Fang Zhongxin, the principal of Donghai No. 1 Middle School, and Wei Hailong came to the command room of the D3 actual combat training ground together.

The command room is on the highest floor of the main building, overlooking the entire D3 combat training field.

The battlefield command room.

A tall and thin old man in a navy trench coat was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass, looking at the training ground after the battle.

Behind him, there are 125 screens showing every corner of the D3 training field.

Several of the screens are still in infrared heat sensing mode.

The three stars on the epaulettes of the tall and thin old man indicate his admiral status.

The old man was an admiral.

After Wei Hailong came in, he stood up and saluted: « General, the principal is here. »

The admiral turned around and stretched out his hand to ask him to sit down: « Please sit down. »

Fang Zhongxin nodded politely and sat down on the chair in front of him.

Then, he quickly passed the folder on his hand: « This is the information of the top three teams participating in the actual combat assessment. »

He waited for the old man to open the folder before he continued: « These three tactical teams are Li William Team, Fang Yuan Team, and Qiao Zeyu Team. Although Qiao Zeyu Team was eliminated, their strength should be the best in Group B. Strong, maybe because of some unexpected factors… »

« What the Navy wants is a super soldier who can win. On the global battlefield, the enemy will not give you a chance to do it again. No accident can be a reason. »

The old man took out the share of Qiao Zeyu’s team and put it aside, his voice calm and cold.

Fang Zhongxin did not dare to explain further.

The veteran admiral of the Navy didn’t seem to like to talk more. While reading the information, he motioned to Wei Hailong to explain the matter this time.

Wei Hailong stood up and saluted, and then turned to Fang Zhongxin, saying: « Principal, this actual combat assessment is part of the’Dragon Building Plan’, with a confidentiality level of A. »

Fang Zhongxin felt a little nervous when he heard this.

He is the principal of Donghai No. 1 Middle School. He usually has some status in Donghai City, but he has never been exposed to a military plan with a confidentiality level of A.

« The Dragon Building Project? » Judging from the name of the plan, he didn’t understand what it meant.

If you look at it literally, it seems to be building a dragon.

However, thinking with your toes, you also know that you are not building a dragon, because it sounds ridiculous.

Seeing Fang Zhongxins doubts, the old admiral asked casually: « Do you want to know what dragon the navy will build? »

Fang Zhongxin shook his head quickly: « No, I don’t need to know. »

« It doesn’t matter, the code name of the plan is not in the category of confidentiality. Just like the literal meaning of the plan, the Navy does want to build dragons, or the entire Chinese military wants to build dragons. » The old admiral said casually.

« Are you building a dragon? » Fang Zhong still didn’t quite understand.

If the military research institute is doing biological experiments and creating a war behemoth, it is not entirely impossible.

It’s just that if you really want to build a giant beast, then this plan is a bit awkward.

Moreover, if it were to build a giant beast, it should not have any connection with Donghai No.1 Middle School.

The veteran admiral put a smile on his mouth, looked at him with an eagle-like gaze, and said, « Yes, make a dragon, and a…red dragon. »

Fang Zhongxin heard the word « red dragon » and immediately understood what it meant.

« Red Dragon » is not a dragon, but a person, a person called a **** of war, a person standing on the pinnacle of the awakened.

That is by far the strongest super fighter in Asia.

Since the « Dragon Building Project » is going to build a red dragon, the meaning is obvious. This is to build a super fighter that can be compared with the « red dragon ».

As for why China’s military launched the « Dragon Building Project »?

Fang Zhongxin didn’t dare to think about it, because it might touch some sensitive and dangerous topics.

In fact, he has thought of several possibilities.

Since the Chinese military wants to start the « dragon-building plan », it means that the military needs a super soldier who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the « red dragon ».

Why do you need a super warrior who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the « Red Dragon »?

There are not many possible reasons, but no matter what kind of reason, it is very dangerous and taboo.

« Then what can I do? » After Fang Zhongxin understood what was going on, he didn’t go deep into the reasons for the « dragon building plan ».

The veteran admiral continued to look through the information and motioned to Wei Hailong to answer.

« This actual combat assessment is part of the Dragon Building Plan. 2000 universities and 12,000 high schools across the country are in the Dragon Building Plan. Among them, Donghai No. 1 Middle School, as one of the best high schools in Donghai City, is a key goal. » Wei Hailong explained.

« Then the actual combat assessment is selecting and training candidates? » Fang Zhongxin asked along the conversation.

« Yes, in the next month, the D1 to D4 actual combat training grounds around Donghai City will conduct actual combat assessments on the 200 high schools in Donghai City, and select the candidate list for the’Dragon Building Project’. » Wei Hailong replied.

Fang Zhongxin still found it strange.

Even though the « Dragon-building Project » is very important, 12,000 high schools must be evaluated in actual combat.

This is obviously a primary election, and it shouldn’t be necessary for the admiral to be present in person.

However, he dared not ask the specific reason.

He knocked on the side and said: « General, although there are some good seedlings in high school. However, in terms of combat effectiveness, wouldn’t it be better to select candidates for the’Dragon Building Project’ from the army? »

« The military conducts military exercises every year, and those who perform well have long been included in the candidate list of the’Dragon Building Plan’. » Wei Hailong replied.

« So this is ah. »

Fang Zhongxin breathed a sigh of relief. He felt that the military’s selection of the « Dragon Building Project » candidate list in the school was similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

The veteran admiral raised his eyes and glanced at Fang Zhongxin, then smiled faintly: « You don’t think’Dragon’ will be out of school, right? »

« No, I just think the super soldiers in the army should have more potential. » Fang Zhongxin explained.

« In fact, in the last dragon, only one of the five people was born in the military. »

The veteran admiral said a piece of information that has not been disclosed to the outside world, but this information is not a secret, because anyone who wants to know this information will always have a way to know.

Fang Zhongxin had some doubts: « Five people? »

The veteran admiral’s mouth turned into a playful arc, and said: « Yes, five people, don’t you think that the « Red Dragon, God of War » can be achieved by one person? »

Fang Zhongxin was stunned for a moment, and immediately understood what was going on.

In the eyes of most people, when they mention the God of War Red Dragon, all they think of is the person who is called the God of War.

However, in the eyes of real military experts, the five members of the Dragon Team are inseparable, and the lack of any one will be greatly affected.

« The’Dragon Building Project’ did not create a single person, but a dragon formed by five people. Do you understand this way? »