In some ability rankings, « Star Force Condensation » is listed as one of the ten strongest abilities.

However, not every awakened person who has awakened the « Star Force Condensation » can become a super strong.

In fact, the rankings announced by the outside world are all based on the upper limit.

For example, if a certain kind of ability shines in a war, then this kind of ability will be very famous and will be on the major rankings.

However, not every awakener who awakens this kind of ability can exert the legendary strength.

« Star Force Condensation » is an example.

Thirty years ago, a huge space gap appeared in outer space.

Missiles are difficult to destroy.

The space star beasts flying out of the gap in space pose a catastrophic threat to one third of the earth’s land.


A super-powerful person with a « star power condensed shape » used star power to condense a huge starry sky battleship, crash into the space rift, and destroy the space rift.

Because of this battle example, « Star Force Condensation » was rated as the top ten strongest ability by many ability rankings.

It’s just that this is the peak case of « Star Force Condensation ».

Never appeared again.

Therefore, the ability rankings are all based on the ability upper limit of the ability as the criterion, but it does not mean that every awakened person who awakens that kind of ability can reach that peak.

« The basic usage of Star Force Condensation is to use star power to create a protective layer and cover it on the body surface. Try it. If you want to control Star Force Condensation, the requirements for mental power are relatively high. »

Han Youwei personally demonstrated that she covered her palm with a protective layer of star power.

The light blue star protection layer covers the palm, emitting a faint halo, which is very wonderful.

After the demonstration, Han Youwei added: « It doesn’t matter if you try it for the first time, it doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed. After all, the spiritual power is relatively high. »

Fang Yuan smiled and released the star power, using the « star power condensing (mimicry ability to control the star power condensed in the palm of his hand with mental power.

First, it condenses into a star power cluster, then slowly flattens the star power cluster, pressing it into a flat surface, and continues to press, the more it is pressed, the thinner it becomes, and finally it covers the palm of the hand.

« Hey, this is a success? Are you so high in spirit? » Han Youwei saw Fang Yuan’s success once, but she was a little surprised.

Fang Yuan controlled the star power to cover his palm, observed for a moment, then took the dagger and cut it off his palm.

The blade of the dagger slashed through the palm of his hand, blocked by the protective layer of star power.

A layer of light blue dots rubbed between Xingli and the dagger.

Fang Yuan stood up and tried to punch the wall.


With a sound, a fist mark was made on the wall, and the sand rolled down.

« What’s the matter?! » The beef **** jumped up in shock and looked around. Seeing that nothing happened, they lay back and continued to sleep.

Han Youwei was a little surprised and said: « Your mastery speed is a bit outrageous. The original owner of my ability is a little bit envious. »

Fang Yuan felt this power carefully, and said unsurely: « It doesn’t seem that I have a fast grasp of’Star Force Condensation’, but rather have a high control over the ability to replicate. »

During this time, many kinds of abilities have been copied.

Basically everything can be mastered quickly, and it is getting more and more smooth.

Recalling carefully, Fang Yuan discovered that this kind of control seems to be the control of the « super mimicry » rather than the control of the target’s ability.

After careful consideration, Fang Yuan knew what the reason was.

« Super mimicry » is said to be a copy ability, but it is actually a simulation ability.

The ability to copy is displayed on the attribute panel as « Star Force Condensation (Mimicry.

There will always be the word « mimicry » in the back.

Obviously, the copied ability should be different from the original ability.

To put it simply, the energy of « star force condensation (mimicry is actually the energy of « super mimicry ».

It uses « super mimicry » energy to simulate the effect of « star force condensing ».

Therefore, I have better and better control over the energy of the « super mimicry », and naturally have a strong control over the « star force condensed form (mimicry.

As long as you adapt to the energy form of « Star Force Condensation (Mimicry, you can master it well.

Han Youwei didn’t understand Fang Yuan’s ability to replicate, so she tapped her temples with her fingers, but she didn’t quite understand.

After Fang Yuan tried to hit the wall with his fists, an idea suddenly emerged in his heart.

Can « Star Force Condensation » form a linkage with Thunder Fist?

Thunder Fist is very fierce, but it is frequently used, and the counter-shock force exerts a heavy load on the arm.

If you use « Star Force Condensation » to create a star force glove to protect your arm, it should be able to reduce the load on your arm.

Moreover, maybe the Star Force Gloves can also increase the power of Thunder Fist.

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan couldn’t wait to try the combination of « Star Force Condensation » and Thunder Fist.

So grabbing Han Youwei’s wrist, she pulled her to the training room next to her.

« What’s the matter? » Han Youwei asked coyly.

« Help me test the Star Force martial arts, I want to try to see if the’Star Force Condensation Form’ can be combined with Thunder Fist. » Fang Yuan said.

Han Youwei became interested when she heard it.

If « Star Force Condensation » can be combined with Star Force martial arts, she can also gain experience from the test, which is also very helpful to herself.

« Okay. How to try? »

« I used the Star Force Condensation to fight Thunder Fist. You will defend it and see if the Star Force Condensation can increase the power of the Thunder Fist. »

Fang Yuan raised his fist as he spoke and began to gather star power.

« Okay, just come, the defensive power of Star Force Condensation is very strong, don’t need to keep your hands. »

Han Youwei said, crossing her hands on her chest, condensing star power, one point outward, a layer of star power covering the body surface, like a star power battle armor, very gorgeous.

« Then I am coming. »

« Come on. I’m ready. » Han Youwei nodded.

Fang Yuan used « Star Force Condensation (Mimicry to form a glove on his fist.

Immediately afterwards, eighteen star power bursts, and a thunder fist struck Han Youwei.

Han Youwei crossed her hands to block.


Lei fisted Han Youwei’s arm, shattering the Star Force armor, and flew out.

Han Youwei spun and flew out and slammed into the wall of the training room.

When she was about to hit the wall, she stepped on the wall, squatted down to reduce the cushion, and then kicked her legs, an somersault fell back to the ground, and slowly exhaled.

« Why is this punch so powerful? » Han Youwei originally thought that she would be able to block this punch with « Star Force Condensation », but she was blown away and almost hit the wall.

Fang Yuan carefully felt the power of the punch just now, and after a simple calculation, he said: « The power of the thunder fist has been increased by about 20%. However, I feel that it has not reached the limit. »

« Not to the limit yet? »

Han Youwei couldn’t help but frowned and was a little confused: « I don’t know, when did you become so strong? »

« It’s okay. Haha… »

Fang Yuan scratched the back of his head, and thought of another method of « Star Force Condensation » and Thunder Fist coordinated linkage.