After the initial atomization process lasted for five minutes, more and more bubbles appeared in the lake.

Every air bubble rises to the surface, and after breaking open, a cloud of water mist will overflow.

Soon, the entire lake surface seemed to be boiling, and a large number of bubbles rose up, and thick fog began to fill the lake and spread towards the woods.

In just three minutes, half of the forest was covered by dense fog.

And the fog is still spreading to every corner of the battlefield, faster and faster.

« It’s getting foggy. »

The team in the melee found thick fog in the woods.

Those weaker teams, seeing the fog appear, immediately ran towards the fog.

« The visibility in the fog is so low, isn’t it dangerous to go in? » Someone expressed concern.

« It’s not just that our visibility is low, everyone can see it is low, the denser the fog, the more suitable for hiding, fast into the woods. »

More and more teams entered the woods.

The sound of fighting gradually diminished.

Because of the appearance of dense fog, visibility is reduced.

After the weak team hides in the dense fog, it is easier to avoid the pursuit of the strong team.

This reduced the chance of friction between the team and the team, and the battle slowly cooled down.

By the small lake.

After eating a lollipop, Eve spit the stick into the water and asked back, « How foggy is it? Is this enough? »

« Keep the visibility around 10 meters, » Fang Yuan said.

« That’s about it. I have no special abilities in the foggy weather, and I can’t see anything. » Eve shrugged after turning the weather into fog.

« It’s okay, just leave it to us next. » Fang Yuan replied.

Ye Zheyu also quickly said: « I can only see things within 10 meters, and the ghost eyes can see farther, about 30 meters. What should I do next? »

« You can start scoring. Seeing my gestures, I and Ye Zheyu will attack. Eve stays in place to control the foggy weather, and Han Youwei and Niu Dazhi are responsible for protecting Eve.

« it is good! »

« Ok! »

The four answered in unison.

Fang Yuan said that he guided Xingli into his eyes, leading Ye Zheyu to the forest.

In the dense fog with extremely low visibility, Fang Yuan’s special iris data once again showed the side of breaking the balance.

Obviously, I can’t see anything from 10 meters away, but I can see the property panel 50 meters away.

Soon, Fang Yuan found the target and turned his head back and gestured towards Ye Zheyu.

First point to the direction in front of you, then spread your five fingers to make a gesture representing the number 5.

This means 50 meters ahead, there is a situation.

Immediately afterwards, Fang Yuan stretched out three more fingers and made a gesture representing the number 3.

The number of representatives is 3.

The whole set of gestures means that there are 3 targets at a distance of 50 meters in the direction of the finger.

Ye Zheyu made an OK gesture, then closed his eyes and controlled the ghost eyes to come closer.

Ten seconds later, he stood up from behind the tree, still closed his eyes, but raised his pistol and fired a shot into the thick fog where he could not see his fingers.


« what! »

Someone was shot and shouted.

« Who? Who shot it! »

Ye Zheyu moved two steps to the left, adjusted the angle, and fired another shot into the fog.


« Made! »

Curses came from the misty woods.

After firing two shots, Ye Zheyu immediately hid behind the tree and gestured towards Fang Yuan in a panic: The last one rushed over.

« Get out for Laozi! »

An Lv.2 awakened rushed towards him shouting.

Although you can see the attribute panel, you can’t see people. Shooting randomly will not hit the target, but will waste bullets and expose your position.

So Fang Yuan kept staring at the moving attribute panel, hiding behind the tree, waiting patiently.

When the Lv.2 awakened person rushed to the front, Fang Yuan suddenly kicked out, swept his legs cross-legged, swept it to the ground, and then jumped up, held him, and put the gun on his head.

Although it is a training bomb, it is not fatal to hit, but it is not easy to be shot.

This Lv.2 awakened person didn’t want to get a shot, so he quickly raised his hand and said, « I give up, I give up. »

Eliminate three people in one go, get 6 points, plus the previous 2 points, a total of 8 points.

Fang Yuan continued to fumble forward with Ye Zheyu, and quickly walked through the woods under the cover of thick fog.

After two hundred meters, a team was found again.

Fang Yuan signaled the enemy again: the distance ahead is 50 meters, 5 people.

The team that appeared this time had a complete lineup. It was obviously not the surviving team that fled into the woods, but the strong team that chased into the woods.

Ye Zheyu glanced with ghost eyes, a little scared, and quickly pulled Fang Yuan back for a certain distance, and whispered: « It’s Wang Leyi’s team, they are very strong, or forget it. Find another team to start. »

« If you want to fight for the championship, you must defeat all your opponents. Since you want to defeat all your opponents, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is. » Fang Yuan insisted on doing it.

« But, we are just two of us. » Ye Zheyu was still a little scared.

In fact, his personal strength is very mediocre. In a class called Whiteboard Awakeners, all four attributes are struggling on the average line, and his martial arts class scores are low.

Therefore, he is really scared when he meets a strong team, not to mention what Fang Yuan means is to prepare for 2 out of 5.

« No, but if you can’t beat it, you will be eliminated at most, and you won’t die. What are you afraid of? »

Fang Yuan finished talking and arranged the tactics directly: « I will come close later. After you cant see me, count down 10 seconds and choose the one closest to you to shoot. After firing, you will immediately retreat, and they will probably chase. You. You have ghost eyes and the visual range is farther than them. If you keep running, they should not be able to catch up. »

« But if I keep running, what do you do? » Ye Zheyu frowned and asked.

« You just run, as long as they are still chasing, you will keep running, run until they are no longer chasing, then you will turn your head back to make up your gun. Leave the rest to me. » Fang Yuan finished, patted his shoulder, and then The ability copied before activating walked into the thick fog.

Ye Zheyu found that Fang Yuan had only taken a few steps, and then he merged into the thick fog, completely invisible, and couldn’t help but froze.

The ability Fang Yuan used was the « Mistwalker » copied in the preparation hall before.

This ability is perfectly linked to Eve’s « Atomized Weather », which is a perfect match.

Fang Yuan used the « Mistwalker » ability, blended into the thick fog, sneaked forward, and quickly approached Wang Leyi’s team.

When they were close to 10 meters away, the five people of Wang Leyi could be seen with the naked eye, and then they hid quietly behind a tree.

With the concealment effect of the « Mistwalker », the five Wang Leyi searched all the way forward, and they did not find anyone beside Fang Yuan when they passed by.

This is also because the five of them are all powerful combat awakeners, so they did not find anyone nearby.

Powerful awakeners are usually awakeners with powerful offensive abilities.

This kind of awakened combat power is indeed strong, but also because the ability is offensive, there is no auxiliary ability.

Naturally, it lacks reconnaissance capabilities.

Wang Leyi’s five people are indeed strong in combat, and they have been chasing other teams, but there are no auxiliary awakeners in the team.

Therefore, they lacked the means of reconnaissance, and they actually passed by Fang Yuan without realizing it.

Fang Yuan silently counted the numbers in his heart.

Counting from 1 to 10, the agreed time of 10 seconds has come, but Ye Zheyu has not fired yet.

Fang Yuan did not take any action and continued to wait.

After waiting for about 3 seconds, a gunshot finally came from 50 meters away.