Team battle broke out.

Ye Zheyu’s shooting was blocked by Wu Daiyue, making it difficult to make an effective attack.

Han Youwei tried her best to intercept Wu Daiyue, trying to make room for Ye Zheyu, but with little effect.

at the same time.

The gunman in Qiao Zeyu’s team raised the pistol, aimed at Han Youwei, and pulled the trigger.

Fang Yuan has been observing everyone’s movements, and hastily reminded him: « Be careful of the gunmen! »


The bullet tore the air and shoot out, shooting at Han Youwei.

If you want to dodge after hearing the gunshots, you can’t avoid bullets.

Because the muzzle velocity of the bullet exceeds the speed of sound, the bullet hits before the gunshot is heard.

However, with Fang Yuan’s reminder.

Han Youwei took the lead in reacting. She rolled over to avoid the bullet trajectory, and then slapped her palm on the ground, kicking out a daily kick and pushing towards Wu Daiyue’s chin.

Wu Daiyue raised his shield to block, and the fighters from Qiao Zeyu’s team pounced at the same time and attacked Han Youwei.

Han Youwei glared at the shield with her right foot, and flipped back with her strength, gently avoiding the attack.

After Wu Daiyue threw away Han Youwei, he continued to chase Ye Zheyu without looking back.

Ye Zheyu was chased so much that he wanted to curse, but there was no other way.

The bullet hit the explosion-proof shield, and there was only a sound.

Eve played a very important role in the team, but his own combat effectiveness was not high. Only when he worked with the beef balls, he could barely hold one of the opponent’s players.

Han Youwei alone had to deal with fighting fighters while also trying to intercept Wu Daiyue.

Therefore, no one in Fang Yuan’s team can handle the gunmen in Qiao Zeyu’s team.

The gunman in Qiao Zeyu’s team again raised his gun and wanted to shoot.

Fang Yuan moved, like a gust of wind, across the ground, quickly approaching the gunman.

Qiao Zeyu also moved, intercepting from one side, raising his hand to use the ability, and firing an air cannon: « Your opponent is me. »


The air cannon exploded, making a huge explosion of air.

Fang Yuan moved two meters to the right in one sliding step. While avoiding the air cannon, Fang Yuan continued to accelerate towards the gunman.

Qiao Zeyu found that Fang Yuan’s speed was much faster than he expected, and immediately ordered the gunman: « Retreat! »

The gunman reacted quickly, turned and ran, trying to get away.

Fang Yuan continued to chase the gunman forward, and Qiao Zeyu followed behind and launched a fierce attack.

The two rushed all the way and fought each other.

The fighting moves are exhausted, fists and feet collide, and the fight is loud and loud.

When Fang Yuan and Qiao Zeyu were fighting, they always kept moving, constantly approaching the gunman.

The gunman got a little impatient after being chased, took a deep breath, held his breath, raised the gun and aimed at Fang Yuan, and pulled the trigger.


Fang Yuan kept his eyes locked on him, and at the moment he fired his shot, he slipped and moved half a meter horizontally, avoiding the bullet trail.

The bullet grazed Fang Yuan’s shoulder and almost hit Qiao Zeyu.

Qiao Zeyu condensed his gaze and reminded: « Be careful, he deliberately kept a straight line with us to block my line of sight. You may hit me if you shoot! »

The shot just now was very thrilling, and the gunman was also a little scared. He asked strangely, « Isn’t his martial arts grades very bad? This is not right. »

Qiao Zeyu and Fang Yuan have already fought dozens of moves, and they can’t take advantage of them at all, and they can’t even intercept Fang Yuan.

From this point, he could be sure that Fang Yuan would never count down in the martial arts class.

« Aren’t you hiding your strength all the time? » He said while punching.

« This one really doesn’t. »

Fang Yuan did not intentionally hide his strength before, but was really weak.

Because the super power feature has not worked before, it is a standard whiteboard awakener.

