Qiao Zeyu’s analytical ability was very strong. He glanced over the five members of Fang Yuan’s team and quickly found some useful information.

Because it was a classmate, he knew Eve’s ability: « Eve made it out of the fog in the battlefield?

« Let me guess, since you created such a fog, you must have a purpose.

« Think of the 40 points you got. If you guessed it correctly, you must have the ability to fight in fog. »

He paused at this point, and then analyzed:

« In Class 2, everyone knows Han Youwei’s abilities, so she doesn’t have the ability to interact with the foggy sky.

« Beefball’s ability is defensive, not him.

« Your own power is iris data, and it cannot be linked to foggy weather either.

« With this calculation, the only possibility is him, Ye Zheyu.

« However, Ye Zheyu is in the first team, and his strength is not outstanding, so our team did not collect his information in advance, which is a little troublesome. »

After Fang Yuan listened carefully to his analysis, he couldn’t help but applaud: « The analysis is very reasonable, then you can guess what Ye Zheyu’s ability is. »

The two parties chatted like classmates, and the atmosphere seemed very harmonious.

Qiao Zeyu was also very interested, and continued to speculate: « I think about it, you gave him double guns, then he should be the gunner in your team, and his ability can be linked to the foggy sky. I guess… his ability It should be possible to see things clearly in a foggy day. »

Ye Zheyu was stunned when he heard the analysis.

Qiao Zeyu keenly caught the look on his face, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and said: « It seems I guessed it right, Student Ye. »

Fang Yuan glanced at Ye Zheyu sideways and said, « He was testing you just now, and now he is sure. »

« I’m sorry. » Ye Zheyu quickly apologized.

« There is nothing to apologize for. Sometimes it is difficult to hide information such as ability information. » Fang Yuan didn’t care about it.

« Well, the intelligence has been analyzed, and the fight will start next. »

Qiao Zeyu clapped his palms to attract everyone’s attention, and then said: « Fang Yuan, according to the strength of your team, you should want to retreat into the dense fog and fight guerrilla warfare with us? Only in this way can you give full play to your advantage in the foggy battle. . »

« I really want to do this. The problem is, we retreat into the fog, you probably won’t follow. You must turn around and leave, wait until the fog clears before fighting, right? » Fang Yuan asked with a smile.

« Yes, a gunner with unrestricted vision in a foggy day is too threatening. I don’t have to risk entanglement with you. It’s not that I can’t win. The main reason is that it is likely to lead to attrition. After all, the key to the shot is eliminated.

« If the team is downsizing, it will become a lot more difficult to grab points later. Our goal is the afternoon finals, and the point is very important. » Qiao Zeyu is not reckless at all, everything is in the interests of the team.

« Your idea is correct. If it were me, I would probably make the same decision as you. But I can’t let you go, so let’s face it. » Fang Yuan proposed.

Qiao Zeyu was a little surprised, and asked: « Are you willing to face off? »

« Yes, unfortunately, my goal is also the final in the afternoon, so I can’t let you score any more. » Fang Yuan affirmed.

Qiao Zeyu glanced at the five members of Fang Yuan’s team again and said strangely: « If it is a head-on confrontation, I can’t see your winning side. »

« You’ll know after you try. » Fang Yuan smiled.

« In that case, then we are welcome. »

Qiao Zeyu said, gesturing to the four team members.

His four players were very tacit and immediately put on an offensive formation.

Fang Yuan said in a low voice to Ye Zheyu, « After starting the fight, you retreat behind the rock and try to avoid their sight before firing. Don’t give them time to avoid your muzzle. »

After speaking, he added another sentence: « The rest protect Ye Zheyu. »

« Okay! » Han Youwei answered at the same time.

Qiao Zeyu also quickly made tactical deployments: « Old Wu, their gunmen have the ability to interact with the foggy sky. You can’t give him a chance to shoot, just stare at him! »

« no problem! »

« Others are looking for opportunities to kill Ye Zheyu. After I solve Fang Yuan, I will go to you. Go ahead! » Qiao Zeyu pointed forward and gave instructions to start the war.

Wu Daiyue raised the explosion-proof shield and rushed towards Ye Zheyu with a big drink.

Ye Zheyu quickly backed away and fired a shot at Wu Daiyue at the same time.



Wu Daiyue raised his shield to block, blocked the bullet, and continued to charge.

The beef **** also wore a piece of armor, carrying an explosion-proof shield in his hand, and rushed up yelling to intercept Wu Daiyue.


The two bumped into each other.

The beef **** rushed up yelling, and then flew back again yelling.

He fell to the ground and rolled a few times before shouting, « Mad! His strength is so high. »

« Normally, at 29 plus intermediate strength enhancement, even if a cow comes, I can top it, let alone beef balls. » Wu Daiyue said confidently.

The goal of Qiao Zeyu’s team building is to compete for the championship. Everyone who can enter his team is very strong.

Wu Daiyue is a standard full-strength reloaded warrior, and his physique is not low, coupled with intermediate strength enhancement, he is quite powerful at this stage.

He flew the beef **** with a shield and continued to charge towards Ye Zheyu.

Blocked all Ye Zheyu’s shooting routes with a shield to prevent him from shooting his teammates.

This is the standard tactical team formation.

The heavy armored fighters with full body armor and shields are almost immune to gun attacks. A charge directly blocks the enemy gunners’ attacks.

Ye Zheyu was chased by Wu Daiyue everywhere, facing a heavy armored warrior with a full body armor, he had no choice, no output environment.

This situation is compared with the previous one shot one shot situation, and immediately reflects the importance of the team.

Before, 30 of the 40 points the team had scored were his.

It can be said that he is the absolute main attacker in the team.

However, Wu Daiyue has been chased by Wu Daiyue and has no way to enter the earth.


Wu Daiyue caught up with Ye Zheyu, flew him to the top with a « bang », then slashed it down with a big knife.

Han Youwei rushed up quickly, raised her hand to induce star power, covering the body surface, using the « star force condensing shape » to form a very thin star power protective layer on her body.

She flew a kick and kicked Wu Daiyue’s knife.

Damn it!

When the blade collided with the foot surface, there was a sound of collision of iron and stone.

After blocking the slash of the big sword, Han Youwei used swift legs to attack Wu Daiyue, and at the same time shouted at Ye Zheyu: « Go! »

Ye Zheyu was hit by a shield just now and didn’t want to stay with Wu Daiyue at all, got up and turned and ran.

Seeing Ye Zheyu escape, Wu Daiyue ignored Han Youwei at all, pushed her away with a shield, and then continued to chase Ye Zheyu.

No matter how Han Youwei attacked him, he used a shield to block, even directly resisted, and didn’t fight back. Only Ye Zheyu was in his eyes, chasing him.

Han Youwei stormed Wu Daiyue for a while, and the other members of Qiao Zeyu’s team also chased up to resolve the attack for Wu Daiyue, let him continue to nail Ye Zheyu, the whole team cooperated quite tacitly.

Note: The usage of double quotation marks in this chapter is correct. Readers who find it strange can refer to the usage of double quotation marks by themselves.