In the last three minutes, Fang Yuan took the time to look at the battlefield map.

The D3 actual combat training field is a square field with a length of 3 kilometers and an area of 9 square kilometers, which is about the same size as a small town.

Fang Yuan used his fingers to measure the map and simply calculate it.

All four sides of the battlefield are 3 kilometers away, and 64 teams from Group B enter the battlefield at the same time.

This means that after entering the battlefield, the distance between the team and the team is 187.5 meters.

This distance is very delicate.

You can see each other, but not within range of the pistol.

In addition, there are many bunkers on the edge of the battlefield, so that the team will not start fighting as soon as they go out, and have a little time for tactical deployment.

The actual combat assessment is about to begin.

Han Youwei was a little nervous, she also looked up at the map and asked, « Do we have any strategy? »

« This time the assessment map is surrounded by woods in the north, the giant stone Gobi in the south, and a small lake in the middle… »

Fang Yuan gestured on the map and analyzed the strategy: « After we enter, leave the other teams alone and go straight to the small lake in the middle. Eve uses the ability to atomize the lake and change the weather on the battlefield. »

« OK. » Eve made an OK gesture.

« Then what? » the beef ball pressed.

« Then start scoring. »

Fang Yuan answered very simply, but made the beef **** heart beat wildly.

« Who is the pistol for? » The beef ball wanted a gun, holding something in his hand, somewhat emboldened.

« Ye Zheyu’s main attack. » Fang Yuan turned his head and threw a pistol to Ye Zheyu, another pistol inserted into his waistband.

Ye Zheyu was surprised when he received the pistol.

He was not surprised to be able to get a gun, after all, he had been playing guns since he was a child.

To his surprise, Fang Yuan actually let him attack.

Next, everyone began to quietly wait for the entrance door to open.

Han Youwei hesitated for a long time, and finally said in a low voice: « I actually have long-range attack capabilities. »

« I know, Xingli is condensed. » Fang Yuan replied.

« Then what task is for me? » Han Youwei asked.

« Hide near Eve and protect her from misting the lake. » Fang Yuan replied.

« that’s it? »

Han Youwei was a little bit unwilling.

Although she usually doesn’t advertise her good grades in martial arts, her strength is indeed among the top three in the class.

If it is in other teams, she can definitely become the core of tactics.

However, in Fang Yuan’s team, she became a role player to protect her teammates.

« That’s it. » Fang Yuan replied very positively.

« Okay. » Han Youwei did not raise any objections.

Fang Yuan also began to prepare, first glanced at his own property panel.

Attributes: Strength 26, Agility 30, Physical 17, Spirit 20

Rage points: 1030

Super high strength and agility, invisibly improved the speed of physical training.

After this period of practice, the physical attributes have reached 17 points.

The point of anger broke the 1,000 mark.

For the teams participating in the actual combat assessment this time, the strength of the first echelon generally reached Lv.2.

The average attribute should be around 23 points, and the limit attribute is 29 points.

Fang Yuan’s current attributes are not bad, but if he wants to be the first, it is still not enough.

Therefore, Fang Yuan first consumed 500 rage points and increased his agility to 35 points.

Then consume 300 anger points to increase the strength to 29 points.

There are 230 anger points left, so keep it in case you need it.

Three minutes later.

The entrance door of the battlefield rose upward.

The team of five immediately rushed out.

Fang Yuan glanced around, and after confirming the strength of the teams on the left and right, he did not launch an attack. Instead, he led the team through the woods and ran towards the lake in the center of the battlefield.

After entering the battlefield, other teams stayed in place to observe the situation.

Since the distance between each team is 180 meters, each team has the possibility of being flanked, so we were very cautious at the beginning.

When Fang Yuan’s team was still 300 meters away from the middle lake, the first gunshot came from the north.

The melee officially began.

Various abilities exploded, and there was a roar from time to time.

In this group match, there are only two teams.

One is the team that wants to go to the end, this kind of team will choose to avoid other teams at the beginning of the game, looking for cover to hide.

The other is a team with ambition to compete for the championship. This kind of team will choose to attack other teams from the beginning, eliminate as many opponents as possible, and get points.

Fang Yuan’s team is the only special case. After the opening, instead of rushing to attack other teams, they went straight to the lake in the center of the battlefield.

The edge of the battlefield was 1,200 meters from the central lake, and the five men rushed forward at a sprint speed.

During this period, it was necessary to guard the surrounding situation to avoid being attacked by other teams, which slightly slowed down the speed.

In the end, it took a total of 1 minute and 25 seconds to reach the central lake.

The lake is not large, it is irregularly elliptical, about 800 meters in diameter.

The lake is surrounded by woods to the north and the giant boulder Gobi to the south.

There are mangroves growing on the lake bank on the side of the forest, the vegetation is very dense, suitable for hiding.

Fang Yuan found a place with a shelter, stopped, and commanded: « Just here. Start creating fog. »

Eve took apart an alpine in a hurry, stuffed it into his mouth, and then began to mobilize the star power, perform supernatural powers, and atomize the lake.

The beef **** curiously asked: « Why do you always eat lollipops? You are not in kindergarten. »

« You need to care! » Eve was too lazy to care about him, turned his head aside, and continued to accelerate the atomization of the lake.

Fang Yuan continued to assign tasks: « Ye Zheyu, let out your eyes, guard the woods on the north side, and don’t let people come close. »

« Ok. »

Ye Zheyu nodded and agreed, condensing an eyeball with star power, and flew towards the woods to the north.

After eating the beef **** in Eves place, he turned around and asked: « Then what am I doing? »

« You are ready to block the bullet for Eve. » Fang Yuan assigned him a task.

« What?! » The beef **** quit immediately.

Han Youwei suffocated a smile, walked to a position ten meters west of Eve, looked for a bunker and began to be alert.

« I’m here to block the bullet? » The beef ball was unconvinced.

Eve squinted at him and said, « You really are only equipped to block bullets. »

« Why? » the beef **** asked angrily.

Eve motioned to Han Youwei’s position with her eyes, and said: « Look at the positions of Han Youwei and the captain. One is on the west side and the other is on the east side. They will know where to stand without any command. Just you stand me. I kept yelling beside me, what else can I do except block bullets? »

The beef **** turned to look at the locations of Fang Yuan and Han Youwei, plus the woods on the north side where Ye Zheyu was responsible.

Everyone performed their duties and protected Eve in the middle.

The beef **** were unwilling to be compared like this, so he pointed to the guide and said, « Then I will be alert to the south. »

« There is a lake to the south, do you need to be on guard? »

« What if a bullet comes from across from Hu? »

« You think too much. The lake has a diameter of 800 meters and a pistol has a range of only 50 meters. The fraction is not enough. »

« What about the assault rifle. »

« The effective range of the assault rifle is 300-400 meters, which is just half of it. »

« The sniper rifle… »

Halfway through the beef balls, I had to shut up, because the sniper rifle costs 200 points and no team can afford it.

He said helplessly: « Okay. I block the bullet. »