Outside the Lei Ting Wu Hall.

William Li caught up with Han Youwei and said, « Youwei, I will take you home. »

« No, I asked the driver to pick me up. » Han Youwei pointed her finger at a red flag car parked outside the martial arts hall.

A driver got off the car and helped her open the back door.

Han Youwei got into the car and waved goodbye to William Li before asking the driver to drive away.

William Li’s face was ugly.

He saw Han Youwei and Fang Yuan twisting together just now, and the contact gesture made him want to kill.

He narrowed his eyes, beckoned to call a subordinate, and commanded: « Find someone and teach the kid inside. »

The subordinate asked, « Should someone stop him in the street? »

« No, that would be too ungentleman. Didn’t he work as a sparring partner in the martial arts gym? Find someone to play with him! » Li William said with angrily.

« Understood. » The subordinate agreed and went to work immediately.

In the martial arts hall.

Fang Yuan got off the martial arts stage, took a towel and wiped his sweat, and checked the time.

It’s almost nine o’clock.

Usually at this time, there is no sparring job.

Fang Yuan was going to take a bath and go home after a short rest.

Unexpectedly, he had only rested for ten minutes.

Manager Liu came over again with his workbook and said, « Fang Yuan, it’s you again. »

« Are you calling my name again? » Fang Yuan asked in confusion.

« Yes, you need to be called. » Manager Liu replied.

« I’m so hot already? »

Fang Yuan made a joke and looked at the martial arts stage.

After seeing the client who was about to practice, I was slightly surprised.

Because the person standing on the martial arts stage was a black man, and he was a sturdy **** with a thicker neck than Fang Yuan’s waist.

Fang Yuan looked at Manager Liu, wondering: « Black people? »

Manager Liu replied, « Yes, this Mr. Daniel just became a ViP member of the martial arts gym, so you know. »

Standing on the stage, Daniel made a classic rap gesture with both hands condescendingly, and said in slightly lame Chinese: « Hey! Man, do you have any opinion on black people? »

Fang Yuan didn’t say anything, and stepped onto the stage, ready to start work.

Manager Liu grabbed him and reminded him in a low voice: « Fang Yuan, you have to be careful this time. I recognize this black man. The black punch in the bar street was very ruthless. »

Fang Yuan stepped onto the martial arts platform and asked, « What kind of practice do you want to do? »

« I want to beat you! »

Daniel directly raised his casserole-sized fist and punched Fang Yuan in the face.

Fang Yuan frowned and immediately used the Lv.2 sliding step, moving 20 centimeters to the left, avoiding his fist.

Then, a stern reminder: « Pay attention to your movements, the head is not within the hitting range. »

Daniel punched out again, aiming at Fang Yuan’s head, cursing and saying: « Isn’t it just paying for medical expenses? I will pay you twice as much for the disabled. »

Fang Yuan could see it right now, the **** clearly came for himself.

Daniel’s fists blasted like a storm, forcing Fang Yuan to retreat again and again.

Fang Yuan blocked it with the protective gear on his arm, and his entire arm was numb by the shock of his fist.

Why is this **** so powerful?

As he attacked, Daniel cursed and said: « Hit me! Hit me! A yellow-skinned monkey, a bunch of shit, only hiding. »

While Fang Yuan dodged the attack, he poured star power into his eyes and observed the opponent’s attributes.

Name: Daniel

Star power rating: Lv.1

Attributes: Strength 18 (15), Agility 12, Physical 17, Spirit 11

Super characteristic: Strengthen

Skills: Boxing Lv.3, MMA Lv.2

After seeing this guy’s attribute panel, he immediately understood why his power was so high.

Strength strengthening is a relatively common strengthening department super power feature, mentioned in the basic theory textbook of the martial arts class, and the effect is to increase the strength attribute by 20%.

In other words, his usual power is 15 points in brackets, and after using the super power feature, it will soar to 18 points.

Fang Yuan looked at his attributes again: Strength 14, Agility 15, Physical 13, Spirit 15.

Both agility and spirit are higher than this nigger, but his strength is 4 points lower. Even if he is wearing armor to block, his arms will be numb with his fists.

The reason why his fists are so fierce is the Lv.3 boxing skills.

Continue to fight like this is not the way, the power difference is too large, and the physical body is even more difficult to compare with the opponent. As long as he is hit, he is estimated to be Ko.

What’s more troublesome is that even if you want to fight back, it’s difficult to subdue this nigger.

Boxing is a sport that competes explosive power and anti-strike ability, and this **** perfectly embodies these two points.

Explosive power is embodied in the power blessed by super power characteristics, and his anti-strike ability is his 17-point physique.

Fang Yuan’s 14-point strength hit him, and its effect was very limited.

To explain it in a more « professional » term, that means not breaking defenses.

When Fang Yuanzheng was thinking about countermeasures, he suddenly discovered that there was an extra « + » sign behind the four attributes of strength, agility, physique, and spirit on his attribute panel.

I didn’t pay attention before, and I don’t know when this plus sign appeared.

Fang Yuan reached out and tried to click on the plus sign of strength.

Immediately afterwards, a strange thing happened, the power attribute increased by 1 point and became 15 points.

The anger points were reduced by 100 points accordingly, to 312 points.

Fang Yuan felt a peculiar force poured into his muscles, and clearly felt that his strength increased again.

« It turns out that anger points are used to add attributes. » Fang Yuan was suddenly ecstatic.

This is turning anger into strength.

Daniel continued to use his Lv.3 boxing, banging at Fang Yuans forehead, and cursing as he bounced: « Hit me! Yellow-skinned monkey, come and hit you, uncle Yang! Dont you dare? Give it to you uncle Yang. Find three female companions to be cool, and I will let you go. »

« Hey! I have a bad temper! »

Fang Yuan couldn’t bear it anymore and clicked on the power attribute three times in a row.

A magical force surged all over the body, and the power attribute soared, directly rising to 18 points.

Fang Yuan no longer dodges, raises his hand and « snapped » twice, pinched his fist to stop his offensive.

Daniel found that his fist was caught, and he was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that his super-enhanced power would be blocked by his opponent.

His fist was pinched, and the Lv.3 boxing could not be used, so he could only use the Lv.2 mixed martial arts. He wanted to pounce on him, and he smashed Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan’s agility was 3 points higher than him, and he reacted very quickly. The moment he pounced on him, he counterattacked, raised his knee and made a shot, and poured it on his abdomen.

« what! »

Daniel snorted and took three steps backwards, but his physical attributes were so high that he didn’t fall on the top of his knee.

Fang Yuan stepped forward, flew back and kicked, kicking him in the face with a « bang », knocking him to the ground.

Daniel whirled to the floor, smashed.

Fang Yuan rushed forward, pressing him into a violent beating, causing him to spray his nose all over the floor. He asked, « Is it cool? Is it cool enough? »

The other coaches in the martial arts club met, rushed up and pulled the two away.

Daniel was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face, dizzy and wobbly.

Even so, the **** still waved his fist to fight back, and cursed while shaking his fist: « Yellow monkey, Chink, fifth class, dare to beat me, you are dead! You are dead! »

Every time he curses, Fang Yuan’s anger point is +10.

The more angry he is, the happier Fang Yuan is.

The anger went up with a bit of anger, and it rose to 132 in a short while, which was too comfortable.

The two martial arts coaches racked Daniel out, heard his verbal abuse, and quietly took advantage of his dizziness and gave him a few hard hits with his elbow.

The pain made Daniel howl like a pig and almost passed out.