Since the first successful cluster persuasion, all students in all classes have been excited.

Originally, after they were eliminated, this actual combat assessment would be irrelevant.

But now it’s different. The students in each class started to send messages to the students in Group B, asking them to contribute their points to Team Fang Yuan, and to surpass Team William Li.

Each class group began to brush the « work together » declaration.

« You get one point, I get one point, and we run to the championship together. »

« We are not weeding out, we are not surrendering, we are gathering the points and forging a sharp sword, overturning those who are aloft, cutting down their arrogance! »

The five members of Fang Yuan’s team were sitting by the small lake resting, and they were going to wait for Eve to regain his strength before continuing to score points.

Unexpectedly, people began to gather around the lake one after another, actively contributing points.

« I’m not here to admit defeat. My points are for Eve. I have worked so hard for low blood sugar. Come on! » After a boy handed over his points, he clenched a fist and cheered.

« Thanks…thanks… » Eve looked at the boy’s blood boiled in a daze, her cheeks twitching.

Immediately afterwards, someone came to turn in the points: « Take the points, please take my points and defeat William Li. I’ve long seen the guy who looks like a dog upset. »

Later, someone came over to contribute points from time to time, making all five people confused.

The class group also asked Fang Yuan team location.

« Where is Team Fang Yuan now? My points are no longer under my control. »

« On the west bank of the lake, hurry up, our class is already in line. »

As more and more teams turned in their points, Fang Yuan’s points skyrocketed.

Finally, when Li William’s team reached 196 points, Fang Yuan’s team succeeded in overtaking, reaching 198 points.

« Super! Super! »

In the preparation hall, the students supporting Fang Yuan team cheered excitedly.

Especially those students who donated their points, in their view, they are not eliminated, but they gather their points to challenge the invincible William Li.

« Finally overtaken, Han Youwei is going to fight Li William head-on! »

« William Li is not unbeatable, hahaha… »

« Fang Yuan, Han Youwei, and William Li, the three parties must love and kill each other! »

William Li is usually superior in all aspects at school, and many students want to kneel and lick.

However, the students living in the ivory tower will always be the most just and enthusiastic group.

Therefore, some people wanted to kneel and lick William Li, but more students were unhappy with him, but no one dared to challenge him head-on, so they didn’t show it.

Now, a team has come forward to challenge William Lee’s arrogance.

As a result, those students who had long seen William Li upset, began to actively contribute points, just to lift William Li from that high position.

When Fang Yuan team’s points surpassed Li William’s team, it also angered some kneeling clan.

Especially those girls who regard William Lee as idols and Obamas are filled with righteous indignation.

« Don’t be proud, just relying on Fang Yuan’s incompetent team, is not qualified to fight Li William. »

« That’s right. It’s just over two points, Li Shao will be back soon. »

« Yes! Get it back, Li Shao, come on! Li Shao, come on! »

The preparation hall was divided into two camps, and the battle began to be fiercely aligned, and the battle situation was more intense than the actual combat assessment.

Shouting and shouting.

Fang Yuan team’s points went up by 2 points, reaching 200 points first.

The group B camp suddenly boiled: « It’s gone up! It’s gone up again! 200 points, we have reached two hundred points first. »

« Little proud, Shao Li will be back soon! »

The voice just fell.

Fang Yuan team’s points increased again, becoming 202 points.

« Haha, the gap is getting bigger and bigger. We are already 6 points ahead. »

William Lee’s team still scored 196 points.

And the more you get to the back, the fewer the number of teams in the battlefield, the stronger the team’s strength, and the more difficult it is to get points.

Fang Yuan’s side is uncharacteristically and continues to grow.

Soon it rose to 210 points.

The Kneeling Camp of Group A finally couldn’t sit still, and someone began to suggest: « We are also propagating in the group, sending private messages to the students in the class, letting them voluntarily admit defeat, and give the points to Shao Li. »

« Yes, we did the same. »

As a result, a group of girls who regarded William Li as the idol man began to exert their super-powerful actions, sending messages to the class A students one by one, asking them to voluntarily admit defeat.

Intimidation, profit and temptation, do everything to extremes.

It’s just that it has little effect.

The reason is also very simple.

With William Lee’s power, those who wanted to kneel and lick, knelt as soon as they met.

Those who are still reluctant to admit defeat until now are obviously sturdy. How could they admit defeat just because a few girls in the class sent a few messages.

Doing so aroused the rebellious psychology of many people, and several teams united to fight against William Lee’s super team.

Over and over again, the gap between the two sides is getting bigger and bigger.

Fang Yuan teams points began to enter the hurricane mode, 214, 216, 218…

William Lee’s team’s points stopped at 196 points, which has not increased for five minutes.

« Hahaha… It seems that William Li is really not good, Fang Yuan team has 220 points, and William Li still scores 196 points. »

The students supporting Fang Yuan’s team cheered loudly.

The camp that supported William Lee became angry and went to the instructor to report.

« Instructor, Fang Yuan team cheated. They have no strength at all. The points are all obtained through cheating, and all other teams voluntarily admit defeat to them. »

« Yes, Fang Yuan team is too shameless. Their points violated the rules and must be deducted. »

« Yes, points are deducted. I saw just now that many people took the initiative to give them points. »

The camp that supported Fang Yuan’s team quit and went around to argue.

The two sides line up fiercely.

« Fart! You were in the class group just now, calling on other students to take the initiative to surrender and give the points to William Li. Why? No one cares about you, and now you start to report? Is it disgusting? »

« The **** team of Team Fang Yuan doesn’t have the ability to score so many points? This is cheating! »

« Being a bear for your grandma, you are the brains, you kneel when you see William Li, and you are embarrassed to talk about others! »

Shen Lina led a group of girls around Wei Hailong and insisted on reporting Fang Yuan’s cheating.

« Instructor, Fang Yuan team’s points are not obtained by strength, they should all be deducted and deducted to zero points! »

« We jointly report, report Fangyuan team cheating, we will not give up without giving us an explanation! »

Wei Hailong didn’t expect things to develop into this way, his face was a little ugly, and he shouted, « Shut up! Go back all! »

He turned and walked to negotiate with the officers of the D3 actual combat training ground, activated the signal shielding device of the training ground, and cut off the electronic communication in the field.

After the signal is shielded, no electronic signal can be received in the venue, no information about the class group can be seen, and the live broadcast signal is gone.

After two hours of actual group assessment in the morning, it finally ended.

In the end, the points of the top two groups of AB were fixed at 256 points and 292 points respectively.

The students who supported Fang Yuan team cheered loudly, overwhelming the group A camp supporting William Li.