When entering the scoring stage, the difficulty of the battle is reduced a lot.

The main reason is that the team of five people chased the other teams to get points, and Fang Yuan actually started to use the most time-saving and labor-saving big move-mouth cannon.

« Classmates, give me the points, and I will work hard together with your dreams. »

« The dream of taking you a ghost, if there is a kind of thing, it will kill me with one shot. I will be eliminated, and I will pull you back. » The opponent fought stubbornly.

Beefball took out his phone, opened the Xingwu live broadcast, and turned on the persuasion mode: « Students, yes, I am an important member of the top team in Group B, Beefball, you can call me the best in the world, and now I will bring you The scores of Group B are here. »

By the way, live links are also posted in the class group and grade group.

In the preparation hall.

All the students in Class 2 were watching the live broadcast of beef **** with their mobile phones, and they showed off to the surrounding students.

« Come on, our class has a live broadcast of Fang Yuan. »

« Is it so cool? »

« Dip! Open the door, I want to get in the car. »

« Whatever door is opened, there will be links in the group. »

« I’m not in the group. QR code, scan it for me, quickly… »

So a group of people rushed in to watch the live broadcast of beef balls.

Watching the live broadcast of beef **** and the live broadcast of the live aerial camera are completely different experiences.

Moreover, the combination of food has a different taste.

Beef Balls had been broadcast before and wanted to earn money for snacks. After receiving it, they found that the audience remained zero for a long time. One occasionally came in and only stayed for three seconds. Before he could say hello, they left.

This time, the audience of the three or four hundred came in all of a sudden.

Beef Ball was suddenly excited, and he left the scoring career behind and began to analyze the situation:

« Now our captain is starting to use mouth-cannons. You ask me why I didn’t turn this stuff over with a single shot?

« I’m telling you quietly, it’s not that we don’t want to do this, it’s really… there are no bullets!

« Yes, it’s so cheating. A pistol has 20 rounds of ammunition. At the beginning, the tough team can still capture the bullets. The more the team behind, the fewer the bullets and the more armor. Or you guys give me some red envelopes, Let me buy bullets. »

The classmates watching the battle began to poke their phones to type, and send out barrage.

[Buying you a ghost, cheating red envelopes do not want a better reason.

[Who is this pie face? Can you remove your face? I came in to see the goddess Youwei.

[Beef balls, as long as you aim the lens at the goddess Youwei and Eve chick, I promise to block the lens with red envelopes and not let other people.

[Made! I’m here for the actual combat assessment, can you broadcast the topic?

[Who is Made?

Beef **** took out a generation of ham sausage, wanting to continue his dream of « eat and broadcast ».

« Why don’t I show you one and eat ten ham sausages in one bite. »


roll! +1

roll! +2

The phone screen is filled with the word « roll ».

« Is there something wrong with the live broadcast software? Okay, okay. Let’s see the captain’s opponent. »

The beef ball pointed at Fang Yuan as he spoke.

Then, Fang Yuan started the classic line: « Give me the points, and I will work hard together with your dreams. »

« Get out! Even if I get eliminated, I still have to pull you back. » The opponent would rather die than surrender.

[Why is this guy so arrogant, go up and slap him over?

[Fang Yuan’s team must be very tired, the tough team Qiao Zeyu and Wang Leyi have now scored 150 points. This has eliminated 15 teams. There is no bullet and strength, and there will be no more ammunition!

Exhausted ammunition and food ****

The beef **** started the group to persuade the end of the world: « Which class does this guy belong to? Can you take people away? »

Yes indeed. Which class is this guy?

[I know, from class 18, Shen Xinghe.

[Class 18, hurry up to lead people. Otherwise, he will be beaten and carried away.

So class 18 students began to persuade them to surrender.

[Shen Xinghe, quickly give Fang Yuan the points. Just 16 points to catch up with William Lee’s super team.

[Yes, Shen Xinghe, give the points to Fang Yuan, our class is proud of you.

[You are not eliminated, but join Fang Yuan’s team with points to challenge William Li’s hegemony!

[Join us, the championship starts now.

Beef **** handed the phone to Shen Xinghe and showed him.

Shen Xinghe originally wanted to resist tenaciously and show his unyielding will.

Unexpectedly, the whole class was persuading him to surrender.

Moreover, there are several iDs in the barrage that he is very familiar with.

Not only is the live broadcast barrage, the class group is also all persuading him to hand over points.

Intimidation, profit and temptation, do everything to extremes.

« What’s this! I’ll give it to you, it’s annoying. »

Shen Xinghe was really speechless, he tore off his identity card, threw it to Fang Yuan, and turned away.


Fang Yuan’s five people started an alternative route to persuade them to descend.

Every time I met a team, I started to greet their classmates in the live broadcast room and class group to lead people away.

Beef Balls continued to broadcast the « Road to Persuade » and received a lot of red packets.

However, he occasionally flipped the camera and wanted to broadcast a wave of his own food, and he was immediately swiped by the « roll » barrage.

He didn’t give up, and while the team was resting, he flipped the camera and started eating ham live: « Look at me eating three Lions hams in one go! »

When it was broadcasting, suddenly the barrage swept the screen like crazy.

[Hurry back!

[Hurry back! +1

fall down! fall down! Come back soon!

« Is my eating and broadcasting so popular? » The beef **** looked at the barrage of crazy screens, and they weren’t « rolling ».

[Dighead, are you an idiot? The teammates are all on the ground, can’t you see?

[Idiot, look at the lower left corner of the screen, Eve fell to the ground!

The beef ball was finally seeing the content of the barrage. He blinked his eyes and looked at the lower left corner of the screen. Then he quickly looked back and saw Eve lying on the ground.

« It’s over, it’s over… »

He ran up quickly, pulled Eve up, and at the same time pulled out his throat, and shouted towards the lake, « Fang Yuan, something happened to Eve! »

After shouting, he turned around and asked: « Eve, what’s your situation? Have you been shot? Or are you sick? »

Eve pointed weakly at her backpack, and said, « Get me a lollipop. »

« When is it all? Still eating lollipops, hurry up and take medicine! What’s your illness? Have you taken medicine? » The beef **** began to turn the medicine in her bag.

Fang Yuan heard the shout of beef balls, ran back quickly, saw the beef **** looking for medicine, rolled his eyes, and said, « Get her a lollipop! »

« Isn’t it time to take medicine? » The beef ball was very puzzled and insisted.

« Take a ghost medicine. It’s low blood sugar. Give her a lollipop. » Fang Yuan was speechless.

« I’m going! It turned out to be low blood sugar. » The beef **** quickly took out the lollipop, opened the wrapping paper, stuffed her in her mouth, then let go and put her on the floor, continuing to hold her mobile phone for live interaction.

« Don’t worry everyone. Eve is fine, it’s just low blood sugar, just eat a lollipop. »

[Idiot, Eve is okay, you are okay!

[You have something! +1