The next morning.

When Fang Yuan entered the classroom, he found several classmates peeking at themselves while whispering.

This is obviously talking about myself.

Fang Yuan felt a little weird. He touched his face, but didn’t find anything like rice grains stuck on his face.

After sitting down, the fat « Beef Ball » sitting at the front table turned his head and said with a smile: « Fang Yuan, I heard that you went to the martial arts gym as a sparring partner. Did you get beaten badly? »

The fat man was called Niu Dazhi, and because he was like a meatball, he was nicknamed « Beefball ».

When I was in the martial arts gym yesterday, I ran into a classmate in my class.

It’s no surprise that this matter was spread.

Fang Yuan didn’t want to hide it, and it wasn’t a shameful thing, so he replied casually: « Yes. I’m working on behalf of the martial arts gym, but I’m not a sparring partner, but a fighting coach. »

Several surrounding students gathered around and asked in a rush: « Are you so short of money? You have to work part-time as a sandbag. How much money can you make for an hour? »

« I’m a substitute, I don’t have money to take it, and I don’t have money to send it to me. »

Fang Yuan suddenly realized that he was working on his own, why didn’t his wages be paid to him?

Of course, I just thought about it, didn’t really care about it.

The classmates are still babbling.

Fang Yuan was speechless to these gossip creatures. He looked at the beef **** and said, « You have so much meat, you must be resistant to beatings. Or I will introduce you to the martial arts hall as a’sandbag’. You should be able to make a lot of pocket money. »

The beef **** turned black with shock.

Fang Yuan’s anger rose slightly.

When school was over in the afternoon, Han Youwei did not show up.

Fang Yuan originally thought she would invite herself to practice.

No matter if I didn’t show up, it would be too much to always refuse the invitation of beautiful women.

After school, Fang Yuan continued to take his place at Leiting Wuguan.

After entering the martial arts gymnasium and changing into martial arts uniforms, I began to move the barbells and sort out the equipment in the martial arts gym.

Although it is a substitute shift, after school every day, there are only four hours of shift, and the working time is actually not enough.

However, Lei Ting Wu Hall was opened by Fang Yuan’s father’s old comrade-in-arms, so he didn’t care about it.

The boss of the martial arts gym doesn’t care, doesn’t mean that Fang Yuan can feel at ease, so he can do as much work as he can.

When there is no sparring work, helping to move and carry, all as exercise strength.

Just as Fang Yuan was moving the barbell, Martial Arts Manager Liu came over and waved his workbook and said, « Fang Yuan, hurry up and put on your armor. It’s time for you to play. »

The waving is obviously a workbook, but there is a momentum of waving a checkbook.

Fang Yuan looked around and asked strangely: « Uncle Zhou and the others have not played yet, it’s my turn? »

After all, Fang Yuan is here to replace the shift, so he is definitely not skilled in business.

Therefore, Manager Liu will try to arrange other martial arts coaches to play, and only let Fang Yuan play when other fighting coaches are too busy.

Manager Liu explained: « No, this guest called for you. »

« That’s it. Then I’m going to wear armor. »

Fang Yuan ran to the appliance room as he said that, thinking as he ran, could it be possible that after a few days of taking over, there would be repeat customers?

Fang Yuan understood what was going on when he arrived at the martial arts platform.

« why you? »

Han Youwei was wearing a capable martial arts uniform with her hair combed into a ponytail and tied behind her head. She smiled and said, « No way, I want to practice with you, but I always get rejected, so I can only come to the martial arts gym. »

« Sorry, it’s not that I don’t want to practice against you, I really don’t have time. » Fang Yuan explained.

« It’s okay, we practice, it’s true that you have been helping me improve my martial arts. I would be embarrassed to always ask you for help. If I work in a martial arts gym, then I won’t have a psychological burden. »

In fact, when Han Youwei heard from her classmates in the morning that Fang Yuan was working as a training partner in the martial arts gym, instead of feeling anything bad, she was very happy.

Because Fang Yuan’s insight beyond ordinary people is indeed very helpful to her cultivation.

« Let’s start then. The martial arts duel exercise program is charged according to the time. » Fang Yuan grinned.

« Okay, it’s the first time I have come to the martial arts gym. I don’t understand the rules of the martial arts gym. You can tell me first. » Seeing Fang Yuan was wearing armor, Han Youwei felt that there should be a reason.

Fang Yuan pointed to the armor he was wearing on his limbs and waist, and explained: « Under normal circumstances, you can attack at will, if I am wearing armor, you can count as mine. I dont have armor, its a non-attack position. In accordance with the rules of the martial arts hall, medical expenses must be paid for injuries to these places. »

After a pause, Fang Yuan added: « However, we have actually practiced against each other in school. You can feel free to be free from these rules. »

« Ok, I get it. Then I’ll start. »

Han Youwei said, putting on an offensive posture, flew a side spin kick, and swept towards Fang Yuan’s chest.

Fang Yuan slid away and said, « This foot is 15 centimeters lower. Don’t worry about the rules of the martial arts gym. Just kick it directly towards my forehead. »

« Ok. »

Han Youwei agreed and kicked her second, aiming at Fang Yuan’s head.

Fang Yuan leaned back while using sliding steps again, and then saw a Bai Shengsheng’s foot swept over the front door, and the strong wind blew all the bangs.

Han Youwei’s offensive is very fierce, mainly with legs.

The two long legs swept back and forth, the action was simply picturesque.

While practicing sliding steps, Fang Yuan analyzed Han Youwei’s martial arts and gave his own analysis and suggestions.

After dozens of rounds.

Han Youwei asked suspiciously, « Why don’t you fight back? »

« Um, forgot to say, the martial arts coach is not allowed to fight back by default, unless the guests have special requirements. » Fang Yuan replied.

