D3 actual combat training ground, preparation hall.

« It’s up again, the points of this shameless team have gone up again, 36 points. »

« You guys in the second class, why did you run over and let him do it? Are you pigs? »

« It’s 36 points. Half of your second class is in his hands. Let’s have a snack. »

All the students in Class 2 in the hall had strange expressions and were unable to refute.

Just when everyone was discussing.

There was a sudden burst of shrill cheers in the hall.

« Broken a hundred! Broken a hundred! Shao Li is too good. »

« In this actual combat assessment, our first class will definitely win the championship. William Li is so amazing. »

« Shao Li, Shao Li, sweep all the way! »

A group of girls screamed and shouted, and heard that the guy next to them had committed cancer.

The big screen in the preparation hall shows the points of all the teams.

The top three teams have not changed.

William Lee: 100 points.

Qiao Zeyu team: 42 points.

Fang Yuan team: 36 points.

There are many dozens and 20s behind, and a large group of zero-point teams playing Battle Royale.

« Fang Yuan team’s points have risen so fast, they have gone up again, 38 points. They will not surpass Qiao Zeyu team? »

« Impossible, as for Fang Yuan’s stinky fish and shrimps, none of them can fight except Han Youwei. It must have been out of luck and met the zero team in a row. »

« Yes, after all, Han Youwei is here. When you meet those zero teams, Han Youwei alone can score points. »

« It’s actually useless to think so much. Team Qiao Zeyu and Team Fang Yuan are in Group B. They will meet sooner or later. No matter how many points Fang Yuan’s shameless team misses, they will eventually be eliminated. »

« You didn’t understand the situation, there are so many teams in Group B, just like a split pool with so many total points. Fang Yuan, the shameless guy, the more points he gets, the fewer points in the split pool. He scored one more point, and Qiao Zeyu and the others would have one less chance to score. In the end, it would actually harm our second class. »

« That’s right. Looking at Group A, William Lee’s team is so great that no one dares to compete with them. The points have broken one hundred. Before the end, they will definitely score 200 points, or even 300 points. »

« Look at our Group B again, let alone 200 points, it is difficult for Qiao Zeyu to score 100 points. »

« Fang Yuan takes one more point, which is a waste of one more point. »

« Can’t he give in for the honor of the class? Save more points for the Qiao Zeyu team. If you can’t get enough points, how can you play against William Li in the afternoon? »

« It’s really a battlefield, can you stop taking points? »

« Made! It’s gone up again. The points of this shameless team have gone up again. It’s all 40 points. What does he want to do?! »

« Let him meet Qiao Zeyu team quickly. Don’t let him do bad things, and quickly let Qiao Zeyu team eliminate him. »

at this time.

The students who had been watching the live broadcast of Group B shouted.

« Look, Qiao Zeyu team met Fang Yuan team, look quickly! »

The photographer who controls the aerial camera wants to take a wonderful battle scene.

Where will there be exciting battles?

Of course it is on the strong team.

Therefore, the aerial camera of Group B has been following the team of Qiao Zeyu.

In the screen, Fang Yuan’s team suddenly appeared.

« Finally, I met Fang Yuan and them quickly. Don’t let them steal points. If he steals one more point, Qiao Zeyu will lose one point. The points are not enough, and it’s too difficult to play in the afternoon. »

« Finally here, justice comes from heaven! »

« Qiao Zeyu rushed forward and knocked Fang Yuan down! »

« Don’t be too happy, because the actual combat assessment is not impossible. In the foggy day, if Fang Yuan team wants to run, Qiao Zeyu and the others may not be able to catch up. »

« Mad! Don’t run if it’s a man, draw a bayonet and have an upright contest! »

« I guess I have to run. Given the shamelessness of Fang Yuan’s team, I definitely don’t want to face Qiao Zeyu. »

at the same time.

In the B group battlefield.

The five members of Fang Yuan’s team did meet Qiao Zeyu’s team.

The two sides met at the junction of the woods and Gobi on the west side of the lake.

However, there was no fight as soon as they met.

With the passage of time, the fog on the side of the boulder Gobi has dispersed a little, and the visibility is about 20 meters.

The gunman in Qiao Zeyu’s team swiped his cell phone and whispered in Qiao Zeyu’s ear: « Captain, their team is now 40 points, ranking third. »

Qiao Zeyu was slightly surprised when he heard the news.

He didn’t expect Fang Yuan’s team to score so many points.

Because there are students watching the battle in the preparation hall, there are text live broadcasts everywhere in the class group, and there are even live video live broadcasts for ranking.

Therefore, the teams in the battlefield can know the ranking of each team as long as they look at the class group with their mobile phones.

It’s the same in Fang Yuan’s team. The beef **** use a trumpet to walk around the class groups every few minutes to find out news.

After Qiao Zeyu learned that Fang Yuan was ranked third in points, his expression became serious and said, « I didn’t expect you to have scored 40 points. What a good job. »

« It’s okay, you guys are not bad, both are 46 points. » Fang Yuan responded with a smile.

« Should we separate first, solve other teams, and finally divide the outcome? » Qiao Zeyu suggested.

« No, it’s here to win or lose. » Fang Yuan refused.

« Why? Are you so anxious to get out, won’t you get a few more points? » Qiao Zeyu was a little curious.

« You can’t let you score any more points. If you get an extra point, you will lose one point in the B pool. If you don’t have enough points, it will be difficult to play this afternoon. » Fang Yuan didn’t want to let the opponent go.

Qiao Zeyu was a little surprised and chuckled: « You think it’s quite far. I originally wanted you to play for a while. Since you have to play now, then play. »

Fang Yuan suddenly gestured.


Ye Zheyu shot immediately, and a bullet flew out of the muzzle and shot at Qiao Zeyu.

Qiao Zeyu’s head tilted, and the bullet flew over two centimeters to the left of his head and hit the rock behind.

Ye Zheyu saw this scene, his eyes widened suddenly, and he exclaimed: « He can hide from bullets! »

at the same time.

Wu Daiyue of Qiao Zeyu’s team immediately rushed forward, raised the explosion-proof shield, and stood in front of the team.

Their team has eliminated 4 or 5 teams, so they have gained a lot of weapons and equipment.

Wu Daiyue not only has an explosion-proof shield, but also has a lot of body armor and helmet, almost armed to his teeth.

Is a typical heavy-loaded fighter.

After Ye Zheyu’s first shot was turned away by Qiao Zeyu, his heart was shocked, and his voice was a little trembling: « Fang Yuan, he can hide from bullets. »

Qiao Zeyu grinned and said: « Is this a blow to confidence? »

Fang Yuan said to stabilize his emotions: « Don’t be nervous, it’s not to hide from the bullet, but to hide from the gun. There is an essential difference. »

Qiao Zeyu also showed a smile on his face and said, « Fang Yuan, although other people say that your martial arts class score is the last one, I never underestimated you because your tactics theory class scores have always been very good. Personal strength can pass. Cultivation improves, but tactical theory relies on thinking. It is more difficult to improve than personal strength. »

« Thanks for the compliment, do you want to say’but’ next? » Fang Yuan responded with a smile.

« Yes, but your team has a fatally weak team. Except for Han Youwei, the combat power is not good. Although Han Youwei is very strong, she is agile and mental with dual attribute advantages, so she is not suitable for rushing to the front as a super Warrior. » Qiao Zeyu analyzed.

« So? » Fang Yuan listened patiently to his analysis.

« Therefore, your team lacks a player who can break the enemy formation on its own. This kind of team with obvious shortcomings may be able to mix and match in the battle of the low-level Awakeners, but it meets the real A strong team is not far away. »