team that fights all the way to the end can get 60 and 70 points at most. Therefore, to get 200 points, the difficulty is no less than that of singles against William Lee’s super team. » Eve agreed.

After listening to the beef balls, he sighed: « No, you don’t really intend to fight for the first place, are you? »

« Why not? That’s exciting. » Eve was interested because of the stimulation.

Just as everyone analyzed the situation.

A broadcast sound was heard from the actual combat training ground: « The simulated actual combat assessment is about to begin. All teams are ready. The entrance will open in 3 minutes. The entrance is opened, which means the start of the game. »