« That’s it. Then I ask you to fight back now. »

« Okay, the customer is God. » Fang Yuan grinned.

The two fought again, you come and me.

Fang Yuan still focuses on defense, and occasionally counterattacks, forcing Han Youwei to stay a bit for defense.

After half an hour of duel practice.

Fang Yuan found a circle of light on his attribute panel. After a closer look, he found that the sliding step had been upgraded, and it became: sliding step Lv.2 (0/100).

Afterwards, Fang Yuan tested his sliding steps and found that both the reaction speed and dodge speed increased by about 20%.

When I checked the property panel, I unexpectedly found that my anger point started to rise again.

The jumps of +3 and +3 have been jumped several times.

Where did the anger come from this time?

Is this girl Han Youwei hitting real fire?

Fang Yuan leaned close to Han Youwei, looked at her expression, and saw that she was panting slightly after strenuous exercise, not angry.

Just got closer, the anger point was still +3, +3 jumps, and immediately became +5, +5 jumps.

In the blink of an eye, his anger point has risen to 182.

Fang Yuan wanted to see who contributed so much anger to him.

So I looked around, and then I saw a person standing under the martial arts platform, staring at herself and Han Youwei. This person’s eyes almost burst into flames.

Fang Yuan certainly recognizes this person, because this person is William Li.

When he saw William Li, Fang Yuan also saw a rush of energy pouring out of William Li and entering his body.

This if there is no energy, it is a bit like a flame, it is very weak, and you can’t see it unless you look closely.

Obviously, the point of anger comes from William Lee.

It seems that I have really become an angry demon!

« Do you want to rest for a while? » Fang Yuan asked when Han Youwei was panting.

Han Youwei shook her head and said, « I can’t go back too late, so I have to hurry up. I want to test the characteristics of my newly absorbed star trough, can you help me? »

« You have the final say tonight. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« Then let’s start. »

Han Youwei said, attacking again.

But this time she no longer uses her legs, instead she fights in close quarters and uses throwing techniques.

She grabbed Fang Yuan’s arm, then jumped up, stretched her legs forward, clamped Fang Yuan’s neck with her legs, rotated her body, used a triangular twist, and threw Fang Yuan to the ground.

This trick is to use the power of the thigh to strangle the opponent.

If you do your best, you can use your legs to break the opponent’s neck.

Of course, this kind of move requires you to clamp your opponent’s neck with your thighs, and this posture should not be too subtle.

And Han Youwei’s figure is really good. When she used this trick, she moved gracefully like a mermaid jumping around.

Fang Yuan’s neck was clamped and he was about to fight back and get out of trouble.

Just then.

Han Youwei whispered: « Static control. »

Zi Zi Zi…

A string of electric current poured into the cochlea, Fang Yuan suddenly felt paralyzed, unable to make any reaction, and was directly thrown to the ground by Han Youwei.

The two fell to the ground in a wonderful posture.

After a while, Fang Yuan’s body numbness recovered.

When she was about to break free of Han Youwei’s legs, she suddenly found that her anger was surging at extreme speed, jumping +10, +10.

Although I don’t know what is the use of getting angry, it should be good for myself.

As a result, Fang Yuan continued to pretend to be paralyzed and lay there, letting his anger continue to rush.

In a few seconds, the anger point jumped a dozen times +10, and finally reached 412 points before stopping.

Seeing Fang Yuan lying still, Han Youwei worried that she made too heavy a move, so she quickly helped him up and asked, « Are you okay? »

Fang Yuan sat up and replied, « I’m fine. »

« I was scared to death. I thought I made too heavy a hand and broke your neck. » Han Youwei exhaled.

« How can I be so crispy? » Fang Yuan joked.

Han Youwei is more concerned about her new abilities, so she asked: « How about the static control I just used? Have you analyzed the data? »

Fang Yuan took the workbook hanging next to the martial arts platform, turned it over to the back, and began to write and draw on the ground.

« Just now, at the moment you shot, an electric current was released and poured into my body. My body was paralyzed in 0.3 seconds, and I couldn’t move my whole body. I could still hear the sound of electric current in my ears. . »

The two sat cross-legged on the martial arts stage, Fang Yuan began to explain, Han Youwei listened carefully, and nodded while listening.

« If I’m not wrong, your static control ability should be released only by physical contact, right? » Fang Yuan asked.

Han Youwei nodded and replied: « Yes, physical contact is required. »

« After the current entered the body, my body was paralyzed for 2.1 seconds… » Fang Yuan wrote this data in his notebook.

Han Youwei frowned with a puzzled expression, and asked, « Is it only 2.1 seconds? It seemed like you were lying on the ground for a long time. »

« Ahem… »

Fang Yuan coughed slightly and changed the subject: « This is not important. You need to trust my judgment. The paralysis time is 2.1 seconds. However, it is not known whether this paralysis time is affected by the target’s attributes. If you can control static electricity If it is shown on the body surface, I may be able to give more accurate data. »

Han Youwei did not hesitate, and directly raised her hand, condensing a bunch of static electricity in her palm.

Fang Yuan guided the star power into his eyes, trying to observe the static electricity.

Soon, the attribute box appeared on the static.

[Static control: The super-energy characteristics of the slit electric eel, through physical contact, can inject current into the target’s body and paralyze the target’s body. The paralysis effect depends on the mental attributes and star power levels of both parties.

« So that’s the case, this characteristic is related to spiritual attributes and star power level. » Fang Yuan directly said the conclusion.

After discussing the effect of « static control ».

Han Youwei looked up at the clock on the wall and quickly got up and said, « It’s half past eight, I have to go home. Thank you today and see you tomorrow. »

Fang Yuan waved goodbye to her and watched her leave the martial arts gym.