Eve covered a layer of star power on his palm and stretched his hand into the lake.

After about 3 minutes, the nearby lake water began to bubble up, but no mist appeared.

« How long will it take to fog up? » Fang Yuan asked.

« The fogging process at the beginning is relatively slow, about five minutes, after the fogging, the latter will be fast. » Eve replied.

« Well, go ahead. »

After Fang Yuan asked, he continued to alert the east.

at the same time.

The ambitious teams are rushing to scoring points, chasing weak teams and slashing.

All championship teams have basically reached a tacit understanding, that is, first kill the weak team, meet the strong team, say hello and turn around.

Because in this group match, no matter how strong or weak, everyone has 2 points.

The time it takes to defeat a strong team can completely kill three or four weak teams.

Therefore, at the beginning of the group match, a strange phenomenon formed.

The strong team is playing scoring battle, the weak team is playing battle royale.

Occasionally, it is mixed with sneak attacks, siege, and leakage, which is quite exciting.

Since the weak team was playing battle royale, and only wanted to go to the end, they ran desperately to places with many bunkers.

The woods on the north side of the battlefield are the best hiding terrain.

Therefore, more and more teams drill into the woods.

Fang Yuan lifted the ash machine out and placed it on a tree, then raised its cat food, threatening: « Hide the tree, don’t bark, or your lunch will be gone. »

The gray cat suddenly came to an unfamiliar environment, trembling with fear and crying pitifully.

Fang Yuan pushed it to the tree, and then continued to watch.

at the same time.

The actual combat assessment of Group A next door is also underway.

The super team composed of William Lee and a group of four King Kong rushed into the battlefield, split into two teams, and the two adjacent teams were seconds away.

Then began to sweep all the way, seeing who is the second.

Some teams saw Li William appearing, and even afraid to resist, they squatted down directly, raised the ID number plate hanging on their necks above their heads, surrendered and offered points.

The eliminated team left the battlefield dejectedly.

The team with the entrance close to the Li William team was the most unlucky, and the assessment was over before it even started.

The eliminated team returned from the passage to the preparation hall and became spectators.

On the four large screens in the preparation hall, the battle conditions of the AB groups were displayed.

Two of the large screens display the points of each team in Group AB, and the names of the eliminated teams will be marked with red elimination signs.

On the other two large screens, exciting live battles captured by aerial cameras are shown.

The actual combat assessment only lasts for ten minutes, and more than one hundred people have been eliminated.

They gathered in front of the screen, watching the battle, and talking.

« Look, William Lee’s points have gone up again. It’s already 50 points. It’s only 10 minutes. »

There are many girls in these teams that are quickly eliminated.

Many girls squatted and surrendered when they met strong teams, so they were eliminated very quickly.

« As expected of William Li, this is too fast. He scored 50 points in 10 minutes and eliminated a team in an average of 2 minutes. It seems that the champion of the actual combat assessment must be Li Shao. » A group of girls Whispering around the big screen, like a group of star-chasing NC fans.

When the second class students heard the first class yelled happily, they were a little unconvinced: « Don’t rush to celebrate. Our second class Qiao Zeyu team also has a chance to compete for the championship, already 26 points. »

« Cut! Only half of Li Shao’s, far behind. » A group of girls hissed disdainfully.

The second class students are also very helpless: « It’s a pity, the five strongest in our class are not in the same team, otherwise there will be a real chance to compete for the championship. »

« Yeah. I don’t understand why Han Youwei is going to a countdown team. If Han Youwei joins Qiao Zeyu’s team, there is a real chance. »

« By the way, how is Han Youwei’s team? How many points did it score? »

« No, you still expect Fang Yuan’s team to get points? »

« At the bottom, it still scores zero. »

« That’s nothing, Han Youwei was really pitted and entered a living team. »

If it’s a championship team, it will grab points from the beginning of the assessment, and even if it encounters hard stubbornness, it can get a few points.

There is only one possibility for a team with zero points, and that is the surviving team.

Since the Gouhuo team didn’t need to grab points, they found a place to hide from the beginning, naturally they didn’t have any points.

The girls in Class One became more and more excited: « It’s up again! It’s up again! Shao Li has scored again, it’s already 52 points. »

The second class student heard the yelling over there and looked at the Qiao Zeyu team of the second class. It was still 26 points, no increase, and even more disappointed.

Although there are 20 classes in Donghai No. 1 Middle School, Class 1 and Class 2 are key classes, so most of the masters are in these two classes.

Of course, the other eighteen classes are not all weak, and occasionally there will be one or two strong players.

There is a team, from the eighteen classes, the five strongest teams formed a team, the same strength is not weak.

This team has scored 20 points and is closely behind the Qiao Zeyu team, ranking third.

Because, this team has five people from five classes.

At the same time, it has the support of five classes, but the number of cheering people is the most.

« You two classes don’t get complacent, our Wang Leyi team, maybe they can overtake it. »

« You should not fight for second and third place? Add up to less than Li Shao’s points, or maybe your two teams are combined. Maybe there is a chance for 10 to 5. »

« No chance. Both of them are in Group B. If they are assigned to Group A, they might have come out as spectators now. »

« That’s right, Group B is the Fish Pond Bureau. They can jump a few times in Group B, and they don’t even have a chance to jump into Group A. »

at the same time.

Group B battlefield, north shore of the lake.

Ye Zheyu suddenly reported: « At 11 o’clock to the north, someone came over, 200 meters away. Three people ran away. »

As soon as he heard this situation, he was hunted down by a strong team and fled into the woods to hide.

« Hidden first, Eve, you go on. »

Fang Yuan did not choose to attack, but continued to guard and protect Eve’s atomized lake.

« Someone came towards us, 100 meters, 50 meters… »

Ye Zheyu notified the distance. As the distance got closer, he did not make any more sounds, but used gestures to express the distance.

30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters…

The man ran out of the woods, and then first saw Eve by the lake.

Unfortunately, it was Liu Qiming, a classmate.

He saw that it was Eve in the same class and another girl, so he didn’t worry too much.

So he greeted and walked forward: « Are you hiding here? How about, have you been chased badly? I… »

Halfway through his words, he stepped into the encirclement of Fang Yuan and several people, and then saw that there were people on the front and back, and he froze in place.

« Haha… Are you all hiding here? Someone is chasing from behind, I’ll go now, bye. » Liu Qiming waved his hand and was about to leave.

He had just walked two steps, when a figure flashed in front of him, Fang Yuan stopped in front of him.

« What are you going to do? You don’t want to attack your classmates, do you? » Liu Qiming quickly hid behind.

« Every point in this assessment is very important, so give me the points. » Fang Yuan said, reaching out his hand to tear off the identification number plate hanging on his neck and eliminate it.

« you! »

Liu Qiming said angrily: « Is it interesting for you to be like this? If you are eliminated, your points will be invalidated directly. What is the use of your points?

« I will work hard together with your dreams. » Fang Yuan smiled, clenched his fists and made a cheering movement.

Get 2 points and also gain 10 rage points.

« Huh! I’ll go out first, and see how long you can go. » Liu Qiming was eliminated and left with a harp.