« Just two of you? » Wang Leyi looked around, suspecting Fang Yuan still ambush.

« Yes, just the two of us. » Fang Yuan replied very sincerely.

« Just you two, dare to show up in front of me? » Wang Leyi twitched his mouth, with a hint of joking in his expression.

« Why not dare? You alone, it is impossible to beat the two of us. » Fang Yuan looked relaxed, leaning on the tree, like chatting with an old classmate.

« Leave aside I can solve the two of you by myself, I have four teammates… » Wang Leyi also looked very relaxed, because facing Fang Yuan, the countdown team, he really didn’t feel any pressure.

« No more. » Fang Yuan interrupted suddenly.

« Nothing? » Wang Leyi didn’t understand what it meant.

« Your teammates are gone. » Fang Yuan replied.

Wang Leyi frowned immediately, he didn’t believe this sentence in his heart, but he couldn’t think of any reason for Fang Yuan to lie.

« You don’t want to say, my teammates were killed by you, right? »

« Congratulations, you are right. » Fang Yuan smiled and flung Hong Dali’s body armor on his shoulder.

When Wang Leyi saw the bulletproof vest, his eyes widened, and he hummed: « Impossible, how could you kill the four of them. Unless it is… Han Youwei, you really have an ambush! »

He immediately swept around vigilantly, then slowly moved his steps, suddenly exploded in speed, and slashed towards Fang Yuan with a single knife.

Fang Yuan slid back one meter.

The knife slashed across, cutting off the trunk with thick thighs.



The tree fell to the ground and the ground shook.

He slashed the tree trunk and snorted coldly: « Even if I am the only one left, I can kill you all. »

While checking his attributes, Fang Yuan praised: « Star power level Lv.2, strength 27, and agility 28. You are not in the key class of the Awakened, but you can cultivate dual-strength attributes. Your potential is indeed very good. »

Wang Leyi grinned and said: « See my attributes? Yes, my goal is to become a super soldier. Even if I am alone, I can overturn all of you! »

As he said, he rushed forward and cut out with a single knife.

The blade was glowing with sharp star power, and all the trees were cut down wherever the blade passed.

« Call out Han Youwei, you are not my opponent. » Wang Leyi said while attacking.

« Actually. There is one thing you keep getting wrong. I’m really not as weak as you think, really. »

Fang Yuan is very sincere and sincerely wants to reverse everyone’s misconceptions about himself.

However, the effect does not seem to be very good.

« Haha…then you just show it to me, how strong can you be? » Wang Leyi’s face was full of joking.

He didn’t even fight Fang Yuan seriously, but was wary of Han Youwei who might appear at any time.

He firmly believed that Han Youwei was lying in wait nearby.

« Okay. It seems that it takes a lot of hard work to reverse everyone’s ideas. »

Fang Yuan said, put his finger in his mouth, and whistled at the tree.

Wang Leyi immediately became vigilant, stared at the top of the tree closely, and hummed: « Sure enough, there is still an ambush. »

When he was ready to face Han Youwei.

A slightly panicked meow came down from the tree.


Then, a gray cat jumped from the tree and landed on Fang Yuan’s shoulder.

« Cat? » Wang Leyi was stunned.

Fang Yuan stored the « Mistwalker » ability in the Star Force Watch, and then copied the « Advanced Agility Enhancement » of the Grey Machine.

After copying to the ability, put the **** back on the tree.

The **** slipped into the bushes and hid.

Fang Yuan activated the « Advanced Agility Enhancement (Mimic, and the 35 agility points that had already exploded, instantly soared 40% to 49 points.

Although he hasn’t taken a shot yet, the speed in his body has soared to a terrifying height, and the body even has an unbearable feeling.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, smiled at Wang Leyi, and said, « Are you ready? I’m about to start. »

« what to prepare? »

Before Wang Leyi’s words were finished, Fang Yuan’s speed suddenly burst like a volcano, his figure flashed.


A punch hit Wang Leyi’s abdomen, punched it into a bow, and flew out.

Wang Leyi didn’t even have a chance to react. He only saw a flash of a figure in front of him, and a sharp pain came from his abdomen, and then his whole body was blown out by a huge force.

He fell seven or eight meters, and rolled on the ground more than ten times before stopping.

With this punch, Fang Yuan only used eighteen star powers, but he still flew Wang Leyi away with one punch.

Wang Leyi clutched his abdomen and twitched on the ground.

Fang Yuan walked over and frightened him to kick back on the ground.

« Don’t be nervous, I didn’t use my full strength, I won’t be injured internally. »

Fang Yuan reassured him, but when he saw that his face was pale, he said with concern: « Are you okay? I really didn’t use all my strength. Would you like to call rescue? »

« Fuck you! The intestines were almost beaten out by you, and I haven’t used my full strength yet, the mud is playing! » Wang Leyi is confused now, his head is buzzing, and his mouth is smashed.

Fang Yuan saw that his anger point was +30, and his smile became brighter.

« Don’t be afraid, I won’t beat you. Really, I promise. Go back and rest, don’t work too hard. » Fang Yuan ripped off his identity card and eliminated him.

Fuck your sister!

Wang Leyi cursed in his heart, grief and indignation. Up to now, he still does not understand how he was beaten up just now.

Fang Yuan picked up his long knife and said with a positive face: « Don’t be sad, I will work hard with your dreams, come on! »

« Can you stay away from me? » Wang Leyi was about to collapse, hoeing the ground with his head, not wanting to see Fang Yuan again.

« Okay. You take a good rest and don’t bother. »

« Go away please. »

Rage point +30.

Fang Yuan contentedly put away the weapons and equipment of Wang Leyi’s team, and then returned with Ye Zheyu, ready to join Han Youwei and the others.

In the preparation hall.

More and more teams are eliminated.

Two or three hundred people gathered in front of the big screen to watch the actual combat assessment.

On the big screen that displays the team’s points, the top three teams that originally ranked are constantly rising.

Especially the second-ranked team Qiao Zeyu and the third-ranked team Wang Leyi, the points were very tight, and they exploded several times.

The second class students cheered loudly for Qiao Zeyu’s team.

The students in the class where Wang Leyi’s team belonged, cheered for Wang Leyi’s team.

I was shouting fiercely.


With a loud bang, a red elimination sign popped up, heavily stamped on the team name of Wang Leyi’s team.

This change quieted the preparation hall, and the sound of cheering stopped for three seconds.

« This is…what’s the situation? What happened to Wang Leyi’s team? »

« Don’t you understand? I was eliminated. »

« Fuck! How did you get eliminated? Impossible. »

« It must be the team that met Qiao Zeyu. »

« Impossible, Wang Leyi formed the top five team, how could it be lost to Qiao Zeyu. »

« This is the fact. In Group B, the strongest teams are Wang Leyi and Qiao Zeyu. Since Wang Leyi is eliminated, it must be eliminated by Qiao Zeyu. Otherwise, you think Wang Leyi was eliminated by other weak teams. of? »

« Team Wang Leyi is eliminated, which team has become the third? »

Everyone hurriedly looked at the third-ranked team, and then stunned again.

« What’s the situation? Where did this Fang Yuan team come from? Why did it score 18 points? »