The group match ends.

Five people from William Lee’s team came out of the left passage.

The five members of Fang Yuan’s team came out of the passage on the right.

The two sides met at the entrance of the preparation hall, their eyes met, and sparks loomed.

William Li saw that Fang Yuan team won the final group B, and a proud sneer evoked at the corner of his mouth, saying: « Group B is really bad fish pond. Any team can fight to the end. »

Fang Yuan’s expression was flat, and he responded, « Don’t worry, whoever came out of the rotten fish pond will see the decision in the afternoon. »

William Li’s face was full of disdain. After scanning Fang Yuan, he gave Han Youwei a gentleman’s smile and said: « Youwei, I didn’t expect to meet in the afternoon finals. That’s good, we haven’t officially competed. , This time is a good opportunity. »

« Our team will try our best to compete for the championship. You don’t need to worry about knowing, just play seriously. » Han Youwei responded politely.

William Li chuckled at the corner of his mouth and said, « I will try my best. I’m afraid that the team you entered doesn’t even have the strength to make me serious. »

Han Youwei showed a trace of embarrassment on her face, and said nothing.

The two teams came to Wei Hailong.

« Instructor, the group match is over, what’s the next arrangement? »

Wei Hailong raised his hand and looked at his watch, and said, « It’s eleven o’clock. You have three hours to rest. The finals of the actual combat assessment will start at two o’clock in the afternoon. Now you can move freely. »

As the team in the afternoon finals, there is a special lounge in the D3 preparation hall.

After the five members of Fang Yuan’s team had lunch, they went into the lounge to rest.

Han Youwei brought a box of energy drinks and distributed it to everyone.

After the beef **** got the energy drink, his eyes widened: « Golden Dragon Can, this can is worth my one-year snack money. Can I use the Golden Dragon Can to return ten bottles of dimethyl blue? »

« I don’t have Erjia Blue, I only have this. » Han Youwei said, spreading her hands.

« Okay. It hurts to drink every bite. » The beef ball opened the golden dragon pot and drank it dumbfounded, without any distress.

« Eve, drink a can of energy drink. Is your low blood sugar situation better? » Han Youwei sat next to Eve and asked with concern.

Eve leaned on the bench, took the golden dragon pot, and replied casually: « It’s okay, I’m used to it. It would be better if I could take a nap. »

« Then you can sleep on the bench for a while, when the time is up, we call you. » Han Youwei found a coat and covered her.

the other side.

Fang Yuan lay at the table writing and painting.

Han Youwei pulled the chair, sat down and asked, « What are you writing? »

« Record the opponent’s information. See if there are any tactics to restrain them. » Fang Yuan recalled the attribute panel he had just seen while recording it.

« Have you thought of restraint tactics? »

« No, their team is really strong in hard power. It almost brings together the strongest players in the first. Moreover, the abilities can complement each other and there is no obvious weakness. »

Fang Yuan paused, then analyzed: « More importantly, the flames pose a great threat to us, and the finals in the afternoon are not easy to play. »

Han Youwei thought about it, and offered to ask: « If I find it difficult, I can take more pressure. You can raise my strength rating by one level, and I can take it. »

« What I am thinking about now is how to restrain William Lee’s flames. I have considered several plans, but none of them are perfect. » Fang Yuan said thoughtfully.

« Talk about it, let’s discuss it. » Han Youwei put a bottle of Golden Dragon energy drink in front of Fang Yuan.

The morning group match consumed a lot of star power.

Only three hours of rest time, really need to drink energy drinks, in order to recover 70% to 80% before the afternoon finals.

Fang Yuan opened the golden dragon pot, took a sip, and said, « As for restraining the flame, I thought of a plan before, which is to isolate the oxygen. There is a classmate in Class 15 whose ability is to isolate the oxygen, but it can restrain the flame. »

The working mechanism of the flame supernatural power is actually to convert the star power into a peculiar fuel, which is ignited into flames.

Therefore, all fire abilities require oxygen to activate.

« This method is good, but if we cut off oxygen, our breathing will also be affected? » Han Youwei is not sure whether this ability will cause the user to suffocate.

« Yes, I also considered this, so I think this method is not perfect. »

Fang Yuan went on to propose a second plan: « In addition, there is another plan, which is the anti-high temperature ability. This plan has no side effects. But it only works for me personally, and the effect of the anti-high temperature ability is too single. No improvement in combat effectiveness. »

Han Youwei leaned closer and asked in a low voice in Fang Yuan’s ear, « Do you have the ability to copy other people’s abilities? »

« Did you discover it? » Fang Yuan looked at her with a smile.

« The last time you used the’Static Control’ power, I have been thinking about how you have the’Static Control’, and today I saw you using the’Mistwalker’ ability, and your agility sometimes suddenly soared. Festival, there should be agility-enhancing abilities. »

Han Youwei said her guess: « In short, your abilities have been changing. Therefore, I think you should have the ability to copy other people’s abilities. »

« Yes, I can indeed copy other people’s abilities. That’s why I’m considering a plan to restrain the flame. » Fang Yuan admitted.

« Actually, the best way to restrain the flames is water. » Han Youwei shook the energy drink in her hand.

« Water can indeed restrain the flames, but my star power level is only Lv. 1, and William Lee is Lv. 2. It is very difficult to win if you use elemental abilities to fight against each other.

Fang Yuan had considered the water system ability before, but the star power level was suppressed, and the effect of using this element system ability was not good.

Han Youwei thought for a while, and asked, « How about you try to copy my « Star Force Condensation ». »

« You ability can restrain the flames? » Fang Yuan didn’t know much about the effect of « Star Force Condensation ».

In fact, the ability of « Star Force Condensation » is a genetic genetic ability of the Han Youwei family.

One third of the members of the family can awaken this ability.

Moreover, this ability has been developed to a very high level.

The information about this ability belongs to the Han family’s secrets, so it is difficult for outsiders to find the information about « Star Force Condensation ».

« It’s not restraint. The’Star Force Condensation’ can form a thin layer of star force protection on the body surface, which can isolate the flame for a short time. As long as it is not trapped in the flame for a long time, the’Star Force Condensation’ should It’s enough. » Han Youwei explained.

« Then I will try to copy it. »

Fang Yuan stretched out his hand as he spoke, and pulled her hand under the table, trying to replicate her ability.

When copying, it was obvious that there were two different abilities contained in the returned star power.

One of them is « static control », and the other is naturally « Star Force Condensation ».

« Super mimicry » can only copy one ability.

Fang Yuan chose « Star Force Condensation » to keep it, and then the star slot characteristics on the attribute panel changed to « Star Force Condensation (Mimicry.

« Did the copy succeed? » Han Youwei asked in a low voice, holding her hands, her ears a little red.

Fang Yuan nodded.