« Where did this Fang Yuan team emerge from? »

« Fang Yuan…that seems to be Han Youwei’s team, right? »

« As expected, Han Youwei, with four true eyes, can actually score 18 points. »

« It’s a pity, if Han Youwei can join Qiao Zeyu’s team, our class will really have the strength to compete for the championship. » The class 2 classmates felt very sorry.

Suddenly someone asked: « You said, is it possible that Wang Leyi’s team was eliminated by Han Youwei’s team? »

The classmate next to him glanced at him and said, « Your dream is a bit outrageous. »

In the crowd, one person said angrily: « Fang Yuan’s bastard, all his points are obtained by secretly calculating his classmates. »

Everyone looked for their reputation and saw Liu Qiming in the second class.

« What’s the matter? Fang Yuan team’s points are really obtained by secret calculations from classmates? » The gossip spirits of the surrounding students burned.

Liu Qiming was filled with righteous indignation and made a decisive fist and said: « Yes, I was eliminated by Fang Yuan. »

Generally speaking, when conducting actual combat assessments.

Classmates will tacitly attack other teams first, and some will even choose to cooperate temporarily.

The conspiracy of the classmate’s behavior was immediately criticized by everyone.

Liu Qiming began to add oil and jealousy to the description of how Fang Yuan conspired against him.

The students who were eliminated from the game found an outlet to vent and condemned Fang Yuan’s « shameless behavior » with Liu Qiming.

« How could the goddess Youwei join such a shameless team? God is unfair! » A group of second class boys sighed up to the sky and asked the sky silently.

« Forget it, let’s leave this shameless team alone, they won’t be jumping for long, let’s cheer on Qiao Zeyu. He is the last hope of our second class. » A second classmate suggested.

Everyone started cheering on Qiao Zeyu again.

« It seems that Qiao Zeyu’s team’s point improvement rate is getting slower and slower, what’s the matter? »

« Yes. Just now when William Li’s team scored 52 points, Qiao Zeyu’s points were 26. Now William Li’s team has risen to 78 points, and Qiao Zeyu has only 32 points. This growth rate is too slow. »

« I know the reason. » Liu Qiming said aloud.

« What’s the reason? » the surrounding students asked quickly.

« Group B battlefield is shrouded in heavy fog. Look at the live broadcast over there, the footage is full of dense fog. Because the fog is too big, it is very easy to hide, as long as you drill into the fog, no one can find it. » Liu Qiming explained.

« I understand, the fog is so big, the chance of encounters between the squad and the squad is reduced, the battles that take place are less, and the fight is not possible, the points will naturally increase slowly.

« What’s the matter with this fog? Is it a special setting for the B battlefield? »

« It should not be. There is a classmate in our class who can create fog. » The student in Class 2 immediately remembered that there was a classmate who could create fog in his class.

« Who? »

« It’s Eve, the blonde chick in our second class. She must have caused this fog. »

When Liu Qiming heard this speculation, he suddenly remembered: « So, before I was eliminated, I saw Eve standing by the lake and using powers against the lake. It turned out to be creating fog! »

« Which team is Eve in? What do you want to make such a fog? » Someone asked curiously.

« It seems… also in Fang Yuan’s team. »

« Why is this shameless guy again? Are they trying to break the assessment of Group B? It’s really a battlefield! »

« There is no way. If this continues, William Lee’s team will definitely pass the game with the highest score. If Qiao Zeyu and the others cannot score enough points, the afternoon finals will be gone. »

at the same time.

In the B group battlefield.

Fang Yuan returned to the small lake with his equipment, threw the body armor to Eve, then raised the compound bow and asked, « Who wants the compound bow? »

« I used to play bows on my grandmother’s farm when I was on vacation. I can use them. » Han Youwei raised her hand and said.

Fang Yuan threw the compound bow over, and said: « Then let you use it. »

The beef **** hurriedly came up, looked at the two pistols in Fang Yuan’s hand, and said with a smile, « Give me a pistol. »

Fang Yuan looked at Ye Zheyu and asked, « Do you use double guns? »

« Able to use, it’s okay to be accurate. » Ye Zheyu replied.

« Take it. » Fang Yuan threw the second gun to Ye Zheyu.

« What about me? » The beef ball collapsed.

Fang Yuan handed him the long knife: « Yours. »

« Just give me a knife with 10 points. » The beef ball’s face was even worse.

« Don’t pull it down. » Fang Yuan gestured to take the knife back.

« Of course, no matter how small a mosquito leg is, it is meat. » The beef ball hurriedly ran away holding the knife.

Fang Yuan walked to Eve and asked, « How is the fog? »

« The entire Group B battlefield is already covered, do you want to continue? » Eve stopped and asked.

« How long can this fog last? »

« It depends on whether there is wind. If there is no wind, it can last for two or three hours. If the wind is strong, it can only last for half an hour. »

Fang Yuan looked up at the leaves on the top of the tree. Seeing that the leaves did not move, he waved to the four of them, saying, « There is no wind, two or three hours are enough. Put on the equipment and it’s our turn to score. »

« Is it going to be finished finally? My long knife is already hungry and thirsty. » The beef ball was waving the long knife excitedly.

« Are you all ready? »

« Ready! »

« Then act. Ye Zheyu and I are in the lead, Eve is in the middle, and Han Youwei and Beef Ball are in charge of the queen. »

Fang Yuan finished arranging the formation of the team, and took the lead into the mist, and began to search for prey in the woods.

After finding the prey, Fang Yuan notified the target location and number with gestures.

Then Ye Zheyu was responsible for the main attack.

Under the triple vision of the ghost eye, the two guns are fired in succession, and basically one shot can solve two goals.

The enemy team reacted and wanted to rush to counterattack, but Fang Yuan and Han Youwei joined forces to easily solve it.

In this mist, Fang Yuan’s five are like predators who are out of sight, quickly harvesting points in the woods.

Moreover, every battle was played very easily.

Han Youwei originally wanted to show off her skills, but she found that she had no chance to perform.

Ye Zheyu’s spear technique with ghost eyes was too powerful in the mist, one shot at a time.

As soon as the fight started, the enemy team would be reduced by two. Even if three people were left rushing forward, Fang Yuan and Han Youwei could do it with just one shot.

Moreover, Ye Zheyu used the double guns to shoot very fast, and sometimes the enemy team fell before the front.

After hunting a few teams, Ye Zheyu became more and more confident, shooting faster and more accurately, one by one, cleanly.

As more and more teams were eliminated, Fang Yuan’s five also picked up a lot of weapons and equipment.

The beef **** are specifically responsible for licking the buns, and they never get tired of it.

« This has a three-level head, Fang Yuan, do you want it? »

« No, wearing that thing affects action. »

« You don’t want me, you don’t want good things with explosion-proof heads, what else can you order? » The beef ball muttered, while putting the helmet on his head, wearing it crookedly, very funny.