« what! »

One person fell to the ground with a grunt, it was the big man in Wang Leyi’s team, Hong Dali.

He was responsible for clearing the way and walking in the forefront, so the first shot fell to the ground.

The five people in Wang Leyi’s team were very strong and reacted very quickly.

And everyone’s combat literacy is very high, where they hide, there are bunkers blocking the direction of the gunfire.

Among them was an archer named Zhang Zhiwen who actually hid behind Fang Yuan’s tree.

The two were leaning against the same tree, and Fang Yuan’s hand was almost hit by him.

Across the tree, Fang Yuan could even hear the other’s breathing, and quickly held his breath.

At such a close distance, the weapons and equipment of this team can already be seen clearly.

This team buys equipment very averagely, one pistol, one armor, three cold weapons, swords and bows, and everyone has something in their hands.

« Dali, how is it? » Wang Leyi asked quickly.

« I was shot. It’s a pistol right in front. It’s definitely not far away, catch up and kill him! » Hong Dali shouted, pointing in the direction where the gunfire came from.


Another gunshot came.


This time all five members of Wang Leyi’s team hid behind the tree, and the bullet hit the trunk.

« There is only one gun, and the opponent is afraid to come over. It must be a weak team. I rushed up and passed this guy in seconds. » Wang Leyi drew his long knife, exploded, and took the lead in the charge.

The remaining four team members immediately followed, using z-walking footwork, walking through the bunkers at maximum speed.

However, among the four, Zhang Zhiwen was about to move when suddenly a hand stretched out from behind the tree, covering his mouth, and pinning him to the trunk.

Then a pistol was put on his temple.

The training shell is not fatal, which means that the normal shooting distance is not fatal.

If you shoot against the forehead, you can at least blow the blood without getting the brain out.

So Zhang Zhiwen froze immediately and did not dare to move.

Fang Yuan ripped off his identification number plate and threw it away, then raised his gun and fired at the other person.


The man fell to the ground after being shot and shouted: « Ah! Someone, someone behind! »

The pistol was moved away from Zhang Zhiwen’s head. Zhang Zhiwen forcefully broke free from Fang Yuan’s palm, flew one leg, kicked it over the tree, and shouted, « Here! I’ll be invisible. »

Fang Yuan had already ripped off his identity card just now, but he had actually been eliminated.

According to the rules, he is not qualified to fight back.

However, rules are rules and not everyone follows them.

There are red cards and yellow cards for ball games, and real fire comes out in actual matches, and fouls are really not a problem.

What’s more, now the woods are full of dense fog, no one can see even if they foul.

Fang Yuan’s martial arts fighting skills have been practiced to Lv.3, and he reacted very quickly, quickly moving a small step to the right side of the trunk.

Zhang Zhiwen kicked the tree trunk with a « bang », and a large piece of bark collapsed.

Wang Leyi heard the shouts behind him and immediately ordered: « Go back and kill the man, I will catch the gunman. »

The other two team members heard the order and quickly turned their heads and rushed towards Fang Yuan’s direction.

Fang Yuan exploded with a speed limit of 35 agility, knocking Zhang Zhiwen over with a punch.

Just then.

Hong Dali made a tiger pounce, hugged Fang Yuan from behind, and hugged Fang Yuan’s waist with his arms: « I think you are not dead this time! »

He is a power-type awakener, with a star power level of Lv.2, and his power has almost reached the limit.

He is confident that in the entire battlefield, no one can beat him simply by competing for strength.

« You are really good enough. Those who are shot, and those whose identity cards are removed, can scam the corpse and fight back. » Fang Yuan hummed coldly.

« I was shot, but I was wearing a body armor! » Hong Dali retorted loudly.

Their team did have a piece of armor, which was worn by Hong Dali.

He was shot and fell to the ground just now, but the fog was too heavy and he couldn’t see exactly where he was shot.

Hong vigorously tightened Fang Yuan’s waist and shook it up, preparing to throw it with a German arch bridge and smash it backwards.

« Okay. The result is the same anyway, if you want to « fraud the corpse », then I will hit you until you can’t cheat. »

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand to pinch his wrist, and slammed it hard.

« what! »

Hong Dali let out a scream, his wrist was almost broken, and his face was full of panic.

He didn’t expect that someone could break free from his arm.

After Fang Yuan broke free, a rifle **** fell on his head.

at the same time.

The gunman of Wang Leyi’s team rushed back and shot.

Fang Yuan pinched Hong Dalis shoulders, using his body as a shield, and stepping forward.


The bullet hit Hong Dali’s body armor, causing him to grunt again.

The gunners of Wang Leyi’s team were very experienced. After shooting, he immediately hid behind the tree beside him, and at the same time began to look for opportunities to shoot again.

Fang Yuan cast aside Hong Dali, activated the « Mistwalker » ability and blended into the fog.

The gunman couldn’t see anyone, he became nervous, holding the gun and aiming around.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out from the thick fog, pinched his gun, twisted the muzzle upward, and then a black hole muzzle protruded from the thick fog and pressed against his forehead.

The gunman dared not move immediately.

Fang Yuan took off his pistol and inserted it into his holster, then pulled off his ID card and threw it away, and asked, « Are you still cheating on the corpse? »

It was just an actual combat assessment, and it was a classmate of the same school, Fang Yuan didn’t want to make a heavy hand.

But if the opponent has to cheat the corpse, they can only be beaten.

The gunman was more sensible and quickly raised his hands and said, « I admit defeat. »

Fang Yuan let him go, walked over to remove Hong Dali’s body armor, and then rushed into the thick fog to disappear.

the other side.

Ye Zheyu ran desperately in the thick fog, because under his ghost vision, he saw a person chasing him.

Moreover, this person is very fast, obviously an awakened person with super agility.

He ran wildly in a panic. Although he could see farther in the dense fog, the sound he made while running still made the person behind him chase closely behind.

He can see far, but he can’t run faster than the man behind him.

He ran for more than two minutes, and he didn’t know how far he ran, his breathing became more and more rapid.

However, the ghost eyes behind him could always see the person behind him, and he did not dare to stop.

Suddenly, the person behind him seemed to spot the ghost eye’s surveillance, suddenly jumped up, kicked on the tree, made a leap, and slashed the ghost eye with a knife.

Ye Zheyu suddenly panicked and wanted to release the second ghost eye.

at this time.

A figure rushed out of the thick fog, knocked him over with a shoulder, kicked his pistol, and the long knife hit his chest at the same time.

« It can run! »

Wang Leyi has been chasing for so long, but also a little angry.

After seeing the other side clearly.

« Wang…Wang Leyi… » Ye Zheyu called out the other’s name, his voice trembling.

Wang Leyi was very surprised. He didn’t expect Ye Zheyu to be the one who was chasing him. He said in annoyance: « What the **** are you doing? The countdown team shouldn’t avoid it, so dare you shoot us? »

« It wasn’t my idea, but… Fang Yuan wanted to do this. » Ye Zheyu explained quickly.

« Fang Yuan? The end of the crane in Class 2? Are your brain sick? » Wang Leyi became even more angry.

« I only had a physical examination when the school started. I probably didn’t. » A voice suddenly came from the side.

Wang Leyi looked startled, turned his head and saw Fang Yuanzheng leisurely leaning on the tree trunk, waving his hand to greet him.