« Just pretend. I want to see how much strength you hide. »

Qiao Zeyu said, holding the wrist of his right hand with his left hand, shouting loudly, pouring star power into his palm, aiming at Fang Yuan, and blasting an air cannon.


Fang Yuan slipped to dodge, but this time the air cannon was more powerful, covering a distance of two meters.

The air exploded and set off a shock wave.

Fang Yuan was lifted off by the shock wave from the outer ring of the air cannon, and he rolled several times in the air before landing.

With such a barrier, the gunman opened the distance.

Qiao Zeyu ordered: « You go and kill other people, I will stop him. »

« it is good! »

The gunman immediately turned and moved in the direction of the other four of Fang Yuan’s team.

Once the gunman is given a chance to shoot, Han Youwei may still have the ability to protect herself. Eve and the beef **** will definitely fall in one shot.

Fang Yuan knew that he couldn’t give the gunman a chance to shoot, took a deep breath, and clenched his right hand to gather star power.

Then start the « Advanced Agility Reinforcement (Mimic, the speed erupts, and rushes towards the gunman.

« Your opponent is me! »

Qiao Zeyu also broke out speed, intercepted, and the right hand air cannon shot again.

Fang Yuan suddenly turned halfway, instead of chasing the gunman, he rushed towards Qiao Zeyu, 36 star power bursts, and a thunder fist blasted out.


The air cannon collided with the thunder fist, and the power exploded.

The air burst and shook, setting off a violent shock wave.

Fang Yuan and Qiao Zeyu were lifted off by the shock wave at the same time.

Qiao Zeyu fell to the ground and rolled a few times, and a sharp pain came from his wrist, making his forehead sweat.

He was worried that his hand bone would be discounted, and quickly endured the pain, using his left hand to pinch the right wrist bone.

After pinching, he breathed a sigh of relief, and the wrist bone was not broken.

Fang Yuan was also lifted off by the shock wave, rolled on the ground, stood up, broke out with a terrifying speed of 49 agility, and pursued the gunman.

The gunner’s agility is only a little higher than the average attribute of Lv.2 Awakeners, only 24 points, where can he escape Fang Yuan’s pursuit.

Fang Yuan caught up with him, reached out and grabbed his arm, and said, « I’m sorry. »

As he said, a shoulder-crossing threw him out.

The gunman was smashed into pieces and couldn’t get up on the ground.

the other side.

Ye Zheyu was chased to scold his mother and shouted helplessly: « I can’t get rid of him, who can stop him! »

« It’s useless for you to call, my mid-level strength is strengthened, and my strength is as high as 37.7, and a tank can’t stop me! Haha… »

Wu Daiyue laughed loudly. He himself was like a tank, ramming all the objects in front of him, staring at Ye Zheyu completely and not giving him any chance to shoot.

Sooner or later, Ye Zheyu was hit and fell apart by Wu Daiyue.

Han Youwei knew that this could not continue, and immediately used « static control » to turn over the Qiao team’s fighting fist flashlight.

Then he rushed forward, jumped onto a huge boulder, took off the compound bow behind it, and used the family gene genetic ability « Star Force Condensation » to condense the star force into an arrow.

Zhang Gong set up an arrow, aimed at Wu Daiyue, and then shouted: « Wu Daiyue, raise your shield! »

Wu Daiyue glanced back subconsciously.

Han Youwei shot a star-powered arrow.

The light blue energy arrow flew out through the air and shot towards Wu Daiyue.

Wu Daiyue’s eyes narrowed, knowing that this kind of energy arrow was very dangerous, and he quickly raised the explosion-proof shield to block it.


With a loud explosion, the Xingli arrows shot through the shield, tearing the shield in half.

Without the protection of the shield, Wu Daiyue could no longer block Ye Zheyu.

Ye Zheyu flashed into the fog, closed his eyes, and switched the vision of the « Phantom Eye ».

Two shots banged, knocking down two members of Qiao Zeyu’s team.

Finally, put the gun on Wu Daiyue’s head.

When Fang Yuan rushed back, he found that the battle was over. He was a little surprised: « I still want to come back and save you. I didn’t expect you to win by yourself. »

« It was Han Youwei who was very powerful, and shot Wu Daiyue’s shield with one arrow, and the power of that energy arrow was too great. » Ye Zheyu praised.

Fang Yuan gave Han Youwei a thumbs up and gave her a thumbs up: « Not bad. »

Han Youwei was a little embarrassed, and pursed her lips and smiled: « In fact, you were the one who dragged Qiao Zeyu and their gunmen. Our side was four on three, and we won. »

After solving the opponent’s four players.

The five members of the team walked up to Qiao Zeyu with swords and guns, and smiled at him.

Qiao Zeyu didn’t react too radically, and sighed: « Fang Yuan, your combat power information must be fake. Blasting my air cannon with a punch, and saying that it is the countdown in the martial arts class, it is too outrageous! »

When he finished speaking, he tore off the identification card from his neck and threw it to the ground.

In the preparation hall.

Everyone watched the teamfight duel, and they were all stunned.

It wasn’t until the team name of Qiao Zeyu’s team appeared on the big screen that a red elimination sign appeared that brought everyone back to reality.

« Am I wrong? Qiao Zeyu seems to have lost. »

« It’s not like, it’s really lost, so a big elimination sign, can’t you see it? »

« Is this too outrageous? Lost to Fang Yuan’s team? »

« Impossible, it is absolutely impossible. »

« It’s true. Fang Yuan’s team added 10 points and it became 50 points. »

« Who told me just now that Fang Yuan’s team is from the surviving team? »

« What’s the matter with your second class? Didn’t it mean that Qiao Zeyu is the seeded team of your class? What’s the situation? »

« Where’s Liu Qiming? Liu Qiming, get out of here. Didn’t you just say that Fang Yuan was tricking his classmates specifically. He tricked his classmates like this? Is it a kind of trickery that is positive? »

Everyone looked around, but did not find Liu Qiming, not knowing where to hide.

« Then what’s the situation now? Team Qiao Zeyu has been eliminated, is Group B hopeless? »

The students in the second class were a bit lost, and the top seeded team in the class just disappeared.

Who can compete with Li William for the championship this time?


The AB group officially entered the brushing phase.

The points of the William Lee team have soared continuously, and within half an hour, the points have reached 150.

However, Group B is not too much.

After eliminating the Qiao Zeyu team, there is no more first-line team in Group B.

Fang Yuan team’s points began to ride Juechen, soaring rapidly.

Half an hour ago, when William Li’s team scored 70 points, Fang Yuan’s team still scored zero.

Now, William Li’s points reached 150, and Fang Yuan was chasing 130.

« Fang Yuan’s team has something to do with it. It has reached 130. Looking at this posture, is it going to come from behind? »

« Looking at the speed of the points growth, it’s possible. »

The students in Class 2 gradually began to recover and became more and more excited.

« I almost forgot. Fang Yuan is also in our class. Without Qiao Zeyu, we still have Fang Yuan. Han Youwei is also in Fang Yuan’s team. We still have hope. »

« It’s getting better, it’s getting better. »

« Fang Yuan, come on, Han Youwei, come on! »

« Fang Yuan, come on, Han Youwei, come on! »

Every time Fang Yuan’s team’s points increase, the class 2 students cheer once.

« Fang Yuan, come on! »

Among the shouts, there was a voice that made people feel very familiar.

Everyone turned their heads and looked around and saw Liu Qiming waving his arms and shouting: « Fang Yuan, come on! »

« Liu Qiming, what the **** are you doing? Didn’t you get eliminated by Fang Yuan and hate him to the bone? »

« When did I say it? »

Liu Qiming corrected with a serious face: « I tell you that I took the initiative to give Fang Yuan points. He promised me that he will work hard with my dream. Fang Yuan, come on! »

Everyone looked at each other: « Can you be more shameless? »